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Why do not lower the prices of housing rental?

The investor needs confidence to promote. Regulate prices, without building more real estate contributes nothing. This resounding conclusion comes from some analysts who participated in Inmonext, organized by Idealista. Why do not lower the prices of housing rental? The key word is supply to meet the demand.

An opinion shared by Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, in a post already published in Invertia following the approval of the Rent Decree in Spain. He stressed that the decree was not going to solve the problems for which it was created and the reality is there.

La legal and economic security is essential mutually. If imbalance is generated in one of them, in this case the lessor, these to maintain its business structure and cope with the costs that it can generate, will transfer it to the price. Before which, the effect will be contrary to the desired.

The rental park in the hands of individuals

The sector believes that there is demand to build 100.000 rental homes a year. And he estimates that the need for rent in a decade will reach 2,5 million homes. With Madrid and Barcelona at the head.

In Spain, currently 96% of the properties for rent belong to individuals and only 4% is in the hands of professionals. A figure that contrasts with the European average that is 35%.

Then, Where is the solution? All the data and what happened in other countries in the Invertia post


Tips before renting
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Before renting a home, keep these tips in mind

If you do not want to have problems when renting a home, you are interested in this post. Tips before renting, whether you are an owner or a tenant. All with the objective of having a good coexistence and avoiding problems during the rental.

Rental contract with all the key points: duration, amount of rent, formula for annual increases, who pays what ...

Do not pay anything before signing. Any amount must be paid after signing a pre-contract or at least one receipt.

Housing review. Another important point for the tenant is to check carefully how the house is, yes everything works. Not paying attention to this type of detail can cause us a problem afterwards.

Check the tenant's solvency. The landlord must also ensure the tenant solvency. The time is before signing, because then the defaults arrive.

Inventory. Avoid problems when leaving. And more, if it is furnished. This also helps the owner to see what is delivered, once the contract ends.

These and other points of interest you have in our post on the Fotocasa Blog. Know your rights and obligations, whether you are a tenant or landlord, and errors will be avoided and living together will be better.


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residential market
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Situation and trend of the residential market

Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, tells us what is the situation and trend of the residential market.

The latest housing market data show a tendency towards moderation of sales and prices. What happened in August (transactions down) is a timely fact, due to the entry into force of the Mortgage law It has slowed the market and delayed transactions. Without forgetting the economic and political uncertainty. That together with news or bad omens coming from some agencies that are not helping the market.

Anyway, there is a point that is good to keep in mind when analyzing data. There are sales on new housing plans that are not accounted for in official statistics until the deed is reached, but they are sold. And in the coming months they will see each other.

The market must go towards normalization, the fluctuations are not good

This is coupled with political uncertainty that does not help. We believe that in the coming months it will return to normal, although it is clear that the market is normalizing, without disproportionate increases. And even some prices in certain areas / promotions will suffer some correction, since the demand does not accept them.

But, moreover, I dare to say that, after these months, and with less political uncertainty, there will be more joy in the housing market again in the spring. But always talking about standardization Which is where we should go. The swings are not good.

These are them reflections of Carlos Smerdou for idealist News, but if you want to know what other experts in the sector say, do not miss the article of Dove Martinez-Almeida.


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Brexit and housing
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Brexit and housing, the great unknown

There are barely a few weeks left to know if the United Kingdom leaves Europe without agreement. The relationship between Brexit and housing will be one of the unknowns. Foreign demand would be the first consequence.

En flats.com, Teresa Álvarez He has analyzed the situation we face with the help of industry experts. A Hard brexit It would mark the evolution of purchase in the real estate market by the foreign buyer in Spain.

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us leaving the UK without agreement it would produce a devaluation of the pound against the euro "and, therefore, the rising price of housing for the British buyer." Anyway, Corral is still optimistic and hopes that the release is not so abrupt.

What would be the most affected areas? The Valencian community, especially the province of Alicante and the Costa del Sol, since they are the areas that have the largest colony of Britons in Spain.

Before a devalued pound, housing would be more expensive

And, given a devalued pound, the houses would be more expensive and with the same budget, the buyer should face the purchase of a smaller house. Or not buy.

Anyway, Luis Corral, believes that, although the demand of the British drops a little, there are buyers of other nationalities and also Spaniards who support the market in those areas.

But, the experts consulted do not dare to predict what will happen next October 31, how it will be out, and if it will be with or without agreement.

The complete information you have in the report of Floors.


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Energy Efficiency
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How to evaluate the energy efficiency of your new home?

When you want to sell or rent your home, it is mandatory to have an energy certificate. An official document that collects the energy characteristics of a property and evaluates from thermal insulation, heating, air conditioning, etc. That is, everything that spends energy. We tell you how to evaluate the energy efficiency in your home.

The document, which can only be issued by a properly accredited technician, establishes several categories, being the Category A the highest, which implies the highest energy efficiency. A home in this category has much more value than the lower categories.

That is why, always when issuing the certificate, you will be told how you can implement your home to make it more efficient. Of course, by making the corresponding changes, you could request it again to accredit your new category.

How can I save on the bill?

A efficient housing It is not only good for the planet but also for the tenant or owner's pocket, who can see how energy is harnessed much more. However, although consumption is lower than in households that are not efficient, it is also important, if we want to save, that we have an energy rate that suits our needs.

To do this, it is convenient to take a look at the offers of all energy companies; One of them is Endesa, which has electricity and gas contracts. Endesa is also one of the main marketers in Spain and is currently in both the free and regulated markets. To discover all the information you need about Endesa, you can take a look at this article: https://www.tarifasenergia.com/endesa/.

In the event that you are interested in any electricity or gas tariff of said marketer, you should contact the Endesa customer service department through its toll free number, online or at any of Endesa's service points for face-to-face customer service. With the service of Endesa customer service you can hire the rates but also register the light or gas, change the power, etc.

How is an efficient house?

Highly efficient homes have the following characteristics. Take note so you can increase your energy category!

  • One of the points by which the energy is more strained are the windows. Therefore, it should be replaced by PVC with thermal break or aluminum break. In this way, the heating will not escape through the window in winter or let the heat out in summer.
  • Change your appliances for a category A; if possible, from the A ++++. These equipments guarantee a super energetic efficiency; they are much more expensive, of course, than those of lower categories; However, its greater durability is well proven and, in addition, the extra cost is easily amortized with the energy expenditure you are going to save. Especially it shows in the washing machine and the air conditioning!
  • Do not set the air conditioning or heating too high. The ideal temperature for heating and air conditioning is 21 degrees.

So what are you waiting for to get your certificate? You can find more information here.

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Euribor, purchase prices, rental market ...

The next months will be important for the real estate market. The economic situation and political uncertainty will set the agenda. The newspaper La Razón has analyzed in detail the situation of the sector. The keys to the real estate market: euribor, prices ...

Experts from the sector, including Carlos SmerdouCEO Contact UsThey have dealt with the following topics: How is the housing sales market, the trend of interest rates with the Euribor as the axis, in addition to the mortgage demand. Not forgetting the rental segment. What about supply and demand. Youth and housing or the effects of the Mortgage Law.

All these keys are in the theme of the week.


Are you looking for housing?
Written by Vicente Manrique

Are you looking for housing? Or does it look for you?

Are you looking for housing? How to choose the type of house that best suits you ?, What do you need? After many laps: do I rent or buy? In the end, you have opted to invest in the brick. Something you will appreciate throughout your life.

After my experience as a real estate consultant, there are “three clues or concepts”, which I give to my clients to help them make such a difficult decision:

1º.- AREA. It is the most important part when buying your future home. You must know where you want to live. If we talk about a city, surely you value the proximity to your job and mobility in public transport: metro, bus. But if you prefer to give more prominence to a life without pollution, although further from work, you will opt for a town or municipality on the outskirts of the capital. The value of the square meter will also depend on the area in which you wish to live.

Remember that to the price of the house you must add the taxes

2º.- The price. Evidently. The calculations that you must perform to access your home should be with the greatest common sense possible. We should never borrow more than 30% of our monthly income. The promoters are going to ask us for at least 20% of floor value savings, without taxes. The 80% can be financed with a banking entity, but we will have to have saved, upon delivery of keys, the corresponding tax (VAT in new construction and ITP in second hand). Some entities lend 100% of the value of the home, if they are yours, to facilitate the exit of your bag of real estate assets. In these cases we must also have the Property Transfer Tax, which will differ according to the autonomous community where we buy the home.

We should not borrow above 30% of our monthly income.

3º.- TYPE AND DISTRIBUTION. The key to choosing the type of home is to ask the following question: what do I really need? In fact, it is not the same a single that a person with family, or that you are going to live with your partner ... If you work at home, you will need an additional space. Likewise, if someone works at home (babysister, domestic service, etc.). Then there is the place of recreation: a large terrace in an attic or garden on the ground floor, if you choose any of these options, your budget must necessarily rise.

What do I really need? It is one of the key questions

Here we stop to know the type of housing that the real estate market offers us. Fundamentally there are two, single-family and multi-family. The first are buildings where a family lives and the second where several families live, it's that simple.

The single-family homes:

  • Isolated housing. It is a single-family home that is independent, may or may not border on other homes. They generally have some land or plot around.
  • Semi-detached house. Although from the outside it looks like a single house there are actually two and usually also have some plot.
  • Terraced house. They are usually rows of houses with some plot, which share common elements such as gardens, pool or garage.

Usually, there is talk of an isolated, semi-detached or semi-detached house or bungalow.

And the multi-family:

  • Flat. These are homes that usually have more than one bedroom in buildings with common areas or services.
  • Vacation Apartment. They are usually houses with only one room, although independent of the rest of the house.
  • Study. In a studio the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom are in the same room and can be of different sizes, although the usual thing is that they are small houses.
  • Duplex. These are homes that have two floors connected by a staircase.
  • Penthouse. They are the last floors of the buildings and they stand out for having a privilege that many of us want: the terrace.
  • Ground floor with garden. They are floors located on the ground floors of buildings that have a private garden.
  • Loft. It is a large space with few divisions, large windows and very bright.
  • Attic. Highest part of a house, immediately to the roof, which generally has a sloping roof; It is used as housing and / or room.

Now you are ready to face a smart purchase. Luck!!!

Main Image: Residential Four Way Gardens in Madrid

Article prepared by Vicente Manrique, real estate advisor in Contact Us

guidelines for investing in housing
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Guidelines to obtain the maximum profitability of a property

As we always say, not everything goes. It is true that the housing market is still active, but the increases go through neighborhoods. Therefore, before investing, it is good to analyze the area and the property as a whole. We give you some guidelines to invest in dwelling.

Here are some key questions:

How much should be revalued to obtain effective capital gains? We must take into account the taxes and expenses of the property, both the purchase and the sale.

What to buy and where? This point is fundamental especially if the idea is to allocate housing for rent. A good analysis of the area and its perspectives will help us not to be mistaken.

What type of housing is advisable? It depends on the objective. The bedrooms and the potential plaintiff are the key.

How is the house? Do you need important changes? What services do you have? A thousand and one questions that will make the operation profitable or not.

Distinguish between gross and net profitability, it is not going to be that it has so many expenses that the eaten goes out by the served.

EIn this post, we give you only the questions. You can see the answers in our usual collaboration on the Fotocasa Blog.


And with all this, the search for the dream investment.

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home rental prices
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Towards the professional rental of housing

In Spain, the rental housing stock is owned by individuals. It is estimated that around 95% of leased homes. In this situation, promoters and funds join forces to boost the professional rental of homes.

Let's not forget that in the last ten years the rental market has grown significantly. The inability of young people to access a property home is one of the reasons. Attached to a change of mentality.

This new system offers many advantages to the promoter, since it reduces commercial risk, increases asset turnover. And at the same time increases the housing stock in Spain.

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, “This option allows you to recover invested funds faster and take a percentage for turnkey management. In addition, this business represents the opportunity to sell a large number of homes in bulk to a single buyer, simplifying the commercial process. ”

A large part of the rental housing stock is held by individuals

In addition, the perspectives of the sector indicate that more and more people will want to live in the center of the cities. Taking into account that real estate infrastructure in the city is limited, and that for new generations home ownership is a decreasing trend, the role of rent and new alternatives to optimize residential space in cities will be crucial.

Industry experts have analyzed the pros and cons of this business in the magazine El Inmobiliario Mes a Mes. Market trends, promoters and interested funds ...


buy house on the beach
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Summer, a good time to buy a house on the beach

Summer is a good time to see homes and buy house on the beach. For now, the price trend In coastal housing it is bullish, although not everywhere. According to data from Tinsa, in almost most of the coastal municipalities analyzed, the price of real estate prices increases in the last year. Bayona, (Pontevedra), leads the ranking, with an increase of 24,4%. It is followed by Mataró (Barcelona) and Antigua (Fuerteventura), with increases higher than 23%

The effect of the Spanish buyer has caused an increase in many locations, especially on the Catalan coast. And even in Ibiza, the average value of the square meter exceeds the maximum reached in the last boom. In the province of Castellón, on the contrary, prices are still far from the maximum recorded.

But, before making a decision, the needs, tastes, preferences and objectives must be analyzed. What are the elements that we should not forget:

  • Situation
  • Communications and infrastructure
  • What does the environment offer?
  • Housing price and effort to pay it
  • For own use or rent
  • Property expenses
  • Does it fit my future?

Basic issues that you can see broken down in our Invertia collaboration

Also, don't forget another aspect. The second residence tax on the income statement in the section of imputation of real estate income the time that is used for own use. If it is rented, the income obtained must also be declared.


Image: @crdeprada

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