guidelines for investing in housing
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Guidelines to obtain the maximum profitability of a property

As we always say, not everything goes. It is true that the housing market is still active, but the increases go through neighborhoods. Therefore, before investing, it is good to analyze the area and the property as a whole. We give you some guidelines to invest in dwelling.

Here are some key questions:

How much should be revalued to obtain effective capital gains? We must take into account the taxes and expenses of the property, both the purchase and the sale.

What to buy and where? This point is fundamental especially if the idea is to allocate housing for rent. A good analysis of the area and its perspectives will help us not to be mistaken.

What type of housing is advisable? It depends on the objective. The bedrooms and the potential plaintiff are the key.

How is the house? Do you need important changes? What services do you have? A thousand and one questions that will make the operation profitable or not.

Distinguish between gross and net profitability, it is not going to be that it has so many expenses that the eaten goes out by the served.

EIn this post, we give you only the questions. You can see the answers in our usual collaboration on the Fotocasa Blog.


And with all this, the search for the dream investment.

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parking spaces
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Parking spaces, profitability and prices

Like an accordion, political changes cause modifications and affect the real estate sector. The case of Central Madrid reflects this situation. The decision of the former municipal government of Manuela Carmena to close a large area of ​​the capital to traffic, meant an increase in the price of purchase prices and rental of parking spaces. Now, the tables have changed and a new question arises: if the situation is reversed, what will happen to the garage market in that area?

A question that industry experts, including Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, have addressed in the magazine Inversión. But not only Madrid, profitability and prices are also analyzed throughout Spain.

Key questions for those who want to invest in this market segment. What should you keep in mind? In what areas? The profitability of the garages oscillates, on average, between the 5 and the 7%, above the 4% of the floors. But yes, you have to analyze what is bought and where.


flat houses
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Buy to rent: profitability and risk

Buy for rent. It has always been a very popular formula to invest in brick. But how achieve profitability and avoid risks. The analysis is fundamental because things can change.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, explains that the decrease in profitability is due to the fact that the housing for sale continues to increase while rents have moderated a little because of the drop in demand.

However, the CEO of Foro Consultores asks not to forget that this drop in profitability is not a trend and that "There are many Spains, so you should keep in mind that the real estate market is not homogeneous, since while there are areas that are expelling the population, others are receptors ».

It is better to choose enclaves that have a certain volume of population, from 50.000 inhabitants and try to acquire the property in the area where you live, you know it better and you will save paying someone for the management.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores

All tips that you must take into account to obtain profitability and calculate the risk, you can read them in the report of Invertia / El Boletin with the collaboration of Luis CorralCEO Contact Us


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Housing: invest to rent
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Invest to rent

Housing: invest to rent. It is an option that many raise. A way to have additional income and even a retirement plan.

But then comes the million dollar questions: does it make up for it? Is it profitable? Are the changes in the regulations on rent They could affect? Is profitability still high or is it falling? And, what is the price trend in this market?

These and other questions, you can read on the cover of the Investment Magazine. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEOContact Us, they give us the keys. In his opinion, the new decree will cause individuals to withdraw offers from the market. Legal security is in question.


where to invest in housing
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Where to invest in housing?

Investing in housing remains attractive. Experts say that profitability can reach up to 11%. Of course, this figure includes rental incomei and the revaluation by sale. We tell you where to invest in housing and how to do it

Because everything that glitters is not gold. It's good to do numbers and it depends if you are a big or a small investor. Immaculate of the Vega he has written a report in El País where is analyzed what an investor can do with only 150.000 euros.

What options are there, which formulas are more effective. Better directly or with intermediaries. If the purchase should focus on housing or also on other market segments such as local ones. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEO Contact Us, analyze the possibilities and the key question: Where to buy?

The purchase of a house to rent offers a return of 11% if you take into account the rent and the revaluation of the property

The Country Business

Luis Corral considers that the best thing is to do it in the locality where he resides. On the one hand, there is greater knowledge of the area and, in addition, it facilitates direct management, thus improving profitability by not having to pay a third party.

All these doubts and some advice that can come well when buying to rent, you have them in El País Negocios


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profitability of housing on the beach
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Housing on the beach, the best opportunities

Summer has arrived. Getting the maximum return on housing on the beach becomes one of the objectives. It is also the time to enjoy the holidays and to look for a house facing the sea. In fact, the real estate activity in the area of coast It is booming. The interest of buyers has returned and is increasing. Moreover, housing on the coast is in one of the most dynamic moments. And investors are also active. To all this, the profitability joins.

Experts from the sector analyze the best opportunities in the Spanish coast with an eye to the rent. For Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Contact Us, the fact that prices rise is not a dangerous symptom, "those who buy do so without mortgaging and those who build are adapting to the demand," he says. This indicates that there is balance in the market.

All this information can be seen in a wide report in the magazine Inversión carried out by Cristina Vallejo.


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Foreclosed homes, does it compensate to acquire them?

After a decade since the beginning of the crisis, there are still foreclosed homes. It is true that in specific places and with not too attractive. But, it makes up for buying this type of housing for a private individual.

Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, stresses that there is still a banking offer due to the fact that delinquency continues to exist. But it warns that in the most attractive squares, that is to say in the enclaves in which the demand is greater, little remains.

foreclosed homes

Corral explains that, in general, the dwellings that are kept in the bank's portfolio are those that are located in small towns, mainly of less than 20.000 inhabitants, or in areas where demand is weak and they are even losing population.

foreclosed homes

The bargains no longer exist and it is difficult to get profitability. All this information in detail and what the experts think, you can read it in the report published in Bulletin and in Invest. Where are these homes and if they are profitable ...


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Rental housing
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Housing: is it still a good time to invest?

The housing market is very active. There are some warning signs, especially in the rental market where the increases are high. But is it a good time to invest to rent or are we late? It depends on the zones, in some there is less travel, but there is still cities where to invest in housing.

However, the market is convinced that the excesses of the past have not yet been seen and that everyone expects them not to repeat themselves. Different experts of the sector, among them Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, They have analyzed the housing market in the magazine Inversión. They propose the keys to the market, where to invest ...

Luis Corral believes that the investor should go to the center of cities that have a certain economic engine. The coast also stands out due to its tourist demand. Of course, as we have already mentioned in other news, remember that It's not worth everything.


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profitability of a flat for rent
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Guidelines to increase the profitability of a flat for rent

LThe latest data from Fotocasa leave no doubt. The rent pulls strongly from the housing sector. In four years, the rental price in Spain has grown by 18%. And in communities like Catalonia and Madrid, the increase has been 49% and 27%, respectively. But there are neighborhoods in Madrid where the increases in this period have shot up to 37%, is the case of Tetuán. Everything is causing the increase in the profitability of a flat for rent.

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cities where to invest
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Cities where to invest in housing

LNormalization has reached the real estate market. In some areas the price has reached pre-crisis levels (and in some streets it has been exceeded). On the contrary, in other cities the sector has not yet awakened or is beginning. Seville, Valladolid, Alicante ... are some of the cities where you can invest. The price of housing has travel and rent continues to grow. Burgos, Coruña, Pontevedra, Valencia or Almeria also begin.

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