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Why do not lower the prices of housing rental?

The investor needs confidence to promote. Regulate prices, without building more real estate contributes nothing. This resounding conclusion comes from some analysts who participated in Inmonext, organized by Idealista. Why do not lower the prices of housing rental? The key word is supply to meet the demand.

An opinion shared by Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, in a post already published in Invertia following the approval of the Rent Decree in Spain. He stressed that the decree was not going to solve the problems for which it was created and the reality is there.

La legal and economic security is essential mutually. If imbalance is generated in one of them, in this case the lessor, these to maintain its business structure and cope with the costs that it can generate, will transfer it to the price. Before which, the effect will be contrary to the desired.

The rental park in the hands of individuals

The sector believes that there is demand to build 100.000 rental homes a year. And he estimates that the need for rent in a decade will reach 2,5 million homes. With Madrid and Barcelona at the head.

In Spain, currently 96% of the properties for rent belong to individuals and only 4% is in the hands of professionals. A figure that contrasts with the European average that is 35%.

Then, Where is the solution? All the data and what happened in other countries in the Invertia post


real estate market evolution
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What happens in the real estate market?

The latest data on the housing market marks a trend towards moderation. Signature of mortgages, operations of sale ... Something that could be positive, since it avoids pendular behaviors. But what is the evolution of the real estate market? What factors are influencing this sector?

Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, notes that “the economic moment tends to influence more than political uncertainty because it affects the expectations of citizens. However, he adds that uncertainty does not help boost this sector.

But what are the economic keys? Idealista News, by the hand of Ana P. Alarcos, has done an exhaustive analysis of the main magnitudes that affect the Spanish economy.

  • El GDP It grows at a slightly lower rate. The US-China trade war and Brexit do not help
  • Unemployment. There are still millions of temporary employees
  • Mortgages have fallen in recent months, although it could pick up as the Euribor It is at a minimum.
  • La sale of homes It has withdrawn in the month of June, according to INE data
  • At the same time, sales prices slow down their growth.
  • Not so rents that remain at maximum.
  • Uncertainty makes investors analyze operations more, something reasonable.

However, this moderation indicates that the real estate sector has entered a moment of maturation and the increases are more logical and not pendulous.

But if you want to see the keys that affect the sector, do not miss the news in Idealista News with the participation of various experts in the sector, including Luis Corral. Graphs of sale, prices and other macroeconomic figures, where the evolution is appreciated and what happens in the market.


parking spaces
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Parking spaces, profitability and prices

Like an accordion, political changes cause modifications and affect the real estate sector. The case of Central Madrid reflects this situation. The decision of the former municipal government of Manuela Carmena to close a large area of ​​the capital to traffic, meant an increase in the price of purchase prices and rental of parking spaces. Now, the tables have changed and a new question arises: if the situation is reversed, what will happen to the garage market in that area?

A question that industry experts, including Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, have addressed in the magazine Inversión. But not only Madrid, profitability and prices are also analyzed throughout Spain.

Key questions for those who want to invest in this market segment. What should you keep in mind? In what areas? The profitability of the garages oscillates, on average, between the 5 and the 7%, above the 4% of the floors. But yes, you have to analyze what is bought and where.


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Tetuán, one of the most profitable districts of Madrid

It has become one of the most profitable districts in Madrid. It has still affordable prices, it is inside the M-30 and, in addition, it has many interested in living rent in the area. These arguments make Tetuán one of the most attractive areas.

In addition, it is possible to buy new housing from 145.000 euros and below 400.000 euros. Yes, in small promotions where there is no space for pool or gardens. According to the gross rental income, is located at 4,3%, the highest in the entire center of Madrid

The cranes have returned to the neighborhood

According to data from Foro Consultores, there are currently more than a dozen promotions underway that add 250 new homes. The vast majority are projects of a very small size and with an average price of 248.000 euros.

In addition, only two stand out for their size. Jardines de Tetuán and Jardines de Cuatro Caminos, of 64 and 94 units, respectively. «The projects in progress are very small promotions. Without common areas and with affordable prices«, Explains El Confidencial Pablo Presa, director of the Research and Evaluation department of Foro Consultores. "Everyone is helping to regenerate the neighborhood and most of it is built on very small lots belonging to old houses."

All the information about this district of Madrid, you can read it in the report of Elena Sanz in El Confidencial, with the participation of Pablo Presa, Contact Us, among other experts in the sector.


Image: Gardens of Cuatro Caminos. Promotion Foroprovivienda

Housing: invest to rent
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Invest to rent

Housing: invest to rent. It is an option that many raise. A way to have additional income and even a retirement plan.

But then comes the million dollar questions: does it make up for it? Is it profitable? Are the changes in the regulations on rent They could affect? Is profitability still high or is it falling? And, what is the price trend in this market?

These and other questions, you can read on the cover of the Investment Magazine. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEOContact Us, they give us the keys. In his opinion, the new decree will cause individuals to withdraw offers from the market. Legal security is in question.


housing in El Cañaveral
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The Cañaveral, a neighborhood with affordable housing

Housing in El Cañaveral. Although it is one of the neighborhoods with the most affordable housing in Madrid, the growing demand is causing the stock to begin to run out and with it the price increase.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, highlights the initial disadvantages and current advantages of those who bought first. What, in principle, was a disadvantage became an opportunity for these residents: "Being the first, they were able to buy 1.200 euros per square meter in the 2015 year. That is to say, for a two-bedroom dwelling it was based on costs from 150.000 euros».

Currently, prices are no longer so cheap. The square meter is now pay 2.100 euros, which translates into 240.000 euros for a two-room apartment, according to current data from Foro Consultores. "This means that, in four years, there has been a rise of 75%», Corral emphasizes.

8.000 homes for lifting

The Cañaveral will host 14.000 houses, of which 6.000 are already delivered or are being built. Their owners will have the keys in the coming months. This urban development is still attractive to buy cheap in Madrid, taking into account, in addition, that another of the large neighborhoods of new construction in Southeast, the Ensanche de Vallecas, it has practically exhausted the land to be built, since only 10% is available, according to Forum Consultores

To free housing promotions must be added those that have some type of protection: VPPB and VPPL. United with good communications with the rest of Madrid and provisions for the population of the area.

All the information about this development, you can read it in Your Housing and in elmundo.es


And if you are looking for housing, take a look at our website Foroprovivienda

And if you want info of the sector enter our Press Room and our Blog

housing moderates
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2019: one year for moderation in the housing market

The 2019 year will bring some changes to the housing sector. For Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum, the market will tend towards stabilization. The demand for replacement, which for years has been waiting to buy, has already gone partly to the market. This indicates that the demand will be slightly lower. In turn, young people have problems accessing housing. In short, housing is moderated in prices and transactions.

PBut that stability situation is not negative for the sector, quite the opposite, because in some areas it was already overheating. And it is advisable a healthy and smooth market. An opinion shared by other experts in the sector in the magazine Inversión y Finanzas.


Image: Torre Béjar in Terrassa (Barcelona)

housing bubble
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Is there a real estate bubble? Should the rental price be limited?

The price of housing, both for sale and for rent, continues to be talked about. Some analysts fear repeating the mistakes of the past. The Minister of Development, Iñigo de la Serna, rules out that there is a new housing bubble. But is there a bubble or not? Can it be repeated?

And, what is happening with the rental prices? They rise like foam. Should we limit them? The fault of the price increase is tourist rent? Some cities are already taking action. Palma de Mallorca prohibits the rental of tourist apartments.

housing bubble

Torres de Madrid. Image of Gesvieco

All these topics have been discussed in the Real Estate Forum program of Intereconomía Radio with experts from the sector. Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential Contact Us, jtogether with José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé y Manuel Gandarias They have shelled these issues.


Cover image: @crdeprada

Housing on the beach
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Housing on the beach, is it fashionable again?

Housing on the beach is back in fashion. He has gone through bad times and in the crisis has been one of the most hit segments. Now, the demand grows again. There are several factors that help: prices fell a lot, which makes their purchase and profitability is increasing. To this is added the improvement of the economic situation.

But, as in the first housing market, in coast there are also speeds. Hence the questions of our owner. Various experts in the sector have analyzed the housing situation in the Spanish coast. And they agree that interest has returned, although not everywhere. Luis Corral, CEO of Consulting Forum, considers that the holiday product is going well in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Alicante and the Costa del Sol. Like Costa Brava and Dorada. On the contrary, recovery is slower in the Cantabrian cornice ...

housing on the beach

Beach of Los Quebrantos in Asturias @crdeprada

This is just a summary for our Press Room. All the information about the market situation and trends, you can read it in the report of Cristina Vallejo in the magazine Inversión.


image: Port of Denia Photo @crdeprada

Recovery of housing on the beach
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Housing on the coast, recovery has arrived

The recovery of housing on the beach has also arrived. The average price has gone up an 4% during the last year and the rents continue in the same line. Buying to rent is one of the attractions of holiday homes.

Obviously, like housing in cities, this goes by zones. Some recover before and in others, there is still a way to go.

Which areas recover faster, the houses that are best sold and the impact of new ways of renting. All the answers you have in the new issue of the magazine Inversion «Housing on the Beach». Various industry experts, including Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, Analyze the housing market in Costa.


Image:Village of the Monteros

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