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2019: one year for moderation in the housing market

The 2019 year will bring some changes to the housing sector. For Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum, the market will tend towards stabilization. The demand for replacement, which for years has been waiting to buy, has already gone partly to the market. This indicates that the demand will be slightly lower. In turn, young people have problems accessing housing. In short, housing is moderated in prices and transactions.

PBut that stability situation is not negative for the sector, quite the opposite, because in some areas it was already overheating. And it is advisable a healthy and smooth market. An opinion shared by other experts in the sector in the magazine Inversión y Finanzas.


Image: Torre Béjar in Terrassa (Barcelona)

housing market
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Housing market, shall we go back to the streets?

The recovery of the dwelling is good news, a clear symptom of the current economic growth in Spain. We left behind a severe correction of the price, marked by bad news. As a result we have learned something, but perhaps not enough.
The rise of prices actsl, in cities like Madrid, it is unstoppable. Although with very different behaviors, according to the areas of the capital. We are witnessing some considerably high floor operations and sales prices. At this time, there is a great appetite for purchase. To this is added the dammed demand and the investor interest. However, we should not forget the past and we should advocate moderation. A healthy real estate market should be prudent in its advancement.
We invite you to reflect on this topic from the hand of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores, in El Mundo.


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