guidelines for investing in housing
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Guidelines to obtain the maximum profitability of a property

As we always say, not everything goes. It is true that the housing market is still active, but the increases go through neighborhoods. Therefore, before investing, it is good to analyze the area and the property as a whole. We give you some guidelines to invest in dwelling.

Here are some key questions:

How much should be revalued to obtain effective capital gains? We must take into account the taxes and expenses of the property, both the purchase and the sale.

What to buy and where? This point is fundamental especially if the idea is to allocate housing for rent. A good analysis of the area and its perspectives will help us not to be mistaken.

What type of housing is advisable? It depends on the objective. The bedrooms and the potential plaintiff are the key.

How is the house? Do you need important changes? What services do you have? A thousand and one questions that will make the operation profitable or not.

Distinguish between gross and net profitability, it is not going to be that it has so many expenses that the eaten goes out by the served.

EIn this post, we give you only the questions. You can see the answers in our usual collaboration on the Fotocasa Blog.


And with all this, the search for the dream investment.

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Housing: invest to rent
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Invest to rent

Housing: invest to rent. It is an option that many raise. A way to have additional income and even a retirement plan.

But then comes the million dollar questions: does it make up for it? Is it profitable? Are the changes in the regulations on rent They could affect? Is profitability still high or is it falling? And, what is the price trend in this market?

These and other questions, you can read on the cover of the Investment Magazine. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEOContact Us, they give us the keys. In his opinion, the new decree will cause individuals to withdraw offers from the market. Legal security is in question.


Rental housing
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Housing: is it still a good time to invest?

The housing market is very active. There are some warning signs, especially in the rental market where the increases are high. But is it a good time to invest to rent or are we late? It depends on the zones, in some there is less travel, but there is still cities where to invest in housing.

However, the market is convinced that the excesses of the past have not yet been seen and that everyone expects them not to repeat themselves. Different experts of the sector, among them Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, They have analyzed the housing market in the magazine Inversión. They propose the keys to the market, where to invest ...

Luis Corral believes that the investor should go to the center of cities that have a certain economic engine. The coast also stands out due to its tourist demand. Of course, as we have already mentioned in other news, remember that It's not worth everything.


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cities where to invest
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Cities where to invest in housing

LNormalization has reached the real estate market. In some areas the price has reached pre-crisis levels (and in some streets it has been exceeded). On the contrary, in other cities the sector has not yet awakened or is beginning. Seville, Valladolid, Alicante ... are some of the cities where you can invest. The price of housing has travel and rent continues to grow. Burgos, Coruña, Pontevedra, Valencia or Almeria also begin.

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Plusvalia municipal
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Formulas for investing in real estate

Invest in real estate: directly, real estate stocks in stock market, socimis, funds or crowfunding. The experts consider that we are in an ideal situation to invest in real estate in general. Prices, albeit upward, are still at levels of past years.

The average return on the home is 4,5% and if the annual revaluation is added, it can reach 8%. In fact, buying an apartment and renting it is 4,2 times more profitable than investing in government bonds. This situation has made investing in housing one of the investors' favorite options.

La Direct investment In real estate assets means having a significant amount saved or resorting to a mortgage loan. An option that probably does not suit many investors. In return, he has absolute control over the property.

If you have less investment capacity, there is the possibility of buying Shares in listed real estate or in companies. Currently, the stock market has different vehicles: real estate agents in the stock market as Colonial, Quabit, Realia, Inmobiliaria del Sur or Neinor Homes, which has just landed on the parquet floor, as well as smaller ones such as Montebalito, Urbas and Renta Corporación. In the socimis we can highlight the four large Merlin, Hispania, Lar and Axiare. But to these are added many more, of smaller size, which are listed on the MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil).

The Real estate funds and crowfunding Are other options. All the information you can read in our biweekly collaboration in Invertia.


Invest in real estate
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Where do I invest ?: real estate, funds, socimis, stock ...

Investment in the real estate sector is a good time. Experts consider that we are in an ideal situation to invest in real estate. Prices, albeit upward, are still at levels of past years. The profitability of rents, especially housing, is rising to the existing demand in the market.

The investor has several options, depending on its investment capacity. Real estate investment funds, buy flats for rent, socimis or real estate in stock market. For Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, «When you decide to invest in a real estate asset you have to differentiate the profitability that comes from two parameters: By the own exploitation of the asset or by the expectations of the increases in the value of the property».

Different experts from the sector analyze the Real Estate Magazine El Economista The best options to invest in the sector: directly on the cOmpra of real estate, real estate in stock market, socimis or real estate funds. Various alternatives to obtain maximum profitability.


Investing in housing
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Is it a good time to invest in housing?

We are in a moment of change in the real estate market. Investing in housing Has become a good choice. Prices start to drop. The latest data from INE show a rise in the price of housing of 4,5% during the fourth quarter of 2016.

Taking these data into account, Cotolma has developed a «Guide to investing in housing in 2017 ". In his blog, the most important aspects to be taken into account for this investment are analyzed with the opinion of various experts in the sector, among them Rubén Cózar, director of Residential of Forum Consultants.

Cózar considers that "we are in a good moment to invest in housing because the market trend is bullish". He adds that it is advisable to enter large cities and consolidated areas. It is not worth buying anywhere. The most attractive option is the urban centers of large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Malaga.

In addition, experts agree that in the current scenario, the real estate investor is less less speculative. The purchase of housing for rent is increasingly identified with a type of real estate investment with a view to obtaining long-term economic returns through income from a monthly rent.


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Purchase on plan
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Buy today to win tomorrow

If you already have a home in property you can play with the recovery of the real estate market. Selling it to buy a new one can be a profitable operation. As stated by Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, buying now on flat is a good option, since it is acquired at today's price, but until the delivery of the new housing, if the market continues its upward trend, it will have revalued , Before which the buyer benefits from the capital gains and, in turn, will be able to sell the habitual house better in case it is a repositor.


Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Housing: is it time to invest?

The crisis, especially when prolonged over time, changes the perspective of most investors. And something that was a perfect value, overnight becomes the worst asset to invest.

That is what has happened to the housing market. It was always the favorite asset of many Spaniards, but the crisis has brought us many surprises.Where are we now? And is housing still a safe haven?

We believe so for a number of reasons. On the one hand, the Return on deposits and other assets Of the market is Low minimum (below the 2%), especially after the last drop in the price of money. This indicates that the home is once again in the investors' sights, you just have to see the different operations that are taking place in the market. For some companies, housing is becoming a refuge value, taking Return via rent or waiting for future revaluation.

And on the other hand, Prices are practically low And the different statistics already show decreasing decreases and in some cases, slight rebounds, this indicates that we are touching ground for what the price of housing is concerned. Although for enthusiasts, this does not mean that a price rebound will suddenly occur with large capital gains. Things will go Piano to piano which is the best in this and other markets and, most importantly, now You can get homes at very attractive prices.

Obviously, everything has its pros and cons. On the positive side of the balance it is clear that, although it may lose, it recovers and, moreover, it is a tangible element vis-à-vis other financial assets. This is coupled with low prices. Regarding the drawbacks, at this time there is still funding in the market and the Government has worsened taxation, Something that does not help this sector.

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