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Towards the professional rental of housing

In Spain, the rental housing stock is owned by individuals. It is estimated that around 95% of leased homes. In this situation, promoters and funds join forces to boost the professional rental of homes.

Let's not forget that in the last ten years the rental market has grown significantly. The inability of young people to access a property home is one of the reasons. Attached to a change of mentality.

This new system offers many advantages to the promoter, since it reduces commercial risk, increases asset turnover. And at the same time increases the housing stock in Spain.

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, “This option allows you to recover invested funds faster and take a percentage for turnkey management. In addition, this business represents the opportunity to sell a large number of homes in bulk to a single buyer, simplifying the commercial process. ”

A large part of the rental housing stock is held by individuals

In addition, the perspectives of the sector indicate that more and more people will want to live in the center of the cities. Taking into account that real estate infrastructure in the city is limited, and that for new generations home ownership is a decreasing trend, the role of rent and new alternatives to optimize residential space in cities will be crucial.

Industry experts have analyzed the pros and cons of this business in the magazine El Inmobiliario Mes a Mes. Market trends, promoters and interested funds ...


real estate cycle change
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Real estate market: change of cycle?

It is becoming the million dollar question: When are we in the real estate cycle? Will prices continue their upward trend? will go down? Is the situation the same in all cities? Is there a rental boom? Is a cycle change coming?

To Rubén Cózar, director of the residential area of Contact Us, you can not talk about cycle change. From their point of view, there are cities where prices have been revalued as is the case in Madrid, but others are still submerged in past prices and large stock.

In addition, he insists that you can not talk about price drops. Simply in some promotions there has been a slight readjustment Likewise, it stands out that we continue to build very little in response to the needs of demand. The keyword is the moderation in the price growth.

To Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential of Consulting Forum, you can not talk about changing the cycle, just moderation.

All these issues and some more as young people and housing, how much rent has increased in recent years? What will be the market trend? have been treated in the Real Estate Forum program of Intereconomy Radio.

Rubén Cózar and Beatriz Toribio , director of Estudios de Fotocasa, reviewed the market situation during the first semester of 2019 and the evolution for the next months. If you want to solve some of the unknowns, do not miss the podcast of the program.


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housing in Madrid
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Housing in Madrid: the buyer goes to the periphery

Acquiring a new home in Madrid is something that only a few can achieve. The lack of supply in the capital and its prices is displacing the demand towards the periphery. Areas such as Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Boadilla del Monte, Pozuelo de Alarcón and Majadahonda to the north and Cañaveral, Ensanche de Vallecas, Getafe or Parla to the south, are welcoming those for whom there is no place in the great city. Especially if you are looking for comfortable and prepared urbanizations to enjoy as a family.

A very relevant issue, since it is expelling many interested. We analyze the urban situation in Madrid: prices, buyer profile, land, supply and demand. A vision of the hand of promoters such as Neinor Homes, Vía Célere, Áurea Homes and Contact Us with Luis Corral, CEO of the firm.

New housing in Madrid

A broad debate where multiple issues were addressed, which you can hear in the program Capital Radio Real Estate Investment with Meli Torres.

  • Why is the home buyer going to the periphery?
  • What is the profile?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a home in the metropolitan crown
  • Prices compared to Madrid and also the difference between north and south in the periphery
  • Projects of new construction promotions in the periphery of Madrid with greater demand
  • The role of the Administration
  • Future and residential projection in the outskirts of Madrid

The complete debate can be heard in the following links. In the first of them from the minute 25: 31, approx. and the rest in the second link.



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LED lighting
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Save expenses in your home with LED lighting

The lighting of a home is one of the essential factors in design and energy saving. Knowing how to use the right lights in each space of a house is a very necessary task. We tell you some aspects that will help you when choosing LED lighting

In recent years, LED lighting has developed considerably, which means that many businesses and homes are beginning to see it as an economic and ecological way to light a property.

The problem in the past has been that light bulbs did not produce enough light for daily use and, in general, were considered too expensive. Both problems have been largely solved and there are a variety of different types of LED lighting, both for homes and for offices.

Power plays a key role, especially in energy saving

At present, there is a wide catalog of LED lights with different characteristics. It is important to know the values ​​to use the correct lighting for each space. Especially when we want to replace the traditional light with the appropriate LED light.

In addition, in these cases the power plays a key role, especially in saving energy. It is important to bear in mind that not always a greater power of the bulb will bring with it a greater emission of light.

So, let's see some comparatives between some types of LED power and the traditional options.

  • LED 1W. They are the minimum power that you can acquire, they are ideal bulbs as decorative light or decorative. Equivalent to 9W of an incandescent option and 8W of halogen light.
  • LED 5W. They are of the most used is equivalent to 38W incandescent light and 35 in halogen version. The e24 led bulbs they provide a reduction of up to 80% of energy consumption. Being ideal in ceiling lamps and wall sconces.
  • LED 15W. The LED Light of 15W is equivalent to 90W of incandescent light and 83W of halogen light.
  • LED 40W. One of the most powerful, 240W in incandescent light and 220W in alternative halogen.

But these are just some of the most common options, you can identify more alternatives in the market.

There is a wide catalog of LED lights

Do you know what the relationship between lumens and watts is?

But the power is not only the important thing, also the luminosity plays a role relevant with this value. This luminosity is measured in lumens and by ratio between lumens and watts we understand the relationship between the amount of light emitted with the amount of energy consumed.

These lumens tell us how much light the LED light offers. In fact, an LED is capable of generating between itself 60 and 90 lumens.

Another determining factor is the angle of light opening

Another determining factor, together with the two previous ones, is the light opening angle. From 40º to 120º the LED lights are ideal to adapt to any space and illuminate it correctly. At lower angle plus focal light, in greater angle, more dispersed and environmental.

Knowing all these parameters will help us to know how to select the best LED light for each space. Especially in the case where you are going to replace traditional lights and you want to get equal or better brightness, but with minimal energy expenditure.

If you plan to buy a home, where the LED lighting, take a look at Foroprovivienda

And if you want to know how the real estate market is going, do not miss our blog

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The "importance" of having an attic

Living in an attic is one of the goals of many buyers. It is a more exclusive dwelling within a community of neighbors. In addition to terrace, it has more privacy, views and brightness, hence its attractiveness. Of course, the price is much higher.

To Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Real Estate It is one of the most valued assets in the housing market. The problem is that there is much more demand than supply, since in the promotions there are, obviously, few attics.

In used, the offer is scarce and it sells fast. In the case of the new one, there are promotions in which attics are sold before starting with the existing waiting list. Even if there are several phases, there are always people waiting, who did not get it in the previous one. It can also happen that the promoter prefers to leave them for the end. It is a gem for which you know you can get more benefit.

The penthouses, next to the low ones with garden in new promotions, are the most demanded properties.

What is its price?

As an average, an attic can cost between one 20 and one 30% more than an intermediate type floor. But that figure can be triggered in prime areas, in neighborhoods like Salamanca in Madrid, where the attic can have a higher price in an 40% -50%. Exclusivity is paid and more if you have a private pool.

Also, we are talking about a different buyer. In fact, the most common typology is that of two bedrooms, which indicates that the buyers are small families, with one child, couples or single parents. Obviously we talk about stockings. Interestingly, they have more space with garden or terrace, which are also in high demand in new promotions.

The advantages of living in an attic

They are both objective and subjective. As for the objectivity, not having neighbors on the top floor that bother you (if it is also corner, even better because you do not have them on one side), the views that are achieved by the height, the terraces with which they are usually gifted , the low traffic noise ... On the subjectivity side, living in the attic of the building provides a status that is not offered by the standard housing, a plus of exclusivity.

The reality is that times change and fashions too. Many years ago living on the top floor of a house was reserved for those who had less income, of course it was when the buildings had no elevator and air conditioning and insulation was scarce. That meant, cold in winter and heat in summer, plus walk up.


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housing in El Cañaveral
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The Cañaveral, a neighborhood with affordable housing

Housing in El Cañaveral. Although it is one of the neighborhoods with the most affordable housing in Madrid, the growing demand is causing the stock to begin to run out and with it the price increase.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, highlights the initial disadvantages and current advantages of those who bought first. What, in principle, was a disadvantage became an opportunity for these residents: "Being the first, they were able to buy 1.200 euros per square meter in the 2015 year. That is to say, for a two-bedroom dwelling it was based on costs from 150.000 euros».

Currently, prices are no longer so cheap. The square meter is now pay 2.100 euros, which translates into 240.000 euros for a two-room apartment, according to current data from Foro Consultores. "This means that, in four years, there has been a rise of 75%», Corral emphasizes.

8.000 homes for lifting

The Cañaveral will host 14.000 houses, of which 6.000 are already delivered or are being built. Their owners will have the keys in the coming months. This urban development is still attractive to buy cheap in Madrid, taking into account, in addition, that another of the large neighborhoods of new construction in Southeast, the Ensanche de Vallecas, it has practically exhausted the land to be built, since only 10% is available, according to Forum Consultores

To free housing promotions must be added those that have some type of protection: VPPB and VPPL. United with good communications with the rest of Madrid and provisions for the population of the area.

All the information about this development, you can read it in Your Housing and in elmundo.es


And if you are looking for housing, take a look at our website Foroprovivienda

And if you want info of the sector enter our Press Room and our Blog

Unknowns of the housing market
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Where is the housing market headed?

The price increases are moderate in a good part of Spain. This does not indicate that there are areas where very important increases are taking place. But the reality is that this market is going through neighborhoods and we are far from the prices of the bubble. We tell you the unknowns of the housing market.

You can hear this news and others from the sector in the Intereconomía Radio program. Industry experts have reviewed the sale and rental prices Where are we? Where is the market going? Will a new bubble be produced or are we in a moderation phase?

Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential Contact Us, Beatriz Toribio, director of Studies Zoopla y Antonio Carroza, CEO of Alquiler Seguro.


Radio Intereconomía. Real Estate Forum Program


Program #foroinmobiliario de Intereconomia Radio 7 of February of 2019

real estate balance in 2018
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Real estate balance 2018: investment record

Breal estate in 2018 and perspectives for 2019. The real estate magazine of El Economista has reviewed this sector with several experts. We highlight the analysis of Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum. In his opinion, the year that has ended has been the consolidation in the residential sector by all the players in the market. Prices have followed an upward trend, due to a demand for replacement very interested.

Read more
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