Valdebebas and El Cañaveral
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Valdebebas and El Cañaveral, prices skyrocket

The lack of finalist land is causing a rise in the price. This resulted in a increase in the final costs of housing. In just four years, prices have skyrocketed in Valdebebas and El Cañaveral

The Cañaveral is one of the few areas of Madrid where you can buy housing at affordable prices, but the pressure of the demand in this area it is very strong. In fact, in this area a flat costs 100.000 euros more than in 2015, while in Valdebebas it is necessary to spend around 150.000 more euros.

Study of Forum Consultants

As regards El Cañaveral,Contact Us 13 has analyzed projects in commercialization with 860 units. While there are hardly any 285 units currently on sale. The average price of sale of the square meter round the 2.100 euros. In the following graph you can see the evolution in previous years.

Housing price in The Cañaveral. In the image data until March of 2018. In Currently, the average price is around the 2.100 euros m2 and the unit price 251.000 euros.

«In January of 2016, the soil the buildable square meter was paid between 400-450 euros. At the beginning of 2017, the figure reached the 600-650 euros, while at present 750 is paid euros metro, and we are already at a turning point«, Recognize from Foro Consultores. In his opinion, «in this zone the final sale prices of a house, momentarily, have reached ceiling in the 2.100 euros per square meter built, not including the annexes -Steads and parking spaces- ». In addition, they add that, to the strong increase of prices, it is necessary to add the costs of work. They have risen around an 20%, disrupting some financial plans.

The pull of Valdebebas

"Unlike El Cañaveral, there is still an upward trend, because there is little land available in the area," according to Foro Consultores. Also, remember how the price of land has evolved in the last three years. "In 2016, the price per square meter of buildable land was around 1.200 euros, while in 2017 it reached 1.500 euros and at present it is in 1.900 euros the buildable square meter".

In Valdebebas, the average price of a home is around the 3.500 euros square meter built (between 3.000-3.947 euros) and the average cost one floor is about 497.700 euros, with an average area of ​​141 square meters

All the information of these areas, you can read it in detail in the report of Elena Sanz in The Confidential


Image. Residential Valdebebas Unique. Promotion that already has a building license.

housing in El Cañaveral
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The Cañaveral, a neighborhood with affordable housing

Housing in El Cañaveral. Although it is one of the neighborhoods with the most affordable housing in Madrid, the growing demand is causing the stock to begin to run out and with it the price increase.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, highlights the initial disadvantages and current advantages of those who bought first. What, in principle, was a disadvantage became an opportunity for these residents: "Being the first, they were able to buy 1.200 euros per square meter in the 2015 year. That is to say, for a two-bedroom dwelling it was based on costs from 150.000 euros».

Currently, prices are no longer so cheap. The square meter is now pay 2.100 euros, which translates into 240.000 euros for a two-room apartment, according to current data from Foro Consultores. "This means that, in four years, there has been a rise of 75%», Corral emphasizes.

8.000 homes for lifting

The Cañaveral will host 14.000 houses, of which 6.000 are already delivered or are being built. Their owners will have the keys in the coming months. This urban development is still attractive to buy cheap in Madrid, taking into account, in addition, that another of the large neighborhoods of new construction in Southeast, the Ensanche de Vallecas, it has practically exhausted the land to be built, since only 10% is available, according to Forum Consultores

To free housing promotions must be added those that have some type of protection: VPPB and VPPL. United with good communications with the rest of Madrid and provisions for the population of the area.

All the information about this development, you can read it in Your Housing and in


And if you are looking for housing, take a look at our website Foroprovivienda

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cheap housing
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Is there cheap housing in Madrid? The key, the developments of the southeast

Lto paralysis of urban developments The southeast is causing a problem in Madrid. The cheap housing of new construction is disappearing from the capital. In affordable areas, such as El Cañaveral or Ensanche de Vallecas, prices have skyrocketed. Up to an 25%, according to a study carried out by Contact Us for Compensation Boards of the Southeast Developments.

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flat houses
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Is it possible to find new and cheap housing?

It seems complicated if the goal is to buy new and cheap housing in Madrid capital. There are only 3.000 new homes for sale. Of which, only 300 units cost less than 150.000 euros, according to data from Valuation Company published in El Confidencial

And this is a price increase in the absence of product. In case it was little, joins that some of the developments in Madrid are in the courts as is the case of the Southeast. The Cañaveral is the only one that has not been affected by the ruling of the Supreme Court of 2012. And it has the latest large finalist floor bag available in the south of Madrid.

The pressure of demand on prices has not been expected. In addition, in El Ensanche de Vallecas, fully consolidated, there are few plots for sale.

new and cheap housing

The Canaveral

Prices in El Cañaveral

El price of housing an 50% has been increased from 2015, according to data from Foro Consultores. And even in the last year, the rise has been 25%. The price of the square meter has passed only in twelve months from 1.450 to 1.800 euros. In this way, a house that in 2015 cost a little less than 140.000 euros, currently moves around 215.000 euros.

You can read the full report of Elena Sanz en The confidential. With data from Contact Us and the participation of Laura Sampedro, Director of Research and Evaluations. For Sampedro, "the big problem is that outside El Cañaveral, there is nothing else".

Considers that the only affordable housing in Madrid capital are concentrated in this area. Where, in addition, the strong demand is causing strong upward price tensions. And the land prices, together with the strong increase that the construction costs are experiencing, have been transferred to the final price of the house.


El Cañaveral, cheap housing
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El Cañaveral, the southeastern reef of Madrid

The Cañaveral has positioned itself as the destination of reference for thousands of young people from Madrid and neighboring municipalities seeking affordable housing. In addition, the 50% of the projected properties will have some type of protection. At present, 1.000 homes have already been delivered, according to data from the Compensation Board.

This area benefits from the exhaustion of supply in Vallecas. There are only 100 free homes in stock, as highlighted Laura Sampedro Serrano, Director of Research and Valuations of Foro Consultores. Faced with this figure, in 2007 in the Ensanche de Vallecas there was a stock of 3.000 homes.

This indicates the existence of demand and the lack of supply. And this is reflected in the sales rhythms at El Cañaveral. Another important fact is the depletion of protected housing in this area. It was the first to be developed and delivered at El Cañaveral. And this is driving the sale of free housing, in the absence of supply in the rest of southeast Madrid. Developments such as Los Berrocales or Valdecarros are still paralyzed. Another relevant fact is the value of the land, much lower than other areas of Madrid.

All the data, the promotions, the number of houses and the market situation in this area you can see them in And Your Housing in collaboration with Foro Consultores.


The price of the soil
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The price of land in Madrid, reasonable increases?

From toxic to object of desire. He Soil price for housing has grown significantly in recent years. To this is added that there are areas in Madrid capital where there is no finalist floor. This is causing the buyer to go to border areas.

For this reason, industry experts regret that during the entire crisis no agreement has been reached for land management. This has led to a significant shortage and the inevitable price increase. Hence, advocate for greater urban agility, especially where this shortage is leading to a strangulation of the market. For Vicente Quintanilla, director of the Department of Investment and Soil of Consultores Forum "these increases will have a direct impact on the final price of homes. "
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