Tips before renting
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Before renting a home, keep these tips in mind

If you do not want to have problems when renting a home, you are interested in this post. Tips before renting, whether you are an owner or a tenant. All with the objective of having a good coexistence and avoiding problems during the rental.

Rental contract with all the key points: duration, amount of rent, formula for annual increases, who pays what ...

Do not pay anything before signing. Any amount must be paid after signing a pre-contract or at least one receipt.

Housing review. Another important point for the tenant is to check carefully how the house is, yes everything works. Not paying attention to this type of detail can cause us a problem afterwards.

Check the tenant's solvency. The landlord must also ensure the tenant solvency. The time is before signing, because then the defaults arrive.

Inventory. Avoid problems when leaving. And more, if it is furnished. This also helps the owner to see what is delivered, once the contract ends.

These and other points of interest you have in our post on the Fotocasa Blog. Know your rights and obligations, whether you are a tenant or landlord, and errors will be avoided and living together will be better.


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guidelines for investing in housing
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Guidelines to obtain the maximum profitability of a property

As we always say, not everything goes. It is true that the housing market is still active, but the increases go through neighborhoods. Therefore, before investing, it is good to analyze the area and the property as a whole. We give you some guidelines to invest in dwelling.

Here are some key questions:

How much should be revalued to obtain effective capital gains? We must take into account the taxes and expenses of the property, both the purchase and the sale.

What to buy and where? This point is fundamental especially if the idea is to allocate housing for rent. A good analysis of the area and its perspectives will help us not to be mistaken.

What type of housing is advisable? It depends on the objective. The bedrooms and the potential plaintiff are the key.

How is the house? Do you need important changes? What services do you have? A thousand and one questions that will make the operation profitable or not.

Distinguish between gross and net profitability, it is not going to be that it has so many expenses that the eaten goes out by the served.

EIn this post, we give you only the questions. You can see the answers in our usual collaboration on the Fotocasa Blog.


And with all this, the search for the dream investment.

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Rental housing
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Are you going to rent a house? Some key issues

The demand for rental housing is increasing, although the offer does not accompany, especially in some areas. This may cause some precipitation so as not to lose the house. Hence, before signing, it is necessary to check some points. In addition, the new decree introduce changes you should know. These are some of the key issues.

Location and control of housing

Is it a noisy area? What is the neighborhood like? Is everything in order? Do the appliances work? ...

Everything in writing

The words are carried in wind. And in the contract should be clear everything that includes a rental and agreements between tenant and landlord. Below, you can read the most relevant sections:

Price.- It is necessary to specify monthly payment, day and method of payment and the mechanism of the annual review of the rent. Also, what is the bail or endorsement.

Expenses.- Who pays for community, the IBI or the garbage tax?

The words are carried in wind, so everything must be reflected in the contract

Duration.- The end of the rental agreement will be established between the owner and the tenant, always respecting the law, where there are changes. For example, it expands from three to five years the duration of the contracts. If the property is a company or legal entity, the time is longer (seven years).

Are the supplies discharged? Is ownership changed? or are they still in the name of the owner and does the tenant provide an account number for domicile?

Arrangements.- This aspect tends to be a source of controversy between tenants and owners. Who is responsible for repairs? What the contract says will be key.

Recover the property.- Here there are modifications with the current regulations. If the owner wants to recover the house, he must leave it in writing in the contract and give four months' notice.

Extension.- If on the expiration date of the contract, or any of its extensions, (after at least five years, or seven years if the lessor is a legal entity), neither party has notified the other, its will not renew it, the contract will be extended for annual terms up to a maximum of three more years. And, with how much time should it be done? At least with four months in advance in the case of the lessor and at least two months in advance for the tenant,

Unless the lessee manifests to the lessor one month before the date of termination of any of the annuities, his wish not to renew the contract.

Use of housing and inventory.- The use of the tenant is permitted in the contract. In the event that it is a furnished apartment, it is important that the contract has an annex in which all the equipment is specified.

All these points you have broken down in our collaboration in Fotocasa.


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The usual residence in the income statement

We are in the middle of the campaign for the declaration of income. What role does the habitual residence have in the IRPF? For those who bought before the January 1 2013 continues to have a leading role. They can be deduced for it, the rest no. In this post, I pYou can read expanded in Invertia, you have everything you can deduct and what you can not.

It should be clear that the January 1 2013 deducted for homeownership deductions. For those who previously purchased a transitional regime was introduced.

To whom does this transitory regime apply?

Only those who purchased before the aforementioned date. In the same situation there are those who have done rehabilitation or extension work, provided that they have been completed before the 1 of January of 2017. Likewise, this section includes the adaptation of the housing for people with disabilities.

Only those who bought before the 1 of January of 2013, or did renovation works or extension of a habitual residence, can avail themselves of the deductions.

Of course, whenever it is Habitual housing. That is, it is the taxpayer's residence for a continuous period of at least three years (see exceptions in the post of Invertia). That the house is occupied in a period not exceeding 12 months from the purchase or completion of works.

The limit is 9.040 euros, although you can reach the 12.080 euros

How much can be deducted?

The limit is in 9.040 euros by taxpayer for the assumptions already exposed: acquisition, rehabilitation, construction or expansion.

That figure amounts to 12.080 EURwhen the amounts invested have been allocated to the realization of works and facilities to adapt the housing for reasons of disability.

It can not be deduced

Conservation and repair expenses, house arrangements; the expenses of replacement of elements: heating, elevator ...; the best; the places acquired with the home and that exceed two or purchased independently from the purchase of housing.

And if you have a rented flat, do not miss out THIS POST about rental income and the need to declare them.


guidelines for investing in housing
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Doubts that you must solve before purchasing a house

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in the lives of many people. And, in addition, an error in the purchase or in the mortgage, can affect during many years, being able to arrive to suppose a serious damage. We tell you the doubts that you must solve before purchasing a home

Can I pay?

What money do I have saved? What mortgage can I get? And, what expenses will I have?

Is this the house I need and like?

Do not buy a house that you do not like. You have to see the purchase with perspective and make a deep reflection helps.

Have I analyzed the area?

On the other hand, it is good to analyze the neighborhood, the neighbors, the infrastructures, the communications. Ask for help, since it is an important and long-term investment.

It is not the same as housing nueva, used or a purchase on plane.

What is the roadmap?

It is necessary to make a plan, especially if you are going to sell a previous house. How long will it take in the process of selling and delivering the home? Hence the need for a calendar.

Is everything in order?

In general, find out the status of the home and all the documentation of it: Are there pending charges? It is not the same as housing nueva, used or a purchase on plane.

All these extended keys can be read in our collaboration in Fotocasa


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lower the price of a home
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Are you going to buy a house? tips to get some discount

In housing second hand, the seller always sets a price assuming there will be negotiation and a predictable discount. And the buyer knows that he can get a small savings. We tell you how you can lower the price of a home.

That yes the requests must have logic and be well argued. It's not worth anything. It is good to ask some questions.

Is it in price? For this it is necessary to conduct a mini market study. Another option, more professional, is to ask for a appraisal.

Do you need reform? The need for repairs can be a way to reduce the price.

Information is power

What is the seller's situation? Analyze your circumstances

What needs do you have? Are you going to buy another house?

Follow the trail of the ad. The alerts of some real estate portals provide a lot of information about it.

All these points you have broken down in our collaboration in the financial-financial portal Invertia.


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where to invest in housing
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Where to invest in housing?

Investing in housing remains attractive. Experts say that profitability can reach up to 11%. Of course, this figure includes rental incomei and the revaluation by sale. We tell you where to invest in housing and how to do it

Because everything that glitters is not gold. It's good to do numbers and it depends if you are a big or a small investor. Immaculate of the Vega he has written a report in El País where is analyzed what an investor can do with only 150.000 euros.

What options are there, which formulas are more effective. Better directly or with intermediaries. If the purchase should focus on housing or also on other market segments such as local ones. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEO Contact Us, analyze the possibilities and the key question: Where to buy?

The purchase of a house to rent offers a return of 11% if you take into account the rent and the revaluation of the property

The Country Business

Luis Corral considers that the best thing is to do it in the locality where he resides. On the one hand, there is greater knowledge of the area and, in addition, it facilitates direct management, thus improving profitability by not having to pay a third party.

All these doubts and some advice that can come well when buying to rent, you have them in El País Negocios


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sell your house
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Tips to sell your house

The course has begun and with it, new projects, new illusions. One of them may be to change housing. Since Contact Us, we give you some tips to sell your house and avoid errors.

  • First, set the right price. We tend to think that our house is the best. And maybe, but it is not. Or you have in mind the sale price of the neighbor. Avoid putting values ​​that do not conform to reality.
  • Un good ad Make a good description of the property, good photos and if you can a virtual visit. If you do not have time, use a real-estate agency.

Prepare the home.

  • It must enter through the eyes and the prospective buyer must feel that this may be his future home.
  • Make small improvements. A small investment such as painting or repairing small defects, can help a lot and even help you sell earlier and at a better price.
  • Order and cleanness

Also helps provide maximum information to the buyer of the building, as well as all the infrastructure and equipment in the area.

These are some of the steps that you can extend in our collaboration in the financial portal Invertia.


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