lower the price of a home
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Are you going to buy a house? tips to get some discount

In housing second hand, the seller always sets a price assuming there will be negotiation and a predictable discount. And the buyer knows that he can get a small savings. We tell you how you can lower the price of a home.

That yes the requests must have logic and be well argued. It's not worth anything. It is good to ask some questions.

Is it in price? For this it is necessary to conduct a mini market study. Another option, more professional, is to ask for a appraisal.

Do you need reform? The need for repairs can be a way to reduce the price.

Information is power

What is the seller's situation? Analyze your circumstances

What needs do you have? Are you going to buy another house?

Follow the trail of the ad. The alerts of some real estate portals provide a lot of information about it.

All these points you have broken down in our collaboration in the financial-financial portal Invertia.


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guidelines for investing in housing
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What does a deposit contract entail?

The deposit or reserve contract It is the first documentary step that the buyer must give for its acquisition. What does this firm suppose? That the buyer and the seller agree on the sale of a property. In the act, the buyer as proof or guarantee of compliance with the contract, delivers an economic amount. This is usually set between an 2% and an 5% of the value of the property, without taxes.

We tell you some aspects that should be included in this contract, its validity and what its non-compliance implies.

.-What should that deposit contract include?

- Who is involved?

- Who signs?

.-What happens if the contract is not fulfilled? It depends if it is between individuals or new work.

All the broken down information, you have it in our collaboration in the Invertia portal. A post from Vicente Manrique, real estate consultant Consulting Forum.


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Taxes and expenses
Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Do not forget the taxes and other expenses in the purchase of your house

LThe purchase of a home entails a series of taxes and expenses that must be taken into account and included in the final price of the same. The most representative, due to their amount, are VAT and Property Transfer Tax (ITP), whether new or used housing. But there is more and on average more than 10% of the amount of the house. It is good to take account to see each specific case and not get upset. In the blog of the Recorders break down all taxes.

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