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Why do not lower the prices of housing rental?

The investor needs confidence to promote. Regulate prices, without building more real estate contributes nothing. This resounding conclusion comes from some analysts who participated in Inmonext, organized by Idealista. Why do not lower the prices of housing rental? The key word is supply to meet the demand.

An opinion shared by Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, in a post already published in Invertia following the approval of the Rent Decree in Spain. He stressed that the decree was not going to solve the problems for which it was created and the reality is there.

La legal and economic security is essential mutually. If imbalance is generated in one of them, in this case the lessor, these to maintain its business structure and cope with the costs that it can generate, will transfer it to the price. Before which, the effect will be contrary to the desired.

The rental park in the hands of individuals

The sector believes that there is demand to build 100.000 rental homes a year. And he estimates that the need for rent in a decade will reach 2,5 million homes. With Madrid and Barcelona at the head.

In Spain, currently 96% of the properties for rent belong to individuals and only 4% is in the hands of professionals. A figure that contrasts with the European average that is 35%.

Then, Where is the solution? All the data and what happened in other countries in the Invertia post


Tips before renting
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Before renting a home, keep these tips in mind

If you do not want to have problems when renting a home, you are interested in this post. Tips before renting, whether you are an owner or a tenant. All with the objective of having a good coexistence and avoiding problems during the rental.

Rental contract with all the key points: duration, amount of rent, formula for annual increases, who pays what ...

Do not pay anything before signing. Any amount must be paid after signing a pre-contract or at least one receipt.

Housing review. Another important point for the tenant is to check carefully how the house is, yes everything works. Not paying attention to this type of detail can cause us a problem afterwards.

Check the tenant's solvency. The landlord must also ensure the tenant solvency. The time is before signing, because then the defaults arrive.

Inventory. Avoid problems when leaving. And more, if it is furnished. This also helps the owner to see what is delivered, once the contract ends.

These and other points of interest you have in our post on the Fotocasa Blog. Know your rights and obligations, whether you are a tenant or landlord, and errors will be avoided and living together will be better.


Don't miss the news in our Blog y Press Room

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real estate cycle change
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Real estate market: change of cycle?

It is becoming the million dollar question: When are we in the real estate cycle? Will prices continue their upward trend? will go down? Is the situation the same in all cities? Is there a rental boom? Is a cycle change coming?

To Rubén Cózar, director of the residential area of Contact Us, you can not talk about cycle change. From their point of view, there are cities where prices have been revalued as is the case in Madrid, but others are still submerged in past prices and large stock.

In addition, he insists that you can not talk about price drops. Simply in some promotions there has been a slight readjustment Likewise, it stands out that we continue to build very little in response to the needs of demand. The keyword is the moderation in the price growth.

To Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential of Consulting Forum, you can not talk about changing the cycle, just moderation.

All these issues and some more as young people and housing, how much rent has increased in recent years? What will be the market trend? have been treated in the Real Estate Forum program of Intereconomy Radio.

Rubén Cózar and Beatriz Toribio , director of Estudios de Fotocasa, reviewed the market situation during the first semester of 2019 and the evolution for the next months. If you want to solve some of the unknowns, do not miss the podcast of the program.


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Analysis of housing in Spain

People want to buy, but prices and access to a mortgage prevent it. For this reason, the demand for rental housing has increased by 56% in the last year. This is clear from a study by Fotocasa. Madrid is the capital with the largest real estate movement. The return to rental.

In fact, the rental demand in the last year has gone from 9% to 14%. As regards the purchase, an 33% is increased, since the percentage has gone up from an 9% in 2018 to an 12% in 2019.

Interest for rent

This report also reflects a recovery in the demand for rental housing, which contrasts with the regression registered in 2018, and which returns us to levels of 2017. "But it is rather a demand that takes refuge in this market before the impossibility of buying", explains Beatriz Toribio, Director of Estudios de Fotocasa.

The demand for rental housing increases by 56% in the last year

The YOUNG They search in all markets and acquire greater prominence. In 2019 there are more individuals participating in the housing market. This increase is mainly caused by the younger segments. Thus, in 2018, an 23% of people between 18 and 24 years had made some action in the market in the last 12 months. While in 2019 that percentage increases 10 points up to 33%. In the next age bracket, from 25 to 34 years, it looks similar. The share has grown from the 32% to the 43% and in this section it even exceeds the 38% registered in 2017.

In short, we are facing a dynamic market, both for sale and for rent. But if you want to see all the details in detail, you can download the full report of Fotocasa, with all the information by autonomous communities and cities.

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new rent decree
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An affordable rent is not achieved with a Royal Decree


l Royal decree law on urgent measures in terms of housing and rent It is based on five objectives. On the one hand, increase in supply and moderation of prices. On the other hand, this rent decree seeks to increase the social housing stock, reduce evictions. And, finally, improvement in the accessibility of housing.

To Luis CorralCEO Contact Us, has analyzed all the proposals in Invertia. In his opinion, the reality is that it does not help and can even harm. These are your reasons

Increase in contract times. They go from 3 to 5 years for individuals and up to seven for companies. Some owners may prefer to remove their apartments from the market because if they need housing, if they do not leave it in writing, they will take more time to recover it.

The demand for the return of immigrants increases, while the supply can be reduced

Prices will not moderateNo because the demand will be higher and the offer may not. And another aspect, a part of the rental housing could go to the buying and selling market.

Limitation of guarantees. The landlord must raise his provisions before the risk of default. The owners are going to be much more demanding with the economic profile of the tenant.

IPC reference. It is a suitable point, as long as there are no obstacles in the rest of the points. The idea of ​​creating a reference index, and the one that adjusts to it, has tax benefits, it may be fine and there will be owners interested in entering the wheel.

The increase of the social housing park for rent is a good idea. The doubt, who will do it?

Evictions. The time is increased to the detriment of the legal security of the landlord.

Create a social housing park It's a good idea, but who does? It would be good to clarify this point that the decree only lists, as it does with the accessibility section.

This post is just a summary of the opinion article by Luis Corral. All the reasons and proposals of the new rent decree, you can read them in depth in our collaboration in Invertia


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Housing: invest to rent
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Invest to rent

Housing: invest to rent. It is an option that many raise. A way to have additional income and even a retirement plan.

But then comes the million dollar questions: does it make up for it? Is it profitable? Are the changes in the regulations on rent They could affect? Is profitability still high or is it falling? And, what is the price trend in this market?

These and other questions, you can read on the cover of the Investment Magazine. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEOContact Us, they give us the keys. In his opinion, the new decree will cause individuals to withdraw offers from the market. Legal security is in question.


where to invest in housing
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Where to invest in housing?

Investing in housing remains attractive. Experts say that profitability can reach up to 11%. Of course, this figure includes rental incomei and the revaluation by sale. We tell you where to invest in housing and how to do it

Because everything that glitters is not gold. It's good to do numbers and it depends if you are a big or a small investor. Immaculate of the Vega he has written a report in El País where is analyzed what an investor can do with only 150.000 euros.

What options are there, which formulas are more effective. Better directly or with intermediaries. If the purchase should focus on housing or also on other market segments such as local ones. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEO Contact Us, analyze the possibilities and the key question: Where to buy?

The purchase of a house to rent offers a return of 11% if you take into account the rent and the revaluation of the property

The Country Business

Luis Corral considers that the best thing is to do it in the locality where he resides. On the one hand, there is greater knowledge of the area and, in addition, it facilitates direct management, thus improving profitability by not having to pay a third party.

All these doubts and some advice that can come well when buying to rent, you have them in El País Negocios


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Rent of housing in Spain
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Rent of housing: some proposals of the sector

The housing rental market in Spain is still one of the workhorses. Each Government introduces new changes, but prices continue to rise. While it is true that it seems that they begin to slow down. Scrambled times for the rental in Spain.

His House has analyzed the changes proposed by the ephemeral Royal Decree on Urgent Measures in Housing and Rental. And also where the market should go with the help of different experts.

To Rubén Cózar, director of Residential de Contact Us, the restrictions get people to invent modalities at the edge of the law. In his opinion, you can not put doors to the field. In addition, advocates to provide greater legal security, which contributes to more housing to market.

It is necessary a greater legal security, it will contribute to that more offer comes to the market

One of his proposals to get more offer in the market is dejudicialize the management of evictions. They should be processed administratively quickly. "That would help people declare rents. Legality must prevail and the free market, also », completes Cózar. To this joins a public housing park only for rent

These and other suggestions can be read in Your Housing and in elmundo.es. The sector asks for a voice and that everything is not done by decree. In short, make a regulation that helps everyone.


Image views of Madrid: crdeprada

Unknowns of the housing market
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Where is the housing market headed?

The price increases are moderate in a good part of Spain. This does not indicate that there are areas where very important increases are taking place. But the reality is that this market is going through neighborhoods and we are far from the prices of the bubble. We tell you the unknowns of the housing market.

You can hear this news and others from the sector in the Intereconomía Radio program. Industry experts have reviewed the sale and rental prices Where are we? Where is the market going? Will a new bubble be produced or are we in a moderation phase?

Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential Contact Us, Beatriz Toribio, director of Studies Zoopla y Antonio Carroza, CEO of Alquiler Seguro.


Radio Intereconomía. Real Estate Forum Program


Program #foroinmobiliario de Intereconomia Radio 7 of February of 2019

the real estate sector in 2019
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Changes and new regulations for 2019 in the real estate market

We will start the new year with some legislative changes in the real estate market. New Mortgage Law and urgent measures to improve access to housing and favor rental during the next four years. The reality is that the Government has proposed that this market has greater regulation and control. This will be the real estate sector in 2019.

And in this context, how is the market? Experts from the sector have analyzed this market in the program #ForoInmobiliario de Intereconomia. Among them, Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum.

If you want to know where the real estate market is going. What changes the new Mortgage Law will bring and to what extent they favor the clients, do not miss the audio. All the information of the market in the program #ForoInmobiliario


Image: @crdeprada

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