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The paralysis of urban developments

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented in Congress a proposal to put an end to the total paralysis of urban developments. A situation that will affect the price of housing.

"We are in an upward market due to the shortage of supply and the development of protected housing is at a minimum," he says. Pablo Presa, Director of Research and Evaluations of Real Estate.

From his point of view, the paralysis of urban developments in Madrid is causing an important rise in prices. That, in addition, affects buyers with less income, especially young people.

Exhausted urban developments

Do not forget that the southeast is one of the areas with the most demand for the purchase of housing in Madrid. To this it is added that the Ensanche de Vallecas is practically exhausted. Meanwhile, areas such as Valdecarros, Ahijones or Berrocales are stopped.

In the case of Madrid, the current offer focuses practically on El Cañaveral. That, given the strong demand for affordable housing, its prices are increasing. In this development, at the beginning of 2016 the floor price finalist for free housing was around the 400 euros per square meter, currently does not come down from the 700 euros. This is an increase of around 70%. This situation affects the final cost of housing. A clear example, in July of 2015 the average price of the free housing was around the 1.250 euros per square meter built. Now it exceeds the 2.000 euros.


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Developments in the southeast of Madrid
Written by Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés

What about developments in Southeast Madrid?

K nown as developments in the Southeast  of Madrid are a set of urban areas located in the outermost crown of the municipality of Madrid. Part of them is the well-known Ensanche de Vallecas , practically exhausted in its residential capacity. The rest are pending of the City council of the capital.

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