Foroconsultores Research and Valuations, covers all real estate sector segments. Traditional housing studies, new, second-hand or tertiary, are joined to valuations of portfolios (both loose assets and promotions / soils) by entities, institutions or investors.

Study models

  • RESIDENTIAL AND TERTIARY OFFER : Real estate promotions are analyzed competitive directly in a certain project, incorporating commercial recommendations.
  • RESIDENTIAL AND TERTIARY DEMAND : A potential buyers selective sample is collected, studying their characteristics, needs and desires.
  • PLANNING OFFER : Municipality general plan is analyzed.
  • MARKETING PLANS AND MARKETING PROPOSALS : Current situation of real estate market is analysed and those aspects of competition that can influence directly or indirectly in a project commercialization development, together with the commercial planning combining all marketing variables.
  • COMMERCIAL AUDITS : Product strategy, prices, marketing and financing of a particular promotion is analyzed, also comparison with competition strategies.
  • PORTFOLIO VALUATIONS : Market value is determined through different methodologies.

Real estate transactions total in Spain

  • 1st. quarter
  • 2nd quarter
  • 3st. quarter
  • 4th quarter

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