industrialization and housing
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Industrialization comes to housing

There is still a long way to go, but industrialization and housing begin to be understood. Producing houses in this way reduces construction times and costs. And, in addition, it is not synonymous with poor quality. It is one of the challenges that the sector has pending.

This will help greater productivity in the sector. But not all experts have it as clear. For Rubén Cózar, Residential director of Consulting Forum, Buyers still see this system as something they assimilate to a standardized and ugly construction. In his opinion, «acceptance will be slow.

It still travels. At the moment, it is only industrialized between 2 and 3% of the real estate development sector. But there are companies like Via Célere o Aedas They are launching them in some promotions.

Various experts from the sector speak in the Investment Magazine of this subject. Because it is clear that technology is available and in other sectors it has entered. The construction sector must adapt, although it is true that there are other factors that limit it.


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home rental prices
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Why do not lower the prices of housing rental?

The investor needs confidence to promote. Regulate prices, without building more real estate contributes nothing. This resounding conclusion comes from some analysts who participated in Inmonext, organized by Idealista. Why do not lower the prices of housing rental? The key word is supply to meet the demand.

An opinion shared by Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, in a post already published in Invertia following the approval of the Rent Decree in Spain. He stressed that the decree was not going to solve the problems for which it was created and the reality is there.

La legal and economic security is essential mutually. If imbalance is generated in one of them, in this case the lessor, these to maintain its business structure and cope with the costs that it can generate, will transfer it to the price. Before which, the effect will be contrary to the desired.

The rental park in the hands of individuals

The sector believes that there is demand to build 100.000 rental homes a year. And he estimates that the need for rent in a decade will reach 2,5 million homes. With Madrid and Barcelona at the head.

In Spain, currently 96% of the properties for rent belong to individuals and only 4% is in the hands of professionals. A figure that contrasts with the European average that is 35%.

Then, Where is the solution? All the data and what happened in other countries in the Invertia post


free housing
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Free housing, cheaper than the VPO?

Although it seems incredible, there are Spanish cities where free housing is still cheaper than the VPO. This occurs in nine provinces, and it is because in the crisis the price of housing fell significantly and has not yet recovered. But, they are exceptions.

In this graph of Trincado Bethlehem / Five Days, with data from the Ministry of Development, you can see what the situation is.

The affected areas are marked by low demand. This causes that the protected housing, thought to facilitate the access to the property to families with less resources, is in practice more expensive than the free one. However, en The whole country, the price of the protected is 32% below the average.

Although in other much more dynamic markets prices rebound strongly, these “depressed provinces, which expel population and where there is still a banking product, make prices very low and complicated to evolve above those of the protected ”, Details the CEO of Contact Us, Luis Corral. Remember, however, that this situation came about in many parts of the country.

Likewise, the experts consulted in the report agree that the prices of the VPO have not been updated for nearly a decade. Another reason.


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Valdebebas, the main market floor

The real estate course starts strongly. The price of land pulls the market in Madrid. The operations follow one another and Valdebebas is one of the areas of interest, where there is also little land available for housing. Soil commercial It is also active.

In fact, in recent months several relevant transactions have been closed in terms of price. According to information from El Confidencial, Acciona has bought from the Celteo Business company, a plot of 31.700 square meters - 26.018 square meters for residential and 5.755 for commercial. And has paid 2.000 euros per square meter, double what was paid five years ago.

"It is an area that is already consolidated, at the residential level, and there is very little land available," he says. Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us. There are currently 11 promotions underway -Inbisa, Amenabar, Ibosa, Gestilar, Real Estate Space ...- which add 857 homes, of which almost half are sold.

House prices range between 450.000 and 650.000 euros (depending on the size of the house), with average square meter prices between 3.800 and 3.700 euros.

Only 18 of the 141 plots of the scope are pending development, just over 10% of the total. "We estimate that there is between 7% and 10% of buildable square meters in free housing, to which the land owned by the town hall and protected housing should be added," said from Foro Consultores.

The price of the square meter is between 3.700 and 3.800 euros.

For Luis Corral, Valdebebas is a special area. «Two submarkets have been configured. On the one hand, the replacement product thought for a client that comes from Las Tablas, Sanchinarro or Montecarmelo, You are looking for bigger houses. And on the other, the first home, with fewer square meters ».

You can see all the information in this area in the article by Elena Sanz in El Confidencial


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Euribor, purchase prices, rental market ...

The next months will be important for the real estate market. The economic situation and political uncertainty will set the agenda. The newspaper La Razón has analyzed in detail the situation of the sector. The keys to the real estate market: euribor, prices ...

Experts from the sector, including Carlos SmerdouCEO Contact UsThey have dealt with the following topics: How is the housing sales market, the trend of interest rates with the Euribor as the axis, in addition to the mortgage demand. Not forgetting the rental segment. What about supply and demand. Youth and housing or the effects of the Mortgage Law.

All these keys are in the theme of the week.


Buy house
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The preferred months to buy a house

Although there are sales throughout the year, there are some preferred months to buy a house. In Contact Us We have some data (based on our sales) that set the trend that we tell you. What do Spaniards like? When are you looking for housing?

The summer months They are some of the favorites. As it stands out Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, “customers have time to analyze the areas and see more homes that may interest them.

In the case of a second residence, those who did not buy before the holidays, will have more time in August to visit preferred areas or homes of interest. And here is another fundamental ingredient, especially if we are already at the end of the holidays. The buyer can still get a discount, since, at the end of this period the owner has not sold, it is normal to have to wait or make a sale. Obviously, it depends on the sales needs. And if we talk about Habitual housing, vacations provide more time to study needs.

After the winter slowdown ...

The arrival of the spring reactivates the real estate market. Good weather also helps. But there are several reasons. On the one hand, the seller prefers to take the house to the market and go on vacation. And at the same time, the buyer considers that it is a good time to acquire the house, because that allows him to do works or change his children from school, if necessary.

That in first home, in second home is the ideal time if the goal is to have a house to spend the summer holidays.

Faced with these active months, October, January and February tend to be the least active.

All the information in our usual collaboration at Fotocasa.


real estate market evolution
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What happens in the real estate market?

The latest data on the housing market marks a trend towards moderation. Signature of mortgages, operations of sale ... Something that could be positive, since it avoids pendular behaviors. But what is the evolution of the real estate market? What factors are influencing this sector?

Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, notes that “the economic moment tends to influence more than political uncertainty because it affects the expectations of citizens. However, he adds that uncertainty does not help boost this sector.

But what are the economic keys? Idealista News, by the hand of Ana P. Alarcos, has done an exhaustive analysis of the main magnitudes that affect the Spanish economy.

  • El GDP It grows at a slightly lower rate. The US-China trade war and Brexit do not help
  • Unemployment. There are still millions of temporary employees
  • Mortgages have fallen in recent months, although it could pick up as the Euribor It is at a minimum.
  • La sale of homes It has withdrawn in the month of June, according to INE data
  • At the same time, sales prices slow down their growth.
  • Not so rents that remain at maximum.
  • Uncertainty makes investors analyze operations more, something reasonable.

However, this moderation indicates that the real estate sector has entered a moment of maturation and the increases are more logical and not pendulous.

But if you want to see the keys that affect the sector, do not miss the news in Idealista News with the participation of various experts in the sector, including Luis Corral. Graphs of sale, prices and other macroeconomic figures, where the evolution is appreciated and what happens in the market.


home rental prices
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Towards the professional rental of housing

In Spain, the rental housing stock is owned by individuals. It is estimated that around 95% of leased homes. In this situation, promoters and funds join forces to boost the professional rental of homes.

Let's not forget that in the last ten years the rental market has grown significantly. The inability of young people to access a property home is one of the reasons. Attached to a change of mentality.

This new system offers many advantages to the promoter, since it reduces commercial risk, increases asset turnover. And at the same time increases the housing stock in Spain.

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, “This option allows you to recover invested funds faster and take a percentage for turnkey management. In addition, this business represents the opportunity to sell a large number of homes in bulk to a single buyer, simplifying the commercial process. ”

A large part of the rental housing stock is held by individuals

In addition, the perspectives of the sector indicate that more and more people will want to live in the center of the cities. Taking into account that real estate infrastructure in the city is limited, and that for new generations home ownership is a decreasing trend, the role of rent and new alternatives to optimize residential space in cities will be crucial.

Industry experts have analyzed the pros and cons of this business in the magazine El Inmobiliario Mes a Mes. Market trends, promoters and interested funds ...


real estate cycle change
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Real estate market: change of cycle?

It is becoming the million dollar question: When are we in the real estate cycle? Will prices continue their upward trend? will go down? Is the situation the same in all cities? Is there a rental boom? Is a cycle change coming?

To Rubén Cózar, director of the residential area of Contact Us, you can not talk about cycle change. From their point of view, there are cities where prices have been revalued as is the case in Madrid, but others are still submerged in past prices and large stock.

In addition, he insists that you can not talk about price drops. Simply in some promotions there has been a slight readjustment Likewise, it stands out that we continue to build very little in response to the needs of demand. The keyword is the moderation in the price growth.

To Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential of Consulting Forum, you can not talk about changing the cycle, just moderation.

All these issues and some more as young people and housing, how much rent has increased in recent years? What will be the market trend? have been treated in the Real Estate Forum program of Intereconomy Radio.

Rubén Cózar and Beatriz Toribio , director of Estudios de Fotocasa, reviewed the market situation during the first semester of 2019 and the evolution for the next months. If you want to solve some of the unknowns, do not miss the podcast of the program.


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parking spaces
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Parking spaces, profitability and prices

Like an accordion, political changes cause modifications and affect the real estate sector. The case of Central Madrid reflects this situation. The decision of the former municipal government of Manuela Carmena to close a large area of ​​the capital to traffic, meant an increase in the price of purchase prices and rental of parking spaces. Now, the tables have changed and a new question arises: if the situation is reversed, what will happen to the garage market in that area?

A question that industry experts, including Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, have addressed in the magazine Inversión. But not only Madrid, profitability and prices are also analyzed throughout Spain.

Key questions for those who want to invest in this market segment. What should you keep in mind? In what areas? The profitability of the garages oscillates, on average, between the 5 and the 7%, above the 4% of the floors. But yes, you have to analyze what is bought and where.


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