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Nov 2019
Purchase of flat housing
November 18th 2019

Flat housing, a purchase guaranteed by law

The purchase of flat housing has become a good option to buy a new house. These contracts have the maximum legal guarantees.
October 2019
Tips before renting
31st Oct 2019

Before renting a home, keep these tips in mind

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, it is good that you follow a series of tips before renting. They will avoid later problems.
residential market
15th Oct 2019

Situation and trend of the residential market

What is the situation and trend of the residential market? Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, contributes his thoughts on this post.
Brexit and housing
9th Oct 2019

Brexit and housing, the great unknown

There are few days left for the October 31 and there is nothing clear. Brexit and housing, the great unknown for the real estate market.
September 2019
Energy Efficiency
30th Sep 2019

How to evaluate the energy efficiency of your new home?

The more efficient a home is, the less energy you need and the more you can reduce your electricity and gas bill. In this article we tell you how to get it.
Are you looking for housing?
25th Sep 2019

Are you looking for housing? Or does it look for you?

Are you looking for housing? How to choose the type of house that best suits you? Vicente Manrique, real estate advisor at Foro Consultores, gives you some guidelines and advice.
real estate market challenges
18th Sep 2019

The challenges of the real estate market

Summer is over and a new course begins. What are the challenges of the real estate market until the end of the year and for 2020?
useful or built surface
5th Sep 2019

Useful meters, built ... How many does my house have?

Useful or built surface, built with common. How many meters is my house? What should the writing and announcements include? We tell you.
Aug 2019
guidelines for investing in housing
28th Aug 2019

Guidelines to obtain the maximum profitability of a property

When investing in housing is not worth everything. We give you some guidelines to achieve greater profitability in the real estate market.
July 2019
buy house on the beach
23rd Jul 2019

Summer, a good time to buy a house on the beach

Summer can be a good time to buy a house on the beach. See the area we like and analyze the environment of the house.
housing in Madrid
15th Jul 2019

Housing in Madrid: the buyer goes to the periphery

The high price of new housing in Madrid, is expelling many buyers. We tell you in the Capital Radio debate.
sell a house
8th Jul 2019

Selling a house also has expenses

Not all are profits. Selling a house also entails facing taxes and expenses: before the Treasury, City Hall, Notary, Registry ...
June 2019
LED lighting
27th Jun 2019

Save expenses in your home with LED lighting

The lighting of a home is one of the essential factors in design and energy saving. Knowing how to use the right lights in each space of a house is a very necessary task. We tell you some aspects that will help you when choosing LED lighting.
new mortgages
17th Jun 2019

Will the new mortgages be more expensive?

Will the new mortgages be more expensive? The entry into force of the law provides greater transparency and less costs for the client. But will banks affect it on interest rates?
Valdebebas and El Cañaveral
13th Jun 2019

Valdebebas and El Cañaveral, prices skyrocket

Valdebebas and El Cañaveral. Two neighborhoods of Madrid where prices skyrocket. The rise in the price of land and strong demand are some of the factors.
pros and cons
6th Jun 2019

Pros and cons of buying a home

It is one of the most important decisions in the lives of many people. In addition, it is a long-term purchase, with an extended period to amortize the mortgage. But a very high percentage of Spaniards prefer to own. We analyze the pros and cons of buying a home with the help of Vicente Manrique, real estate consultant of Foro Consultores.
empty homes
5th Jun 2019

Empty homes and second homes in the IRPF

We enter the final stretch of the income statement. If you have not submitted it yet, do not forget that empty homes and / or second homes are also included and paid for.
May 2019
23rd May 2019

Analysis of housing in Spain

People want to buy, but prices and access to a mortgage prevent it. For this reason, according to a study by Fotocasa, the demand for rental housing has increased by 56% in the last year. Madrid is the capital with the largest real estate movement.
22nd May 2019

The "importance" of having an attic

Having an attic is one of the goals of many buyers. It is a more exclusive dwelling within a community of neighbors. In addition to terrace, have more privacy, views and brightness, hence its attractiveness. Of course, the price is much higher.
14th May 2019

The usual residence in the income statement

Habitual housing, can you deduct yourself from the income statement? Those who bought or undertook works before the 1 of January of 2013, if they can. But you must take into account the exceptions that we tell you in our post.