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December 2018
Documents to buy house
20th Dic 2018

What you must control before buying a house

DDocuments to buy a house Do you know what you need to take into account? Do not forget the maxim: once the property is transferred, the charges also. Similarly, buying a private individual is not the same as buying a developer. Nor is it the same, if it is new housing turnkey, if the purchase is on a flat or if we speak secondhand.

real estate balance in 2018
12th Dic 2018

Real estate balance 2018: investment record

Breal estate in 2018 and perspectives for 2019. The real estate magazine of El Economista has reviewed this sector with several experts. We highlight the analysis of Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum. In his opinion, the year that has ended has been the consolidation in the residential sector by all the players in the market. Prices have followed an upward trend, due to a demand for replacement very interested.

November 2018
Henares runner
November 30th 2018

The Henares Corridor gains strength

EThe real estate market seeks balance. The reality is that in the last decade it has gone from historical highs in 2008 to minimums in 2013. Prices, buying and selling, granting of visas and signature of mortgages have been affected. Currently, the market seeks normalization. But what is the situation? Tracking the behavior of the residential market in Madrid, the sector sees that balance point in the east of Madrid, in the Corredor del Henares.

Documents to sell a house
November 22nd 2018

If you are going to sell your house, collect these documents

PYou probably have in mind to sell your house and you have asked yourself, what should I take into account? In this post we have written for Fotocasa we tell you. The objective is to streamline procedures, avoid waiting and also help the buyer. Collect all the documents to sell a house.

cheap housing
November 7th 2018

Is there cheap housing in Madrid? The key, the developments of the southeast

Lto paralysis of urban developments The southeast is causing a problem in Madrid. The cheap housing of new construction is disappearing from the capital. In affordable areas, such as El Cañaveral or Ensanche de Vallecas, prices have skyrocketed. Up to an 25%, according to a study carried out by Contact Us for Compensation Boards of the Southeast Developments.

October 2018
sell your home faster homestaging
31st Oct 2018

Do you want to sell your house faster?

¿Do you want to sell your house faster? We tell you how to make your home beautiful for potential buyers. Because in a decision of this type, it is not only an announcement and to decide a price in accordance with the market. A sale requires something more. And the first impression counts a lot. What steps should you take?

claim mortgage expenses
19th Oct 2018

You have a mortgage and you want to claim the expenses

NNew setback for the bank that sees its first effect in the stock evolution. The last sentence of the Supreme Court (TS) says that it is the banks that must pay the Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD) and not the mortgaged one. We tell you how to claim mortgage expenses.

tips to invest
15th Oct 2018

Before investing in housing, take a look at these tips

LAs news about the rental market, price increases and profitabilitys They are a constant. This situation lends itself to thinking about the purchase of a home, but not everything is worth. We give you some tips to invest.

negotiate the price
3rd Oct 2018

Guidelines for negotiating the price of a house

Negotiate the price and get a reduction in the purchase of an apartment It is one of the objectives. Logical, since it is one of the most important disbursements of our life.

September 2018
Taxes and expenses
24th Sep 2018

Do not forget the taxes and other expenses in the purchase of your house

LThe purchase of a home entails a series of taxes and expenses that must be taken into account and included in the final price of the same. The most representative, due to their amount, are VAT and Property Transfer Tax (ITP), whether new or used housing. But there is more and on average more than 10% of the amount of the house. It is good to take account to see each specific case and not get upset. In the blog of the Recorders break down all taxes.

Christmas 2018
new development
26th Jul 2018

What is the profile of the buyer of new construction?

El 29% of home buyers have opted for new construction. And, in addition, in a year the interest has doubled, according to a study of Zoopla. The new work acquires special relevance in Madrid and Catalonia, where nearly 50% of the total number of buyers is concentrated. The problem is the price due to the lack of product due to the lack of developable land.

keys before buying house
19th Jul 2018

Will I find the house I look for on the Internet?

LThe answer is affirmative. To this day, most of the houses for sale are announced in Internet. It is a cheap channel that offers a lot of visibility, surrounded by new technologies. Searching for housing online is the best option to see all the market offer. All in one click.

Through the different portals, aggregators and websites of different consultants, real estate or developers we can find many homes and in many cases, we can reach the same house in different web pages.

housing prices
18th Jul 2018

Where is the real estate market going? How much will the prices go up?

LThe prospects can not be better for the sector. According to a Bankinter report, the real estate market will maintain its expansive phase. The offer, demand and prices will roll during 2018 and 2019. In addition, employment, the attractiveness of housing as an investment and reduced financing costs will boost residential demand. But how much will the price of housing rise? What is the trend of the real estate market?

The attractiveness of Costa Ballena
10th Jul 2018

Costa Ballena recovers the real estate appeal

EThe number of tourists is increasing and, in addition, they show great interest in having a property in Spain. Cádiz is one of the favorite cities. And the attraction of Costa Ballena is undeniable. A fully consolidated area that shines again due to its strategic position. It has excellent connections with Rota and Chipiona, as well as with other nearby municipalities, such as Sanlúcar de Barrameda, El Puerto de Santa María (train station), Jerez de la Frontera (airport) and Cádiz.

housing on the beach
6th Jul 2018

Pros and cons of a second residence

Pros and cons of a house on the beach Is it better to buy or rent? In this, as in almost everything in life, it depends. But we are going to give you a series of guidelines that still help. And of course, vacations can be the best time to analyze the preferred area, see the offer and the Better opportunities.

June 2018
procedures after the purchase of a home
22nd Jun 2018

Procedures after the purchase of a home

Liquidate taxes, municipal capital gain, change of ownership in the Cadastre. These are some of the procedures after the purchase of a home. From the Public deed, that we already have in another post, to the inscription in the Registry.

public writing and notaries
12th Jun 2018

The role of the notary in the purchase of a house

Epublic writing and notaries, what role do they have in buying a house? We make a summary of our collaboration in Invertia. Is it mandatory? When buying a home, a private contract It is fully valid. But it must be only the first step. To have full guarantees you have to register the house in the Land Registry. And more if we need to ask for a mortgage.

may 2018
housing on the coast
29th May 2018

Housing on the coast, growth moderates

LA house on the Spanish coast is no stranger to the pull of the market. Moreover, after the crisis, areas such as the Costa del Sol have marked the reactivation of the market. According to the report of Flats.com, In the third quarter of 2018, the average sale price increased by 3,2% more than in the same period of the previous year. And the rent also follows a similar line. It has been placed in the 682 euros, with an interannual rebound of 6,2%. And, in addition, the rental income of the home on the coast has gone from 2,38% to 2,45% in 2018.

sale of housing on plane
22nd May 2018

The sale of housing on a plane goes up: what you should know

LThe sale of housing on a flat back with strength due to the shortage of new construction, especially in Madrid and Barcelona. The weight of this type of housing in the stock has skyrocketed in recent years due to the decreasing supply of finished housing.

tips and advice to buy a home
11th May 2018

Are you looking for a house? Suggestions for not wasting time

Lclear ideas and well-analyzed numbers are the best antidote to avoid wasting time when buy house. From Contact Us We provide some clues that may be useful in the acquisition process. Some suggestions and tips to buy a home.