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Why do not lower the prices of housing rental?

The investor needs confidence to promote. Regulate prices, without building more real estate contributes nothing. This resounding conclusion comes from some analysts who participated in Inmonext, organized by Idealista. Why do not lower the prices of housing rental? The key word is supply to meet the demand.

An opinion shared by Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, in a post already published in Invertia following the approval of the Rent Decree in Spain. He stressed that the decree was not going to solve the problems for which it was created and the reality is there.

La legal and economic security is essential mutually. If imbalance is generated in one of them, in this case the lessor, these to maintain its business structure and cope with the costs that it can generate, will transfer it to the price. Before which, the effect will be contrary to the desired.

The rental park in the hands of individuals

The sector believes that there is demand to build 100.000 rental homes a year. And he estimates that the need for rent in a decade will reach 2,5 million homes. With Madrid and Barcelona at the head.

In Spain, currently 96% of the properties for rent belong to individuals and only 4% is in the hands of professionals. A figure that contrasts with the European average that is 35%.

Then, Where is the solution? All the data and what happened in other countries in the Invertia post


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