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Euribor, purchase prices, rental market ...

The next months will be important for the real estate market. The economic situation and political uncertainty will set the agenda. The newspaper La Razón has analyzed in detail the situation of the sector. The keys to the real estate market: euribor, prices ...

Experts from the sector, including Carlos SmerdouCEO Contact UsThey have dealt with the following topics: How is the housing sales market, the trend of interest rates with the Euribor as the axis, in addition to the mortgage demand. Not forgetting the rental segment. What about supply and demand. Youth and housing or the effects of the Mortgage Law.

All these keys are in the theme of the week.


Buy house
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The preferred months to buy a house

Although there are sales throughout the year, there are some preferred months to buy a house. In Contact Us We have some data (based on our sales) that set the trend that we tell you. What do Spaniards like? When are you looking for housing?

The summer months They are some of the favorites. As it stands out Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, “customers have time to analyze the areas and see more homes that may interest them.

In the case of a second residence, those who did not buy before the holidays, will have more time in August to visit preferred areas or homes of interest. And here is another fundamental ingredient, especially if we are already at the end of the holidays. The buyer can still get a discount, since, at the end of this period the owner has not sold, it is normal to have to wait or make a sale. Obviously, it depends on the sales needs. And if we talk about Habitual housing, vacations provide more time to study needs.

After the winter slowdown ...

The arrival of the spring reactivates the real estate market. Good weather also helps. But there are several reasons. On the one hand, the seller prefers to take the house to the market and go on vacation. And at the same time, the buyer considers that it is a good time to acquire the house, because that allows him to do works or change his children from school, if necessary.

That in first home, in second home is the ideal time if the goal is to have a house to spend the summer holidays.

Faced with these active months, October, January and February tend to be the least active.

All the information in our usual collaboration at Fotocasa.


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