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How to evaluate the energy efficiency of your new home?

When you want to sell or rent your home, it is mandatory to have an energy certificate. An official document that collects the energy characteristics of a property and evaluates from thermal insulation, heating, air conditioning, etc. That is, everything that spends energy. We tell you how to evaluate the energy efficiency in your home.

The document, which can only be issued by a properly accredited technician, establishes several categories, being the Category A the highest, which implies the highest energy efficiency. A home in this category has much more value than the lower categories.

That is why, always when issuing the certificate, you will be told how you can implement your home to make it more efficient. Of course, by making the corresponding changes, you could request it again to accredit your new category.

How can I save on the bill?

A efficient housing It is not only good for the planet but also for the tenant or owner's pocket, who can see how energy is harnessed much more. However, although consumption is lower than in households that are not efficient, it is also important, if we want to save, that we have an energy rate that suits our needs.

To do this, it is convenient to take a look at the offers of all energy companies; One of them is Endesa, which has electricity and gas contracts. Endesa is also one of the main marketers in Spain and is currently in both the free and regulated markets. To discover all the information you need about Endesa, you can take a look at this article:

In the event that you are interested in any electricity or gas tariff of said marketer, you should contact the Endesa customer service department through its toll free number, online or at any of Endesa's service points for face-to-face customer service. With the service of Endesa customer service you can hire the rates but also register the light or gas, change the power, etc.

How is an efficient house?

Highly efficient homes have the following characteristics. Take note so you can increase your energy category!

  • One of the points by which the energy is more strained are the windows. Therefore, it should be replaced by PVC with thermal break or aluminum break. In this way, the heating will not escape through the window in winter or let the heat out in summer.
  • Change your appliances for a category A; if possible, from the A ++++. These equipments guarantee a super energetic efficiency; they are much more expensive, of course, than those of lower categories; However, its greater durability is well proven and, in addition, the extra cost is easily amortized with the energy expenditure you are going to save. Especially it shows in the washing machine and the air conditioning!
  • Do not set the air conditioning or heating too high. The ideal temperature for heating and air conditioning is 21 degrees.

So what are you waiting for to get your certificate? You can find more information here.

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