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Useful meters, built ... How many does my house have?

Useful or built surface, built with common. These are concepts that you will have found when buying a home. Sizes: that sometimes don't fit with what you're seeing in situ, but which are the ones used to find the real surface of a house.

For Rubén Cózar, director of the residential area of Contact UsIf we talk about floors, these concepts must be taken into account.

On one hand, surface built with common elements: in these meters the common areas are included and their proportional part is added to each house.

For another, the built surface: It is the total area of ​​the house, including walls and half of the medians. Enter 10-15% higher than useful.

And finally the useful surface, the one you really enjoy, where you step on and place your furniture.

What happens in the new developments? The surface built with commons is between a 30% and an 45% more than useful. The reason is that there are more common spaces compared to old buildings that have less.

A flat is not the same as a chalet. Normally, single-family homes have two types of surfaces: the useful and built meters that are measured as in the floors. But there is an exception: the urbanizations that have a common garage for everyone. In that case, the corresponding part must be added to the meters built with commons.

What surface should be reflected?

The final surface that is reflected in organs such as Cadastre or the Property Registry It is essential for the homeowner. One parameter, says Cózar, "that will be taken into account, among other taxes, when paying the IBI."

What should be announced? Experts agree that, when announcing a home for sale, the owner must offer potential buyers as much and more useful information as possible.

In this tidal wave of data, what surface should be taken into account when placing an ad? and which one in writing? And how is it measured in the case of protected housing? What surface concepts can we find in real estate documents?

Industry experts have analyzed in the blog of how to measure a house and what is taken into account.


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