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Written by Contact Us

What happens in the real estate market?

The latest data on the housing market marks a trend towards moderation. Signature of mortgages, operations of sale ... Something that could be positive, since it avoids pendular behaviors. But what is the evolution of the real estate market? What factors are influencing this sector?

Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, notes that “the economic moment tends to influence more than political uncertainty because it affects the expectations of citizens. However, he adds that uncertainty does not help boost this sector.

But what are the economic keys? Idealista News, by the hand of Ana P. Alarcos, has done an exhaustive analysis of the main magnitudes that affect the Spanish economy.

  • El GDP It grows at a slightly lower rate. The US-China trade war and Brexit do not help
  • Unemployment. There are still millions of temporary employees
  • Mortgages have fallen in recent months, although it could pick up as the Euribor It is at a minimum.
  • La sale of homes It has withdrawn in the month of June, according to INE data
  • At the same time, sales prices slow down their growth.
  • Not so rents that remain at maximum.
  • Uncertainty makes investors analyze operations more, something reasonable.

However, this moderation indicates that the real estate sector has entered a moment of maturation and the increases are more logical and not pendulous.

But if you want to see the keys that affect the sector, do not miss the news in Idealista News with the participation of various experts in the sector, including Luis Corral. Graphs of sale, prices and other macroeconomic figures, where the evolution is appreciated and what happens in the market.


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