guidelines for investing in housing
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Guidelines to obtain the maximum profitability of a property

As we always say, not everything goes. It is true that the housing market is still active, but the increases go through neighborhoods. Therefore, before investing, it is good to analyze the area and the property as a whole. We give you some guidelines to invest in dwelling.

Here are some key questions:

How much should be revalued to obtain effective capital gains? We must take into account the taxes and expenses of the property, both the purchase and the sale.

What to buy and where? This point is fundamental especially if the idea is to allocate housing for rent. A good analysis of the area and its perspectives will help us not to be mistaken.

What type of housing is advisable? It depends on the objective. The bedrooms and the potential plaintiff are the key.

How is the house? Do you need important changes? What services do you have? A thousand and one questions that will make the operation profitable or not.

Distinguish between gross and net profitability, it is not going to be that it has so many expenses that the eaten goes out by the served.

EIn this post, we give you only the questions. You can see the answers in our usual collaboration on the Fotocasa Blog.


And with all this, the search for the dream investment.

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