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Selling a house also has expenses

Liquidating a property does not mean just collecting the benefits. We tell you the taxes and expenses of selling a house

Notary and Land Registry.- Unless the parties decide otherwise, the cost of the matrix writing shall be assumed by the seller, and the first copy and others after the sale, the buyer. This is joined Cancel mortgage, in case he had it.

Statement of income.- The sale of a real property taxed in the IRPF. Any gain (if any) must be declared as a capital increase. How is it calculated? Taking into account the difference between the value at which the home is sold and the value at which it was purchased.

Sale of habitual residence.- When the sale is of the habitual residence, the property increase can be Exempt in the following cases: If the received is sent to the purchase of another habitual residence within two years. Or if the seller has 65 over years.

Municipal goodwill.- It is settled in the town halls, although at this point there is much legal doctrine about. Many of the sentences disagree, which is why the best thing is to resort to an adviser to know if it is obligatory to pay it or not. How is it calculated? about the cadastral value of the house and the number of years it has been owned,

Everything a day.- Community payments, IBI, garbage tax. It's more, If the sale is signed on January 2, the IBI, for example, the payment of this tax It would be the seller's responsibility Because he owns the house at the beginning of the year, it is important to clarify and even agree on who pays it.

This is just a summary, the full text is in our collaboration in Fotocasa


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