keys of the real estate market
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Keys to the real estate market

Luis Corral, CEO of Real Estate, believes that we should seek stability, with logical and non-pendular oscillations. "Our sector depends a lot on the economic situation, and it seems to be weakening." From his point of view we should ask ourselves where we come from, where we are and where we are going. And learn from the mistakes of the past. These are some keys to the real estate market exposed in the section #In front of the mirror de Caralin Group.

Consider that the residential real estate market has already been consolidated. In the last two years, only the big cities pulled the market. Now there are more areas at stake and new housing is being produced again. Example of them are Burgos, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Córdoba ... And not only in the provincial capitals. On the coast, especially in the Mediterranean, the supply is increasing, after years in dry dock.«Everything had seemed infinite, until it touched" to cross the desert "»

«In Forum Consultores we believe that we are in a solid cycle. But there is a vital challenge. Let's make an exhaustive analysis of who are the future clients and how far their purchasing power goes. The investment decisions taken now and based on annual price increases of 10% will undoubtedly fail. Developers should buy land to sell today, not thinking about future revaluations. That would avoid the risk of a new "bubble" and repeat past situations ».

These are just some of his reflections, the rest you can read in the entire rostrum.


Rental housing
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Are you going to rent a house? Some key issues

The demand for rental housing is increasing, although the offer does not accompany, especially in some areas. This may cause some precipitation so as not to lose the house. Hence, before signing, it is necessary to check some points. In addition, the new decree introduce changes you should know. These are some of the key issues.

Location and control of housing

Is it a noisy area? What is the neighborhood like? Is everything in order? Do the appliances work? ...

Everything in writing

The words are carried in wind. And in the contract should be clear everything that includes a rental and agreements between tenant and landlord. Below, you can read the most relevant sections:

Price.- It is necessary to specify monthly payment, day and method of payment and the mechanism of the annual review of the rent. Also, what is the bail or endorsement.

Expenses.- Who pays for community, the IBI or the garbage tax?

The words are carried in wind, so everything must be reflected in the contract

Duration.- The end of the rental agreement will be established between the owner and the tenant, always respecting the law, where there are changes. For example, it expands from three to five years the duration of the contracts. If the property is a company or legal entity, the time is longer (seven years).

Are the supplies discharged? Is ownership changed? or are they still in the name of the owner and does the tenant provide an account number for domicile?

Arrangements.- This aspect tends to be a source of controversy between tenants and owners. Who is responsible for repairs? What the contract says will be key.

Recover the property.- Here there are modifications with the current regulations. If the owner wants to recover the house, he must leave it in writing in the contract and give four months' notice.

Extension.- If on the expiration date of the contract, or any of its extensions, (after at least five years, or seven years if the lessor is a legal entity), neither party has notified the other, its will not renew it, the contract will be extended for annual terms up to a maximum of three more years. And, with how much time should it be done? At least with four months in advance in the case of the lessor and at least two months in advance for the tenant,

Unless the lessee manifests to the lessor one month before the date of termination of any of the annuities, his wish not to renew the contract.

Use of housing and inventory.- The use of the tenant is permitted in the contract. In the event that it is a furnished apartment, it is important that the contract has an annex in which all the equipment is specified.

All these points you have broken down in our collaboration in Fotocasa.


flat houses
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Sales of flat houses are normalized

The pace of sales of homes on flat begins to moderate or normalize compared to last year, especially in some large cities and the Costa del Sol. The increase in supply and price increases may be one of the causes.

To this it is added that in the previous years everything was sold because it coincided with the exit to the market of the dammed demand. Customers who had been waiting for the arrival of new housing for years, after years of construction paralysis. Obviously these have already bought and now, sales are a little slower.

And the real estate market, as I said a few months ago Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Contact Us, se moderate because it has consolidated.

But, what does the sector think? Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores talks about the "two Spains", the one in which the real estate recovery has not yet started or is very limited and the one where prices have grown rapidly in recent years. It points to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga, Seville and Cordoba where "the market is closing a little," he says. "There are many people who at certain prices or can not buy or banks do not let them," he says.

If you want to know the opinions of the rest of the experts, you can read them in the report of Alfonso Simón in Cinco Dias.


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