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New homes and the real estate market: the great challenge

The housing demand is still active and the new housing construction market is also active. However, the evolution in the creation of new homes in Spain has contracted very significantly, essentially due to a change in the demographic structure. Homes and real estate market go hand in hand.

The projections of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) for the next 15 years point out that the 120.000 will not surpass new homes per year. Figure that contrasts with the 420.000 that were created annually in the decade of the 2000, although today that figure is still in the 95.000 new homes.

The number of new homes in Spain has contracted significantly

The great challenge for the sector will therefore be how to manage, rotate and rehabilitate existing houses, and adapt them to smaller and smaller households. And what kind of new housing should they build? According to INE data, the average household size in Spain is 2,5 people, but in 15 years, one in three will be formed by one, therefore, it will be necessary to "adapt the buildings to the need for a smaller house", Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us.

All the information on this topic, with graphics showing evolution, you can read them in Five Days from the hand of Elisa Castillo


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Tetuán, one of the most profitable districts of Madrid

It has become one of the most profitable districts in Madrid. It has still affordable prices, it is inside the M-30 and, in addition, it has many interested in living rent in the area. These arguments make Tetuán one of the most attractive areas.

In addition, it is possible to buy new housing from 145.000 euros and below 400.000 euros. Yes, in small promotions where there is no space for pool or gardens. According to the gross rental income, is located at 4,3%, the highest in the entire center of Madrid

The cranes have returned to the neighborhood

According to data from Foro Consultores, there are currently more than a dozen promotions underway that add 250 new homes. The vast majority are projects of a very small size and with an average price of 248.000 euros.

In addition, only two stand out for their size. Jardines de Tetuán and Jardines de Cuatro Caminos, of 64 and 94 units, respectively. «The projects in progress are very small promotions. Without common areas and with affordable prices«, Explains El Confidencial Pablo Presa, director of the Research and Evaluation department of Foro Consultores. "Everyone is helping to regenerate the neighborhood and most of it is built on very small lots belonging to old houses."

All the information about this district of Madrid, you can read it in the report of Elena Sanz in El Confidencial, with the participation of Pablo Presa, Contact Us, among other experts in the sector.


Image: Gardens of Cuatro Caminos. Promotion Foroprovivienda

Financial entities
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Housing: banking learns from the past

The moderation of the real estate market does not seem to have problems on the side of banks. Getting financing is more complicated due to the greater demand and prudence of financial institutions.

The panorama has changed both for the promoters and for the final client. In the case of financing to the developer, own funds are required, with a minimum of 20%, which extend in the case of the purchase of land up to 50%, with a pre-sale criterion between an 30 and an 70% in promoter function. Previous scoring has been extended to all, including the builder, a practice that was used shortly before; In short, it is about minimizing risks when granting credit ", explains Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us.

This is only a summary. The complete analysis, as well as the opinion of different experts of the sector, you can read it in The Real Estate Month by Month of the labor Yolanda Duran


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