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Buy to rent: profitability and risk

Buy for rent. It has always been a very popular formula to invest in brick. But how achieve profitability and avoid risks. The analysis is fundamental because things can change.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, explains that the decrease in profitability is due to the fact that the housing for sale continues to increase while rents have moderated a little because of the drop in demand.

However, the CEO of Foro Consultores asks not to forget that this drop in profitability is not a trend and that "There are many Spains, so you should keep in mind that the real estate market is not homogeneous, since while there are areas that are expelling the population, others are receptors ».

It is better to choose enclaves that have a certain volume of population, from 50.000 inhabitants and try to acquire the property in the area where you live, you know it better and you will save paying someone for the management.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores

All tips that you must take into account to obtain profitability and calculate the risk, you can read them in the report of Invertia / El Boletin with the collaboration of Luis CorralCEO Contact Us


Image: promotion in Denia @crdeprada

value and price of a home
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Objective aspects that increase the value of a home

Value and price are two concepts that are sometimes confused. To avoid this, let's look at the objective criteria that increase the value of a house. Whether to sell or to buy, what is the value and price of a home?

Location.- Where is a property is fundamental. But, it must go hand in hand with good communications and services.

Antiquity.- If it is a second-hand building, the years of construction count. Real estate, the more years they have, the less they are worth. The new ones are more expensive, but here there are exceptions, it depends on the neighborhoods.

Santa Engracia street building in Madrid. Photo @crdeprada

Size and distribution.- And if the exterior is important, surface and distribution is another element that must be taken into account.

Remember, it is not good to confuse value and price

How is the floor.- A renovated and well-preserved apartment has a higher value.

Orientation, height and views.- A good orientation with lots of light increases the amount of the floor, among other things, because it will help us save energy. If we talk about attics, the price is increased by the terrace, privacy, views and exclusivity. Not to mention status.

Sustainability and energy saving.- Every day there is more sensitivity at this point.

But, apart from the objective criteria, there are the subjective and on them each one pays what is best for them.

All these points, we have broken them down in our collaboration in the Fotocasa Blog


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