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What factors can depreciate a home?


n the value of a home is taken into account. location, state, orientation, height and endowments of the building and the area (swimming pool, sports areas, security, schools, transport ...) But there are factors that can depreciate a home and, sometimes, are not taken into account.

Hence the need to analyze the market well so as not to buy problems, which does not prevent them from arising over time. The neighborhoods change and the circumstances also. For better or worse.

We tell you some factors that you must control:

  • Conflicting neighbors
  • Normal areas that are degrading and becoming conflicting.
  • The occupations managed by mafias degrade the zones. An aspect that is closely linked to the previous one.
  • Business changes in the basement of a building or neighborhoods that become noisy.
  • Relocation of conflicting families
  • Bus stations too close can reduce the value of homes
  • Social reintegration center near the property.
  • Having a park that, in principle is magnificent, can end up being a problem if it becomes a problematic area with improper uses.

What is clear is that depreciation does not only occur in a home, it affects the environment and that the closer the problem is, the greater the depreciation. An example, if there is a bar or disco in the low, the first would be the most affected and the last, much less.

And which ones help to appreciate an area?

On the other hand, there are positive aspects that can help appreciate housing, and that are added to those that we already have in our Press room.

  • Quality schools / creation of educational centers
  • The gentrification of a degraded area that is completely renewed, a clear example is the Chueca area in Madrid
  • Improvement of shops and rehabilitation of buildings
  • Semi-industrial areas that change and become residential, such as Arganzuela in Madrid
  • Increase or improvement of neighborhood endowments. Let a subway station arrive.

And related to the subject, we leave a link to a report in El Country Business with a suggestive title: For all this you can not buy your dream house

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2 thoughts on "What factors can depreciate a home?"

  1. A situation to have in gutter is also to take into account the concepts or knowledge of the urban code that is valid as this may affect the future and damage the area and surroundings of the property losing value.

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