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An affordable rent is not achieved with a Royal Decree


l Royal decree law on urgent measures in terms of housing and rent It is based on five objectives. On the one hand, increase in supply and moderation of prices. On the other hand, this rent decree seeks to increase the social housing stock, reduce evictions. And, finally, improvement in the accessibility of housing.

To Luis CorralCEO Contact Us, has analyzed all the proposals in Invertia. In his opinion, the reality is that it does not help and can even harm. These are your reasons

Increase in contract times. They go from 3 to 5 years for individuals and up to seven for companies. Some owners may prefer to remove their apartments from the market because if they need housing, if they do not leave it in writing, they will take more time to recover it.

The demand for the return of immigrants increases, while the supply can be reduced

Prices will not moderateNo because the demand will be higher and the offer may not. And another aspect, a part of the rental housing could go to the buying and selling market.

Limitation of guarantees. The landlord must raise his provisions before the risk of default. The owners are going to be much more demanding with the economic profile of the tenant.

IPC reference. It is a suitable point, as long as there are no obstacles in the rest of the points. The idea of ​​creating a reference index, and the one that adjusts to it, has tax benefits, it may be fine and there will be owners interested in entering the wheel.

The increase of the social housing park for rent is a good idea. The doubt, who will do it?

Evictions. The time is increased to the detriment of the legal security of the landlord.

Create a social housing park It's a good idea, but who does? It would be good to clarify this point that the decree only lists, as it does with the accessibility section.

This post is just a summary of the opinion article by Luis Corral. All the reasons and proposals of the new rent decree, you can read them in depth in our collaboration in Invertia


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Housing: invest to rent
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Invest to rent

Housing: invest to rent. It is an option that many raise. A way to have additional income and even a retirement plan.

But then comes the million dollar questions: does it make up for it? Is it profitable? Are the changes in the regulations on rent They could affect? Is profitability still high or is it falling? And, what is the price trend in this market?

These and other questions, you can read on the cover of the Investment Magazine. Experts from the sector, among them Luis CorralCEOContact Us, they give us the keys. In his opinion, the new decree will cause individuals to withdraw offers from the market. Legal security is in question.


housing in El Cañaveral
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The Cañaveral, a neighborhood with affordable housing

Housing in El Cañaveral. Although it is one of the neighborhoods with the most affordable housing in Madrid, the growing demand is causing the stock to begin to run out and with it the price increase.

Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, highlights the initial disadvantages and current advantages of those who bought first. What, in principle, was a disadvantage became an opportunity for these residents: "Being the first, they were able to buy 1.200 euros per square meter in the 2015 year. That is to say, for a two-bedroom dwelling it was based on costs from 150.000 euros».

Currently, prices are no longer so cheap. The square meter is now pay 2.100 euros, which translates into 240.000 euros for a two-room apartment, according to current data from Foro Consultores. "This means that, in four years, there has been a rise of 75%», Corral emphasizes.

8.000 homes for lifting

The Cañaveral will host 14.000 houses, of which 6.000 are already delivered or are being built. Their owners will have the keys in the coming months. This urban development is still attractive to buy cheap in Madrid, taking into account, in addition, that another of the large neighborhoods of new construction in Southeast, the Ensanche de Vallecas, it has practically exhausted the land to be built, since only 10% is available, according to Forum Consultores

To free housing promotions must be added those that have some type of protection: VPPB and VPPL. United with good communications with the rest of Madrid and provisions for the population of the area.

All the information about this development, you can read it in Your Housing and in


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Guide to the Rent Decree
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Key points of the new rent decree


The new rent decree, which comes into force today (6 March of 2019), brings some significant changes. Modifications that do not convince the sector, since it does not favor the sale to the market of more supply. We break down some aspects: duration of rent, bond, rent increases, management expenses, evictions. A guide to the rent decree with the highlights.

Duration of the rental.- Expands from three to five years the duration of the contracts. This period increases until the seven years, If the property of the house is a company or legal entity. And once that initial period has passed, the contracts are tacitly extended for one year between individuals. Three if it's a company

Recover the property.- And here is a very important point, if the owner wants to recover the house (for his use or that of a relative) he should leave written in the contract and give a four month notices.

Increase in income.- Until now it was a decision of the parties. Now, the CPI will be governed as a ceiling and the creation of a rental index is planned. Power that the Autonomous Communities will have. A point that is to be defined.

The mandatory extension of three to five years is extended

Bail.-The decree sets the bail in one month and two additional monthly payments as limit (in total three). With the previous regulations, the deposit or guarantee did not have a maximum amount.

Evictions.- The new royal decree seeks to establish certain measures for the protection of the tenant. Mandatory systematic notification of eviction procedures to social services is established. The objective is to analyze possible situations of vulnerability. You must know in advance date and time.

Expenses.- The expenses of real estate management and formalization must be assumed by the lessor, if it is a legal entity

Fiscal measures.- The norm contemplates that the tenant does not pay the IBI in the case of social housing, and offers to the town councils the possibility that the houses in rent of limited rent have a bonus of the 95% of the quota of this tax.

In this link You have access to the BOE with the details of all the changes.

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lower the price of a home
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Are you going to buy a house? tips to get some discount

In housing second hand, the seller always sets a price assuming there will be negotiation and a predictable discount. And the buyer knows that he can get a small savings. We tell you how you can lower the price of a home.

That yes the requests must have logic and be well argued. It's not worth anything. It is good to ask some questions.

Is it in price? For this it is necessary to conduct a mini market study. Another option, more professional, is to ask for a appraisal.

Do you need reform? The need for repairs can be a way to reduce the price.

Information is power

What is the seller's situation? Analyze your circumstances

What needs do you have? Are you going to buy another house?

Follow the trail of the ad. The alerts of some real estate portals provide a lot of information about it.

All these points you have broken down in our collaboration in the financial-financial portal Invertia.


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