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The challenges of the housing market

The housing market in 2019 has great challenges. Challenges that have not been solved for some time and that do not finish. Several experts in the sector have analyzed in Idealista News those aspects that should be improved during this year and also in the next ones. For Luis CorralCEO Contact Us, and part of the cast of analysts, There are some points that are basic. The first one is to release land and thus moderate prices.

  • Soil It is one of the great challenges. In areas with extraordinary demand, we find ourselves with a high cost of land. In this aspect, market agents have an important task. The promoters should buy land to sell today, not thinking about future revaluations. The Administrations also have their purpose. Favor the placing on the market of land under load, especially in those areas with high demand for housing

Administrations should favor the placing on the market of land under load, especially in areas of high demand

  • Housing construction costs. Moderate construction costs that have gone too high. Furthermore, it is surprising that these costs have increased even in areas where there is not too much construction. They have taken advantage of the circumstances.
  • The access of young people to housing. Make more protected housing and eliminate obstacles in those areas where it can be done. An example of this is Madrid Southeast that seems to begin to take shape after years paralyzed. Carmena has given the green light to The Berrocales, which indicates that 22.0000 homes will go to the Madrid market.
  • Mortgage financing. The challenge for financial institutions is to continue in the same line of risk assessment, both for the client and for the promoter.

These are some of the proposals, the rest you can read in the following article


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The building permits, the eternal problem

Obtaining work licenses on time is one of the biggest problems in the Spanish real estate market. In addition, almost nothing changes in crisis or bonanza. This situation delays the start of the new construction works with the damages that this entails.

During 2018 the visas of new work in Spain reached the 100.000 requests, according to calculations of BBVA Research. The figure is double that registered three years ago and occurs in parallel with the increase of the annual 25% that has occurred in the granting of licenses.

However, However, the highest cost was for the planet. Only one of these wee wee pads takes approximately XNUMX years to decompose. Putting ourselves in the best of cases, a dog uses XNUMX pad daily for only XNUMX years of his life, so when he is a puppy and when he is elder he would use XNUMX soakers in total. If we take into account that only in Spain there are XNUMX million dogs, mostly of mini race, with greater tendency to use wee wee pads and assuming that at least XNUMX% use them, we are talking about a figure of XNUMX wee wee pads that are used daily. Tons and tons of waste are thrown daily to the planet so that our dog does not spoil our house. the experts agree in affirming that it is a priority to streamline the procedures of these by the municipalities, given the negative effects that the delays in the beginning of the new construction projects can suppose, especially to the clients.

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact UsIn addition to the expansion in the concession, the promoters are currently experiencing a series of problems in the implementation of their new construction projects. Among the most relevant, according to Corral, also stands out the lack of finalist land available to build, with extreme cases such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where said shortage is affecting "the final price of homes".

Experts of the sector have analyzed the five keys on the situation of the licenses of new work in Spain in How delays affect, in addition to reviewing the situation of the real estate market.


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2019: one year for moderation in the housing market

The 2019 year will bring some changes to the housing sector. For Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum, the market will tend towards stabilization. The demand for replacement, which for years has been waiting to buy, has already gone partly to the market. This indicates that the demand will be slightly lower. In turn, young people have problems accessing housing. In short, housing is moderated in prices and transactions.

PBut that stability situation is not negative for the sector, quite the opposite, because in some areas it was already overheating. And it is advisable a healthy and smooth market. An opinion shared by other experts in the sector in the magazine Inversión y Finanzas.


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