taxes and expenses of selling a house
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Selling a house also has expenses and taxes

Increase in patrimony before the Treasury, municipal capital gain or notary expenses corresponding to the seller. These are just some taxes and expenses to sell a house. We tell you

Before the Treasury

If the sale is that of a habitual residence and the amount received is reinvested in the purchase of another customary one, in a term not exceeding two years, it is not necessary to pay the surplus value of the Treasury. Of course, whether the profit is reinvested or not, we must declare it, since it means an increase in equity.

If the profit is not reinvested or is not habitual residence, the capital gain generated is taxed on the Income Tax of Individuals (IRPF) as an increase in equity. But there can also be disabilities that can be compensated.

Before the City Council

The famous Municipal capital gain. It is settled in the town councils and must be paid by the seller. It is calculated on the cadastral value of the house and influences the number of years that it has been owned.

But be careful at this point because there is jurisprudence about it. What matters is to know if there has been an increase in the market value of the land, not the cadastral one.

Before Notary and Registry

Nor should we forget the expense of notary and registry if, when selling the house, the mortgage cancellation of the mortgage has not been made or the mortgage is not amortized. In addition, a part of the notary expenses correspond to the seller.

Other payments

The house is sold free of charge: be up to date with community payments, spills, IBI, garbage tax, etc., at the date of purchase. Without forgetting that, from the middle of 2013, the seller must present the certificate of energy efficiency.

The breakdown of all these points can be seen in more detail in our collaboration on the Invertia portal


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the real estate sector in 2019
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Changes and new regulations for 2019 in the real estate market

We will start the new year with some legislative changes in the real estate market. New Mortgage Law and urgent measures to improve access to housing and favor rental during the next four years. The reality is that the Government has proposed that this market has greater regulation and control. This will be the real estate sector in 2019.

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