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What you must control before buying a house

DDocuments to buy a house Do you know what you need to take into account? Do not forget the maxim: once the property is transferred, the charges also. Similarly, buying a private individual is not the same as buying a developer. Nor is it the same, if it is new housing turnkey, if the purchase is on a flat or if we speak secondhand.

Second hand between individuals

  • Simple note to know who the owner is. Sell ​​script.
  • Check if you have mortgage or charges
  • Certificate of fees. Tax payment. Spills.
  • Request the seller the Energy certificate.
  • Information on housing supplies

From promoter to private

We begin with the new housing, turnkey

  • First occupation license
  • Building book with all manuals or instructions.
  • Energy certificate of housing
  • Horizontal division and floor share within the community
  • Ten-year insurance

We continue with the purchase Over plan

There are three points that are very relevant

  • Building license
  • Property of the land
  • Certificate of the Mercantile Registry about the company

But there are other aspects as well:

  • First of all, general plan of the site of the promotion, the housing and its description.
  • Quality memories.
  • Total price and form of payment.
  • And, finally, that the amounts delivered to account are guaranteed.

You can read all these epigraphs in detail in our collaboration in Fotocasa.


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