real estate market challenges
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Before buying a house, clear these questions

The possession of a home is one of the goals of many Spaniards. In fact, although the percentage in favor of rent has decreased, it still amounts to 76,7%, according to data from the INN of 2017, (compared to the 80,5% of 2005). For this reason, we give some keys before buying a house.

  • Can I pay?

First of all, check all your expenses, plus those at home and do not forget the taxes. And, in addition, very important what mortgage you can get

  • Are all the papers in order?

It is not the same as housing nueva, used or a purchase Over plan. It is important that you have everything under control.

  • Am I choosing the best mortgage?

Remember that you must get into debt in the currency in which you receive the income. Do not make a mistake, they are tied to that contract for many years.

  • Do I have a clear roadmap?

Plan the purchase, the delivery of the house, the reform ...

  • Is it the house I need?

Do not buy a house that you do not like. You have to see things with perspective and make an objective analysis.

These five keys can be read in our collaboration on the news portal Invertia.


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AJD tax
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In the end, who will pay the AJD tax?

Well, it's clear. Regardless of what the Supreme Court finally says, the client will pay for it. Because the bank will pass on the tax of AJD (Documented Legal Acts) in which it requests the loan, although in the mortgage deed it is clear that it corresponds to the financial entity.

You have a mortgage and you want to claim the expenses

In the program #ForoInmobiliario de Intereconomía Radio, Rubén Cózar, residential director of Contact Us y José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé, they analyzed the keys of all this mess. To begin with, you have to pay for Documented Legal Acts. How it will affect the new mortgages. Many doubts that are in the environment.


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urban developments
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The paralysis of urban developments

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented in Congress a proposal to put an end to the total paralysis of urban developments. A situation that will affect the price of housing.

"We are in an upward market due to the shortage of supply and the development of protected housing is at a minimum," he says. Pablo Presa, Director of Research and Evaluations of Real Estate.

From his point of view, the paralysis of urban developments in Madrid is causing an important rise in prices. That, in addition, affects buyers with less income, especially young people.

Exhausted urban developments

Do not forget that the southeast is one of the areas with the most demand for the purchase of housing in Madrid. To this it is added that the Ensanche de Vallecas is practically exhausted. Meanwhile, areas such as Valdecarros, Ahijones or Berrocales are stopped.

In the case of Madrid, the current offer focuses practically on El Cañaveral. That, given the strong demand for affordable housing, its prices are increasing. In this development, at the beginning of 2016 the floor price finalist for free housing was around the 400 euros per square meter, currently does not come down from the 700 euros. This is an increase of around 70%. This situation affects the final cost of housing. A clear example, in July of 2015 the average price of the free housing was around the 1.250 euros per square meter built. Now it exceeds the 2.000 euros.


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lack of soil
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The lack of land and its effect on the price of housing

The lack of land is causing tension in the price of housing. There are cities like Madrid and Barcelona where the need is clear. "In this context of increased demand, scarce supply after years of crisis, we have a perfect breeding ground for the rise in the price of land and, therefore, the final product," says Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Contact Us.

Smerdou highlights the case of El Cañaveral, in the southeast of Madrid, as one of the few areas with affordable housing where the price has doubled in recent years. Consider, furthermore, that if it keeps going up it will end up expelling young couples from the city.

And together with this, the developments of the southeast are still standing. On the contrary, Madrid Nuevo Norte will be a reality, although it will be several years until everything is underway. Several experts from the sector analyze in the blog de what will happen in the next years? What is the situation of the different urban actions? And, what changes must occur to avoid the price increase? In short, how do municipalities influence the construction of new construction?


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Value of a house
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What counts more in the price of a flat?

What is the value of a home, what aspects influence? Although there will always be nuances that depend on each case, the truth is that there are some objective variables that help to answer these questions.

  • New housing A new house with garage, common areas such as swimming pool, gourmet room, gardens ... also increases its value.

  • Orientation, height and views. A good orientation with lots of light increases the value of a property. On the other hand, a higher floor, is worth more because it has more light and possibility of better views, obviously whenever you have an elevator. If we talk about the attic, the value is greater for the terrace. While it is true that, in new developments, the low with garden almost compete with the attics.

  • 4 Square meters and their distribution. Obviously, it is worth more a reformed house, well preserved and with good distribution.

  • Sustainability Reducing energy expenditure is a factor that gains strength.

These are some of the objective reasons, then there are the subjective ones, which sometimes have a lot of weight. We extend all these sections in our collaboration in the financial portal Invertia.


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