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Is it possible to find new and cheap housing?

It seems complicated if the goal is to buy new and cheap housing in Madrid capital. There are only 3.000 new homes for sale. Of which, only 300 units cost less than 150.000 euros, according to data from Valuation Company published in El Confidencial

And this is a price increase in the absence of product. In case it was little, joins that some of the developments in Madrid are in the courts as is the case of the Southeast. The Cañaveral is the only one that has not been affected by the ruling of the Supreme Court of 2012. And it has the latest large finalist floor bag available in the south of Madrid.

The pressure of demand on prices has not been expected. In addition, in El Ensanche de Vallecas, fully consolidated, there are few plots for sale.

new and cheap housing

The Canaveral

Prices in El Cañaveral

El price of housing an 50% has been increased from 2015, according to data from Foro Consultores. And even in the last year, the rise has been 25%. The price of the square meter has passed only in twelve months from 1.450 to 1.800 euros. In this way, a house that in 2015 cost a little less than 140.000 euros, currently moves around 215.000 euros.

You can read the full report of Elena Sanz en The confidential. With data from Contact Us and the participation of Laura Sampedro, Director of Research and Ratings. For Sampedro, "the big problem is that outside El Cañaveral, there is nothing else."

Considers that the only affordable housing in Madrid capital are concentrated in this area. Where, in addition, the strong demand is causing strong upward price tensions. And the land prices, together with the strong increase that the construction costs are experiencing, have been transferred to the final price of the house.


advice on buying and selling of viiviendas
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Are you going to buy or sell a home? Preventable errors

Are you looking for a house or will you sell your home? We give you some tips on buying and selling homes. Errors that are committed with certain frequency. And not just the buyers, also the sellers.

To think that the price of the floors will never go down, to burn the announcement for excess of price are only some of the avoidable errors. Sometimes because of ignorance and others because we listen only to what interests us. Always is good analyze the market and weigh pros and cons.

Some myths:

The buyer

  • Housing does not go down and I will always get good value
  • I wait for you, I'm sure it will go down even more
  • The bank will give us the money we need

The seller

  • I take the house to the market with a high price and I will lower it
  • I do not put the ad, it's not a good time
  • The important thing is the interior

The breakdown of these points you have it in our collaboration in the financial portal Invertia


And in our Press Room and in the Blog of Forum Consultants You can see more topics of interest: taxes, expenses, market trend, rentals ...

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Homes for sale and rent
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Sale and rental prices, do we go back to maximum?

How is the market for selling and renting houses? The sale prices go up, the rent prices, too. There is no soil and licenses are delayed. Of course, this situation goes by neighborhoods and the same does not happen in all cities.

The average price of housing in Spain upload an 5,9% in the first six months of the year, according to the Appraisal Society. On the other hand, the rent in five Spanish provinces (Baleares, Las Palmas, Salamanca, Barcelona and Madrid) reaches its historical maximum in 2018, according to Zoopla.

Spaniards allocate a third of their gross monthly salary to rent, an 8% more. In addition, in the promotion market, the activity is maximum. Meanwhile, the promoters complain about the slowness in the licensing, since the jam is causing the rise in prices. And also of the obstacles of some town halls.

The land market is not far behind either. The companies close operations to not stay out of the market. There are cities where there is no finalist floor to start building. You have to resort to land in management and that has its development time.

You can hear all this news in the Real Estate Forum of Intereconomia of 5 last July of 2018. Analysts like Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential of Contact Us; José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé, real estate expert and Beatriz Toribio, Director of Studies and Public Affairs of Fotocasa shelling what is happening in the market.

Listen to the program #foroinmobiliario from the minute 268


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profitability of housing on the beach
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Housing on the beach, the best opportunities

Summer has arrived. Getting the maximum return on housing on the beach becomes one of the objectives. It is also the time to enjoy the holidays and to look for a house facing the sea. In fact, the real estate activity in the area of coast It is booming. The interest of buyers has returned and is increasing. Moreover, housing on the coast is in one of the most dynamic moments. And investors are also active. To all this, the profitability joins.

Experts from the sector analyze the best opportunities in the Spanish coast with an eye to the rent. For Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Contact Us, the fact that prices rise is not a dangerous symptom, "those who buy do so without mortgaging and those who build are adapting to demand," he says. This indicates that there is balance in the market.

All this information can be seen in a wide report in the magazine Inversión carried out by Cristina Vallejo.


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