Housing policy and new Government
Written by Contact Us

The housing policy in the new Government

Housing policy and new Government. A binomial that marks the attention of the sector and is in the spotlight. We have new Gobdura and also Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, on which the housing and construction policies will depend. Currently there is already a Housing Plan for the 2018-2021 period, approved by the Government of the PP. Mainly dedicated to aid for rent, purchase and rehabilitation. But what will be the new performances?

Others real estate experts analyze for Idealista / News the duties for the new minister that is responsible for housing policies. For Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us , "It would be advisable for the Government to make a transformation in the state policy of protected housing, so that it was focused on the use, that is, on rent, rather than on property"

The new urbanism and the future of cities It is very important too. At this point, Corral advocates influencing the rest of administrations to speed up and cheapen the times. Since any delay is transferred to the final price and the one who pays it is the buyer.

The fiscal measures can be another incentive, pondering the rent before the purchase. And all with one objective, to avoid the mistakes of the future.

The opinion and the list of wishes of the experts can be read in the Idealist report


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