tips to sell your house
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Do you sell your house? tips that can help you

Do you plan to sell your home and do not want to waste your time? We give you some tips to sell your house faster.

  • First of all, know what your price is. Avoid putting values ​​that do not conform to reality.
  • If the price adapts to what the market is willing to pay, the next step is a good announcement
  • Internet and portals, in general, are a good option.
  • A good description of the property, better photos and if you can a virtual visit.
  • Redecorate the house. It must enter through the eyes and the prospective buyer must feel that this may be his future home.
  • Make small improvements. A small investment can help a lot and even help you sell earlier and at a better price.
  • Order and cleaning
  • Provide maximum information to the buyer of the building, as well as all the infrastructure and equipment in the area.
  • It is important that you have all the documentation ready.

All these points are broken down in our collaboration in the Fotocasa Blog


Tips to avoid wasting time when selling an apartment

And if your case is the opposite, and you want buy house do not miss our previousr mail.

Are you looking for a house? Suggestions for not wasting time

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Foreclosed homes, does it compensate to acquire them?

After a decade since the beginning of the crisis, there are still foreclosed homes. It is true that in specific places and with not too attractive. But, it makes up for buying this type of housing for a private individual.

Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, stresses that there is still a banking offer due to the fact that delinquency continues to exist. But it warns that in the most attractive squares, that is to say in the enclaves in which the demand is greater, little remains.

foreclosed homes

Corral explains that, in general, the dwellings that are kept in the bank's portfolio are those that are located in small towns, mainly of less than 20.000 inhabitants, or in areas where demand is weak and they are even losing population.

foreclosed homes

The bargains no longer exist and it is difficult to get profitability. All this information in detail and what the experts think, you can read it in the report published in Bulletin and in Invest. Where are these homes and if they are profitable ...


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The IMF, pending the price increase
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The IMF gives a touch to Ireland, will it do the same with Spain?

The IMF, pending the rise in housing prices in Ireland. He does not like the drift of prices in this country. Consider that a real estate bubble can occur again. The question is: And Spain? Experts believe that they are very different cases and that the growth here is "logical."

In particular, he stressed that in Ireland, House prices are growing at a double-digit rate. Eurostat's 2017 fourth quarter figures show that prices in Ireland skyrocketed by an interannual% 11,8, well above the 4,5% average of the rest of the European Union.

Luis Corral, CEO of Forum Real Estate Consultants, considers that the Spanish case is far from the Irish because, although in Spain there have been increases in prices that reach two digits in some cities, "we have a country at two speeds" and "there are cities where the market has not yet started to work ".

Another data of the last report of Tinsa endorses this situation. Prices in large cities and capital cities grew by 8,7%, while in smaller municipalities, by 1,1%.

All the information in the Bolsamania report


real estate market, in full boil
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The real estate market, in full effervescence

Real estate market, in full boil. This would be the most accurate headline. Uploads of housing prices, increase in rents, increase in the price of land. Great demand, there is a lack of new housing under construction and the prices of labor are soaring. And also, lforeigners home buyers Each time they have more relevance. 100.000 homes have been sold to foreigners during the past year.

To this it is added that municipalities such as Madrid have paralyzed some of the planned urban projects. And those who are not unemployed have considerably reduced their housing offer.

Highlights the Master Plan of the City of Madrid and its effect on new developments of the southeast. In fact, it would entail compensation of 1.580 million euros in favor of the compensation boards of Valdecarros, Berrocales and Los Cerros. The potential compensation would be 34% of the annual budget of the City Council.

All these topics and one more can be heard in the Real Estate Intereconomy Radio Forum program of the 17 past of May of 2018. Experts like José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé, Ferran Font and Rubén Cózar, residential director of Contact Us They have addressed these issues.



discount on the purchase of an apartment
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Tips to get a discount on the purchase of an apartment

When an owner marks the price of the home, especially secondhand, he always sets a value assuming there will be a negotiation. Obviously to negotiate you must have data and information. Do not ask for discounts without sense and do not waste time. From Contact Us, we give you some tips to get a discount on the purchase of a flat.

  • Information that is fundamental What is the seller's situation?
  • Know the area, its offer, demand ...
  • If necessary, make an appraisal.
  • Does the house need reform? Keep a budget of the important changes you need to discount them from the price.
  • Follow the trail of the ad. If it takes time and does not sell it, it is still time to make an offer.
  • Provide facilities to the seller

All the detailed information, in our collaboration in the financial portal Invertia


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housing bubble
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Is there a real estate bubble? Should the rental price be limited?

The price of housing, both for sale and for rent, continues to be talked about. Some analysts fear repeating the mistakes of the past. The Minister of Development, Iñigo de la Serna, rules out that there is a new housing bubble. But is there a bubble or not? Can it be repeated?

And, what is happening with the rental prices? They rise like foam. Should we limit them? The fault of the price increase is tourist rent? Some cities are already taking action. Palma de Mallorca prohibits the rental of tourist apartments.

housing bubble

Torres de Madrid. Image of Gesvieco

All these topics have been discussed in the Real Estate Forum program of Intereconomía Radio with experts from the sector. Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential Contact Us, jtogether with José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé y Manuel Gandarias They have shelled these issues.


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