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Housing: is it still a good time to invest?

The housing market is very active. There are some warning signs, especially in the rental market where the increases are high. But is it a good time to invest to rent or are we late? It depends on the zones, in some there is less travel, but there is still cities where to invest in housing.

However, the market is convinced that the excesses of the past have not yet been seen and that everyone expects them not to repeat themselves. Different experts of the sector, among them Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, They have analyzed the housing market in the magazine Inversión. They propose the keys to the market, where to invest ...

Luis Corral believes that the investor should go to the center of cities that have a certain economic engine. The coast also stands out due to its tourist demand. Of course, as we have already mentioned in other news, remember that It's not worth everything.


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real estate market challenges
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Rent a home: some tips to avoid wasting time

Renting a home is not an easy task for the landlord. But neither is it for the tenant who is looking for the perfect apartment. Therefore, both landlord and tenant must know the market. Nobody wants to waste time. We will start from the market marks the price and that is a relentless reference. And this depends on many factors. The neighborhood, the characteristics of the apartment, its condition, the surface, the number of rooms or the availability of a garage.

Starting from these premises, we summarize some aspects that help.

  • Stability and solvency of the tenant

It is worth checking that the tenant can justify income that allows paying the monthly rent. And that this does not surpass around the 40% of the income.

  • Homemaker's flexibility

But the landlord also has to do his part. The objective is that no one should waste time and not lose an opportunity. Being inflexible or arrogant does not help. This attitude or request especially rigid requirements can scare away good tenants who prefer to have a landlord with whom they get along and feel comfortable.

  • Mutual trust

In short, flexibility, responsibility and the greatest possible guarantee that each of the parties will fulfill its commitments, is the best formula to reach agreements between a landlord and a tenant. Putting yourself in the other's place helps create trust, which is a fundamental factor in a home tenant relationship.

A positive assessment from one party to the other can make a landlord lower the rental price somewhat. Or that a tenant is willing to pay something else. But let's not lose the north. The market sends.

This is just a small summary in our Press room.


Tips to avoid wasting time when renting an apartment

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Land and Housing Plan
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The floor in the Housing Plan

Land and Housing Plan. The Government has allowed a new opportunity to solve A major problem: the lack of soil. Different experts of the sector have made an exhaustive analysis in The Economist, of the labor Luzmelia Torres.

And it is that the soil as we said a long time ago it has gone from being a toxic active to an object of desire. This is affecting significantly in the final price of housing.

The new 2018-2021 Plan has focused more on renting, buying in rural areas or rehabilitation. Still, it does not convince too much. Rubén Cózar, Director of Residential of Contact Us, believes that the market should operate without constraints. "Maybe there would be a balance between supply and demand and disproportionate price increases would be avoided".

Rehabilitation could be a solution in the absence of raw materials. But it's not worth anything. Cózar believes it necessary to do a comprehensive rehabilitation of neighborhoods in large cities. The buildability can be extended so that the private developer can participate. This does not mean throwing anyone out and that it costs the taxpayer money because the promoter would get profitability. We have consolidated zones in the center of the cities, with all the endowments, but they are undervalued. Consider these areas, since in addition to taking advantage of infrastructure and endowments, we avoid ghettos.

You can read what the experts say in the real estate magazine EL ECONOMISTA.


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