aid for the rehabilitation of housing
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How can you benefit from housing rehabilitation aid?

The Housing Plan 2018-2021 includes different housing rehabilitation aids. Aid that is focused on individuals, neighborhood communities and promoters.

Although it would be necessary to rehabilitate entire neighborhoods, the eternal problem, all help is good. The State Housing Plan expands the range and seems to also bet on energy efficiency in the building. For the first time aid is given to rehabilitation for single-family homes. And, in addition, aid is increased by 25%, in the cases of rehabilitation and urban regeneration, when young people rehabilitate their home in municipalities with less than 5.000 inhabitants.

These are the areas that can benefit:

  • Aid for rehabilitation. They focus on financing the rehabilitation works of buildings and individual homes. Obviously they have limits.
  • Regeneration and rural and urban renewal.
  • Improvement of accessibility. For dwellings with previous 1996 age and having 70% of the building surface must be for residential use and 50% of dwellings must constitute habitual residence.
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability in homes. This type of improvement in housing also has a place.

Obviously, there is a maximum limit of 40% of the investment as a general character. Then there are the exceptions for children under 35 years and older than 65.

You can extend these assumptions in our collaboration in the Financial portal Invest and if you want to gather more information, here is the ENLACE to the Ministry of Public Works with all the aids.


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Buy house
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Are you going to rent an apartment? Do not forget these steps

If you are going to rent an apartment, it is good to follow some advice. The objective is not to make mistakes, to check that everything is in order and not waste time.

We tell you some steps:

  • First of all, and although it seems obvious, the contract in writing.
  • Check the area where the house is, how is it ?, the neighbors. Start with everything in order and give certain guarantees.
  • What does the rental price include?
  • Revenue review
  • What is the bond or the guarantee
  • Duration of the rental
  • Supplies, breakdowns or arrangements in the house
  • Compensation for leaving the apartment

These are just some of the most relevant aspects, you have all in depth in our collaboration in the blog of Fotocasa.


Tips before renting: what to look for

And once the house is rented, do I have to To take out insurance? And if there is hidden vice

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keys of the real estate market
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What do the experts think of the new Housing Plan?

The Housing Plan continues to give a lot of play. We already made a post about it with the most outstanding points. But, given the interest we highlight the opinion of several experts of the sector that has collected Zoopla Why do not the measures of the new Housing Plan convince?

Analysts from different companies have shelled several points of interest. The aids to the rent, to the young people, the purchase of house or the rehabilitation. Rubén Cózar, Director of the Residential area of Contact Us, Rehabilitation is an issue that remains unresolved. "I think it would be necessary to fully rehabilitate neighborhoods, especially in large cities, without this means throwing anyone out and costing the taxpayer money.

How to do it so that the private promoter enters? Well expanding the buildable. We have consolidated areas of the cities, with all the provisions that are undervalued. Meanwhile, huge amounts of money are allocated to urbanize remote areas where you have to start from scratch, ”concludes Rubén Cózar.

These and other opinions of Beatriz Toribo, Gonzalo Bernardos o Daniel Cuervo, among others, you can read them in the exhaustive analysis of Fotocasa.


Experts think about the new housing plan

Housing on the beach
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Housing on the beach, is it fashionable again?

Housing on the beach is back in fashion. He has gone through bad times and in the crisis has been one of the most hit segments. Now, the demand grows again. There are several factors that help: prices fell a lot, which makes their purchase and profitability is increasing. To this is added the improvement of the economic situation.

But, as in the first housing market, in coast there are also speeds. Hence the questions of our owner. Various experts in the sector have analyzed the housing situation in the Spanish coast. And they agree that interest has returned, although not everywhere. Luis Corral, CEO of Consulting Forum, considers that the holiday product is going well in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Alicante and the Costa del Sol. Like Costa Brava and Dorada. On the contrary, recovery is slower in the Cantabrian cornice ...

housing on the beach

Beach of Los Quebrantos in Asturias @crdeprada

This is just a summary for our Press Room. All the information about the market situation and trends, you can read it in the report of Cristina Vallejo in the magazine Inversión.


image: Port of Denia Photo @crdeprada

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