buy a house well
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How to get a good deal when buying my house?

There are no magic formulas, but some tips for buy a house well, especially if it's second hand.

  • Previous study. It may be repetitive, but it is a necessity.
  • Analyze the area.
  • Deciding quickly is another key. It is the search for an opportunity and those fly.
  • But, for this you have to haveDuties done and know what we have and what we can pay ...
  • A basic point: get the maximum information about the owner.
  • Ofrecer advantages to the seller. Like everything in life, you have to make concessions.
  • The one who resists, wins, or almost always. Well here too. Things can change and you have to be alert.

In short, the best way to make a good purchase and a good deal is to detect a good opportunity. And this takes time, to be clear about the objective. Know how much you can pay between savings and mortgage. And decide quickly when the offer appears.

All these steps, you can extend them in our usual collaboration in the Fotocasa Blog.


How to know if I make a good purchase

Image: Madrid @crdeprada

real estate wealth of families
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Increase the real estate wealth of families

La Real estate wealth of families increases again. According to data from Bank of Spain already accounts for almost five billion euros in housing at the close of the third quarter of 2017. This figure represents a 423,8% of GDP. Figures that have soared in the last century. And now they exceed almost four times the financial assets (whose weight is around 116% of GDP).

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, "The data are consistent with the evolution of the market". From his point of view, the trend is bullish in terms of prices. This is already observed from 2013, when wealth bottomed out in 4,19 billions of euros. "The figures also indicate the return to investment in housing due to the growth of households," he adds.

However, the fall in prices has had its effect. If we compare the current quantity with the peak of the bubble, we discover that the real estate assets have been reduced by 22,4% in volume, while, in relative terms over the GDP, the real estate wealth has been reduced by 160 points. basic

But everything points to soon we will see more growths. The reality is that it is covered in new work, although eye with the new projects, the containment of the financing is vital. We must look for a balanced and sustainable market.

If you want to see the graphics, how the mercad0 is evolving and the opinion of the experts in the sector, do not miss the analysis made by @Ana P. Alarcos


Image Residential Brigantium in Villaviciosa de Odón

real estate news
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The prominence of real estate today

For good or bad, the real estate news is on everyone's lips. The companies of the sector return to gain prominence. The last one, Metrovacesa with its IPO. He rental it does not stop generating news. There is tension in the market in the absence of supply. But, calm, the experts predict that we are not facing a real estate bubble.

The real estate investment market in offices, retail, hotels and logistics has reached the start of 2018 a total of 910 million euros, an 40% of the total volume obtained in the first quarter of 2017, according to Savills Aguirre Newman.

But there are always shadows. The operation Castellana North District still pending some fringes. Let's hope it goes ahead. And what about the Bitcoin, has also sneaked into the real estate sector. In fact, Zoopla has announced in its real estate portal a chalet that is sold exclusively in bitcoins.

All these current issues, you can hear them in the program Intereconomía Radio Real Estate Forum, with the participation, among other experts, of Rubén Cózar, director of the Residential area of Contact Us.


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find a good tenant
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In search of the perfect tenant

Finding a good tenant is not always easy. We give you some tips that will help you. Of course, if we want an adequate tenant, the landlord also has to do things well.
  • We start with the basics, what is our target?
An apartment is not the same as a house with three or four bedrooms, or that is empty or furnished, in perfect condition or not. This will allow us to look for a person, a couple or a family as a tenant, or think that it is one or two years, or intends to be longer. But one thing is clear, the house must be in good condition.
  • A good announcement.

Maximum information possible. Clear details that avoid confusion and attract customers who do not care.

  • Information is power

The landlord will want to know what the tenant's employment situation is. Your income and type of contract. What kind of dwelling Search, what is your personal situation? Ask for references if you have been renting.

  • Protection against defaults

Bank guarantee, bail. The guarantee protects against defaults, although it is also used to guarantee possible damage to the floor. The bond is mandatory.

And with all this, there is a point that should not be forgotten. The first impression is very important. Renting is important, and charging too, but trust adds up.

This is just a summary in our Press Room. But, all these aspects, you can read them in our collaboration in the pOrtal Financial Invertia


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