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The lack of equilibrium in the housing market

In the market economy, and the house is no stranger, prices are determined by the law of supply and demand. In said law a balance point is established in the price in which both coincide. But market draws attention for the lack of balance between supply and demand of housing.

We are talking about a very particular market. It has been characterized by a positive path after the macroeconomic indicators have been carrying good data for several quarters. We must add that he has difficulty with his 'raw material', which is none other than the soil. It is not always easy to dispose of it. To arrive at the final product, the house key in hand, to take several years. The second hand has a more predictable behavior. If we add inadequate financing, market euphoria, speculation, bad urban policies, we reach a great inefficiency.

For all this, it is necessary that the indebtedness be reasonable, the generation of land provided, the fair economic aid.

You can read the analysis of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, consultant of Contact Us, Worldwide


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image of the real estate sector
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What is the image of the real estate sector?

The image of the real estate sector remains one of the pending subjects. Planner Exhibitions has done the first survey to measure the reputation of the promoter activity. It has been done among the visitors of the last edition of the Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid (SIMA) of autumn. Five parameters have been analyzed: transparency, social responsibility, honesty, trust and professionalism.

Almost 400 interviewed has reviewed the real estate sector, especially in the housing section. And the data is not very good, although the improvement trend for the greater professionalism and less intrusion. In addition to the efforts of the promoters to increase transparency.

To Luis Corral, CEO of Contact Us, many of those bad practices of the past have their origin in the fact that to be a promoter you do not need any special requirement, that is, there are no barriers to entry as in most professions, which led to the emergence of investors opportunists who only pursued the rapid surplus value and did nothing but mistreat the clients. Corruption cases have not helped to generate a bad reputation either

The experts consulted agree: the crisis has marked a turning point. The conclusions of the study and what the sector is doing to improve, you can read them in the report prepared by Raquel Díaz Guijarro en Five Days City


housing expenses
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Having a house has its expenses, we tell you about them

Most people aspire to own property. A logical ambition, but after the purchase it is good to remember that it has some costs, which must be met. We tell you the expenses of a house. Many are common, whether it is a dwelling usual, a second home or an empty house.

For starters, there are expenses fixed Regardless of the use to which the home is dedicated:

  • Community of neighbors.
  • Minimum of light or water ... (even if it is not used), plus the usual consumption.
  • Real Estate Tax (IBI)
  • Trash collection rate if available
  • House insurance
  • Other supplies, furniture ...


  • Mortgage in case the purchase has been financed
  • Spills if necessary
  • Arrangement and maintenance expenses

housing expenses

And the taxation

In the case of the Habitual housing, those who have acquired a home before the 1 of January of 2013 maintain the right to deduct up to 15% of amounts that they have destined to the payment of the property during this year (up to 9.040 euros per taxpayer).

If it is second home or is empty. Finance assigns to these properties a "Imputed income". That is, a fictitious income for which you must pay taxes.

But all the information can be read in our portal post Invest


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Consolidation comes to the real estate market

Consolidation, normalization are the words that define the real estate market these days. All the indicators point in positive. Growth is expected in the price of housing, in the granting of mortgages and in the purchase and sale of houses.

Prominers and experts see good omens for 2018. But there are clouds: the shortage of land finalist in areas of high demand and the increase in prices in construction.

In this new real estate cycle, the client is again the protagonist. The sector reborn after the crisis puts its focus on a buyer who has become demanding.

As regards prices, they will continue their upward trend. In addition, the sales continue in the same line. Of course, about Catalonia plans the question of how the market will behave in 2018.

The rental market and new housing will be protagonists of the market. How it stands out Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Contact Us, «2018 will record the acquisitions carried out on a plan during these years». The promotions started at 2016, «year of awakening of the promotion», Will be delivered to buyers during 2018.

All the issues that affect the sector can be read in the report of Your Housing. The main experts in the sector shed the problems, solutions and trends of the residential real estate market in the year that begins.


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real-estate market
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The real estate market pulls back from the economy

Investment in housing has meant more than an 11% of the growth of the Spanish economy, only between January and September of 2017, according to data from BBVA Research. The real estate market pulls back from the economy. On the other hand, the homes sold hover around the 430.000 in the first nine months of the year. Although the final data will exceed the 500.000 homes.

And another relevant fact, credit has gone up more than one 16%, mortgages to buy homes almost an 15%, the Euribor low minimum. Visas have grown an 24% in 2017 and a rise of 16% is expected for 2018, according to BBVA Research.

This is a perfect breeding ground to continue a bonanza situation. And prices will follow an upward trend. But beware, we continue at two speeds. These increases will occur in areas where there is demand and where land transactions are being made at high prices. This will result in increased housing prices.

This situation and many more topics of the sector you can hear in ForoInmobiliario de Intereconomía Radio. Experts from the sector, including Rubén Cózar, director of the Residential area of Contact Us, break down the market news.


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Intereconomy Radio Forum Program

The IMF, pending the price increase
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2018, another year of bonanza for housing

Whenever a year begins, it is usual to make an assessment of what will bring us. The housing market is in an expansive phase, the sweetest of the real estate cycle. Since the 2014 year are produced increases in prices and in the number of purchases. We can affirm, without a doubt that the housing in 2018 will live another year of bonanza. It is difficult to foresee a slowdown. Being conservative, this will not happen until the end of this decade.

In Spain, the number of sales was placed around 470.000 in 2017, pending definitive data. This supposes an increase of 11% with respect to the previous period. On the other hand, the price has gone up an 4,2%. The different studies and real estate experts predict more than half a million sales in this new year. As for the price, an average increase of 5% is forecast. Of course, we must not forget the two speeds of Spain. The residential market will be led by Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while other cities evolve timidly.

Evolution of the price of housing in Spain | @Tinsa

Let's drink for the new real estate year. Without forgetting threats such as the shortage of land in large cities, their corresponding speculation, and bubbles in certain neighborhoods. Attentive to crowdfunding and crowlending that announce high returns will bring losses of savings to credulous investors?

This analysis of the sector, carried out by Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, consultant of Contact Us, you can read it in the world


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Buy housing
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Reasons to buy housing

The buying and selling of homes continues its upward trend, prices too Is it time to buy housing? It is clear that yes. 2018 may be the year. Several reasons support this situation

  • Upward price trend. And, also, as he says Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Consulting Forum, “Those who buy flat housing will benefit from current prices, even if the delivery is made in 2020”.
  • The economic situation has improved and is expected to follow the trend.
  • Access to credit More facilities and low rates.
  • Increase in the offer, each time there are more attractive promotions.

These are just some of the arguments you can read in A report on the 10 reasons for buying a home in 2018. Various experts describe the situation of the sector, trends and the role of each of the agents in the market.


10 reasons why we will buy a home in 2018

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housing in 2018
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Housing, increases above the 5% in 2018

2018, a golden year for the real estate market. It will be the fifth year of price increases in the flats after the end of the housing bubble at the end of 2007. What will be the evolution of housing in 2018? The experts considers that there will be an average increase above the 5%.

But these price increases can be even higher than 10% in large cities. This is due to the great dynamism of the real estate market. In fact, it is expected that sales will grow above the 10%, surpassing the 550.000. The rental price will also continue with its upward trend. However, it is good to remember that we are still in a two-speed market where young people's access to housing remains a problem.

These are the projections made by different experts in the sector that can be accessed in the newspaper Expansion. Among them is Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Contact Us.

An exhaustive analysis to know some aspects that will be relevant in the year that has just begun.


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