2017 in the real estate sector
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2017, the year of the consolidation of the real estate sector

How has 2017 been in the real estate sector? One year with a positive balance in the residential area: increase in promotions, increase in sales and market sanitation. Moment of consolidation in some cities and expansion in others. Obviously, without forgetting that we continue to Two speeds. While in some areas the promotion pulls hard, in others, it is still awakening.

In short, a year that will be remembered for the recovery, for being the exercise of the return to the stock market sector. By joint ventures formed between promoters and foreign funds. And also for the political situation in Catalonia and its influence in this market. In addition, being a year synonymous with innovation, transparency and professionalization. And what about rent, she has become the "pretty girl" of the residential sector.

But there are also some heavy clouds that we must face in 2018. The lack of ground finalist is one of them, in addition to the need to control the construction costs. With the crisis, the auxiliary industry closed and now begins to notice the price tension due to lack of qualified personnel.

All these topics were analyzed in the program Real Estate Investment Meli Torres en Capital Radio with the presence of experts from the sector, including Rubén Cózar, director of the Residential area of Contact Us. Trends that the market has experienced during this year and the prospects for 2018.

You can listen to all this in the audio of the program (the debate begins in Mr. 42).


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homes and real estate market
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Tetouan, a multicultural district, path of gentrification

Tetouan, the road to gentrification? This district of Madrid concentrates diverse economic, social and urban realities. The constant promoter activity it can support his path towards "gentrification". Although we must not forget, among other factors, that its population is multicultural, the result of immigration initiated at the end of the last century.

Su location es privileged, because its limit for the east is the Paseo de la Castellana, while on the south its border is Raimundo Fernández Villaverde street and Reina Victoria Avenue. It extends practically to the 'Cuatro Torres' and borders on the west with the renovated Paseo de la Dirección. In the past, this district belonged to what was the village of Chamartín de la Rosa.

El Azca financial complex It is within its limits. We find buildings of striking singularity, such as the Picasso Tower, the BBVA Building, the Europa Tower. Much of the economic power of the country is developed in this area. However, and heading west, beyond the border that supposes the Bravo Murillo street, we find rural housing and high percentages of immigration.

La promoter activity it does not stop, at present there are up to 15 promotions of new work. And this number grows with the passage of the months. The type building that is promoted is of a small number of houses, about six, eight floors, according to the small lots available. It is also worth noting the demolitions that give way to the renovation of the neighborhood. As soon as you have the opportunity, bigger promotions are built, but it is not usual. The most sought-after area for investors is the one east of Bravo Murillo Street.

La Gentrification it's a posibility. This term implies the improvement of the neighborhood, the rise in prices and the displacement of the population that now inhabits it. However, the topographic characteristics that define the district by the east (high slopes), the winding of some streets due to a low urban planning and the striking percentage of immigration (17,3%) minimize this phenomenon. It can be concluded that it will occur little by little, starting in the east. It will be enhanced with the construction of the towers provided in the Paseo de la Dirección. It is true that this effect will not occur in all neighborhoods or immediately.


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Land and Housing Plan
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Housing in the southeast of Madrid, pending from City Hall

The developments in the southeast of Madrid are giving a lot to talk about. In addition to generating a confrontation between the City Council of the capital and the autonomous government. At the moment the future of housing in the southeast of Madrid is still on the table of the City Council. Around 100.000 houses depend on the decision of the consistory in the fields of Valdecarros, Berrocales, Ahijones and Los Cerros. With an aggravating circumstance, these are cheaper housing focused on economically disadvantaged groups.

In a recent post on our Forum of Consultores Forum it was already evident. And on this same subject an article of the magazine affects The Real Estate Month by Month, where the opinions of different experts of the sector stand out, among them Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores.

This paralysis aggravates a problem with which Madrid is located: the lack of ground finalist. A subject that worries in the sector, since it will affect the final price of the house.


Image: Los Berrocales. Picture of @i_ortizdeandres

Financial entities
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Vallecas is left without land for housing

The Ensanche de Vallecas also has no finalist soil. The paralysis of the urban developments had already set off the alarms in the center and north of Madrid. Now, this problem has spread to the southeast. A study reveals that in the PAU of the southeast there are only plots for 2.212 flats on land that are also very difficult to market.

Experts from the sector have analyzed in Su Housing-The World this issue that begins to worry. For Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores , the little land available in the Ensanche de Vallecas is difficult to load because it is complicated solar or municipally owned land. Corral believes that the situation is "alarming" and is «strangling the new construction sector«.

A subject that we already discussed in our blog.


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Less than a month left: prepare your next income statement

Countdown. There is less than a month left until the end of the fiscal year and it is necessary to hurry to make some decisions that benefit us in the next income statement. What can you do with your home to save the most?

We tell you some highlights.

Deduction for habitual residence

  • Those lucky enough to have acquired a home before the December 31 of 2012.
  • The construction of habitual residence also maintains tax relief, provided that the taxpayer has contributed amounts prior to the 1 of January of 2013.
  • In addition, the application of the transitional regime does not end with the completion of the works.

Amortize mortgage

  • Taking into account these deductions, it is still time to make calculations and see if it is necessary to make any depreciation. Recall that one way to increase the return of income is to make partial repayments of mortgage, up to the maximum allowed (9.040 euros).

Reinvest the profits from the sale of habitual residence

  • Those who have sold their home this year, must pay in the next income statement for the profits obtained. But it must be remembered that if in the two following years the total amount of the sale in another house of a habitual nature is totally or partially reinvested, it will be possible to avoid this payment.

And if you have a house for rent, it's time to do the math.

  • If you have a rented property, you must pay for the benefit obtained from that rent. Time to take accounts, do works ... to include it in the statement corresponding to 2017.

All the detailed information you have in our usual collaboration in the financial portal Invertia


Costa Ballena
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Costa Ballena, great real estate future

Our country is a pole of tourist attraction of first level. Landscapes, history and our coasts are an asset worth visiting. This buoyant industry that is tourism must be conveniently managed. Administrations and employers must provide added value, which has not always been generated. The undeniable real estate resurgence, which in Madrid and Barcelona is unquestionable, has spread to certain coastal areas and other cities with greater or lesser shyness. If we refer to second residence and beaches, Costa Ballena, in the province of Cadiz, will generate many real estate news.

Costa Ballena draws attention for an extremely careful management of the territory. It is of vital importance that urbanism is subject to the preservation of nature, creating spaces for sustainable tourism and quality. That is what Spain must offer to guarantee the correct functioning of the aforementioned tourism industry. The protection zone on this coast from the shore of the sea is 100 meters, which guarantees an extraordinary width on the beach, boosting the paradisiacal aspect of Costa Ballena. With an occupation of the territory of low density and buildings of little height, the scope is not saturated at all.

Currently, a hotel of the Best Hotels chain is being built, which is scheduled to open in the spring of next year. It is anticipated that 250 will generate jobs among the local population. If there is a protagonist in Costa Ballena, that is the Solutions Group. Directed by the businessman Antonio González Moreno, he is immersed in the development of the Costa Infinity promotion. This residential will have BREEAM seal, which certifies and guarantees the highest quality, respect for the environment and sustainability.

If you want to have more information about this project, do not miss the post of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés


Image: Solutions Group

social housing and rehabilitation
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Social housing and rehabilitation, pending subjects

The real estate market is in full boil and rare is the day when there are no events related to this sector. Interestingly, it is a sector that affects everyone in some way. But there are issues that remain unresolved: social housing and rehabilitation are still pending subjects.

These issues, in addition to the actions of the town halls, have been addressed in the Real Estate Forum program of Intereconomía Radio. Various experts in the sector have exposed their solutions to these problems, especially relevant in the city of Madrid.

Among the guests was Rubén Cózar, director of Residential of Forum Consultants. From your point of view, rehabilitation it is a point that should be faced with seriousness and firmness. It is not a simple face wash. We must take advantage of the existing infrastructures and improve the center of the cities, change neighborhoods. Regarding social housing, it should be for rent.

In addition, the program highlights the opinions of experts such as José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé, Beatriz Toribio and Iván Rodríguez. All the details in the audio of ForoInmobiliario.


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The rent is already an 22%, how to get better conditions?

Negotiating rent is essential. The percentage of people living on a rental basis is already more than 22%. In addition, the average price has begun to touch historical highs, according to data from the Housing and Land Observatory of the Ministry of Public Works.
In these circumstances, negotiating is one of the best weapons. Since Contact Us We have reviewed the main aspects that you must take into account.
  • The first step is to analyze the area.
  • The second is to know the supply and demand.
  • Negotiate counter-benefits.
  • Know the owner's concerns and situation

Here are some of them, the rest you can read them in detail in our usual collaboration on the news portal Invertia


Buy to rent: the most profitable communities

pros and cons of the new mortgage law
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New Mortgage Law: changes and problems

This month of November began with a news of great importance. On 3 day, the Draft Law for the regulation of real estate credit agreements was approved. Better known as the new Mortgage Law. This is the transposition of the 2014 / 17 Directive of the European Union, and it comes late. We tell you pros and cons of the new Mortgage Law.

In Foro Consultores we have analyzed in different articles and media the main changes that the Law entails, as well as the consequences in terms of litigation. Will it solve, perhaps, the amount of current lawsuits that occur in connection with the so-called 'abusive clauses'?

As for the main changes, we see them in the bet for mortgages at a fixed rate, in a search for more information and transparency with greater prominence of the notary. Linked sales are prohibited, that is, combining different products when the mortgage is signed. The news also reach multi-currency mortgages, early maturity, interest, non-payment, etc.

However, we can say that Not all that glitters is gold. Experts in mortgage law attack the Law frontally. The main criticism is that it is not transparent at all. Despite the efforts of the legislator, which seems to protect credit institutions more than the borrowers, the litigation will continue due to the lack of clarity and information.

We invite you to explore in a simple and fast way the new Mortgage Law in the following links:

MAIN LEGISLATIVE CHANGES: Blog Fotocasa (Author @Foroconsultores)

PROBLEM OF THE NEW LAW: Blog @EntornoHabitabl, in El Mundo. (Author @i_ortizdeandres)

Image: @crdeprada

Housing on flat
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Housing on a flat market strip, what should you know before buying?

The shortage of new housing turnkey has given greater prominence to the housing on plan. The last SIMA autumn has shown its strength in the market. Of the 10.000 housing units, some 9.000 were flat.

This is due to the exhaustion of the existing stock in past years. But, if you are going to buy housing on a flat, do not forget some aspects to avoid risks. The guarantees are fundamental. And it is not the same to do it in a cooperative as directly to the promoter.

In our collaboration in Invest, we tell you what aspects you should take into account in each of the cases. Do not forget that if the purchase is directly to the promoter, he is responsible for the entire process. On the contrary, in cooperative, each of the participants becomes a promoter. Of course, in return, housing is cheaper.

If you plan to buy housing, do not miss our post. We tell you in detail.


Image: Panorama Tower in Burgos -Foroprovivienda

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