negotiate the price of a home
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Steps to negotiate the price of a house well

The sale of homes increased an average of 14,2% in the second quarter of 2017 in relation to the same period of 2016, according to data from the General Council of the Notariado. A good part of these sales are for second-hand houses. We tell you some steps to negotiate the price of a home.

In our collaboration in Fotocasa we have reviewed some points that are good to take into account. All with one goal: to get the best price.

  • To start: know and analyze the market
  • A very important point is information. Let's not forget that it is power and more in a negotiation
  • If something you like, that the offer makes sense and, above all, argue the content of it: defects, expenses, what needs the house ...
  • Seller's needs
  • Financial profile
  • Flexibility
  • Insistence, patience
  • Agility in negotiation

All these steps you have developed in Fotocasa. If you are looking for a house, we hope that the negotiation comes to fruition.

How to negotiate the price of your buying floor


Main image: housing in Almería Foroprovivienda

resilient cities
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Resilience or capacity of cities in the face of adverse events

Are cities prepared to deal with weather phenomena? Are our cities resilient? Resilience, a key concept in the city. The cities as a whole have more and more population. According to the UN, in the 1950 year the 30% of the inhabitants of the earth lived in cities, in 2015 it was already the 54% (3.960 million people) What will happen in 2030? Their forecasts indicate that an 60% will be reached, which will mean 5.060 millions of souls living in urban centers.

This circumstance forces to obtain resilient cities. But what is resilience? The ability of a material to return to its initial state after having undergone a disturbance. If we apply it to cities, this concept measures how they respond to adverse phenomena. Not only must we think about hurricanes or earthquakes, we must also take into account floods, droughts, terrorism, etc.

Madrid, resilient city?

The international consultant ARUP, an expert in urban design and architecture, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, works on the design of the resilient city. He has developed an index with 12 key indicators that, in other words, are equivalent to the immune system of a city. These, on the whole, allow the inhabitants and the companies to survive and to thrive in spite of sudden tensions or disasters.

A closer example of projects that study the resilience of cities is Madrid + Natural, developed by the City. It presents several strategies that can serve as an example for the creation of green infrastructures in Madrid as a basis for urban resilience.

According to María Montero, senior consultant of ARUP, "we must be aware of the need to invest in greater resilience in disaster reduction and recovery. These measures will ensure a safer and more prosperous future, both for our cities and for the people who live in them. "


Image Maria Montero, ARUP

sell a house
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Where is the housing offer in Madrid?

Madrid begins to have an imbalance between supply and demand. It is true that it goes by zones. We tell you where is the offer of housing in Madrid, according to the data provided by Fotocasa. The districts of Salamanca (1.299), Puente de Vallecas (1.089), Chamartín (1.071) and Carabanchel (1.024), are the ones with more houses for sale

What is happening in cities like Madrid? This shortage of floors in marketing, both in sale as in rent, is a drag on the normalization of the residential sector. And, most importantly, it plays against demand, which is getting bigger every day.

Experts from the sector, including Rubén Cózar, director of the Residencial area of ​​Foro Consultores, have analyzed this situation on the cover of HIS HOUSING of the newspaper El Mundo. Where is the market going? How can you expand the rental housing stock?


Image: view of Madrid @crdeprada

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The taxes and procedures of the self-promotion

Do you want to build your own house? We tell you the taxes of self-promotion. And also the procedures. Housing is a source of income for all Administrations: state, autonomous and local. You do not get rid of these taxes if you decide to buy a lot and be a self-promoter. Of course, you will have the house of your dreams, made to measure.

To start buying a plot of land, it has ITP or VAT. depending on whether it is acquired from an individual or a company. Then the notarial and registration costs arrive. And if you have requested a developer loan, do not forget the financial expenses.

And we go on:

  • Once you have the land, and before you start building, you have to hire an architect.
  • License of work of the Town Hall.
  • Hire a builder
  • The purchase of materials

And once you own it, there is still more. The Property Tax (IBI), which the city will send based on the assessed value assigned to the home. And if it were a municipality with a garbage fee, well

The complete information, you have it in our collaboration in the Invertia financial portal.


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