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Boadilla del Monte, a market in full boil

The housing market in Boadilla del Monte It is in full boil. Soil to promote and a solvent demand are some of the keys of this town in Madrid. To this is added that, in nearby towns, there is a lack of finalist land.

In general terms, the recovery of the housing market is a fact. But joy goes through neighborhoods. Where is the problem? The scarcity of finalist land and, therefore, the supply of new construction means that it is not fully or evenly balanced in many areas.

This town located northwest of Madrid has become one of the main barns of new housing in Spain. The cranes have taken the sky of this municipality. It currently has a juicy showcase of more than 30 projects and hundreds of homes for sale.

Experts from the sector, including Ruben Cózar, director of the area of ​​Residencial de Foro Consultores, have analyzed this locality in the cover story of Su Vivienda-El Mundo.


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Housing market, shall we go back to the streets?

The recovery of the dwelling is good news, a clear symptom of the current economic growth in Spain. We left behind a severe correction of the price, marked by bad news. As a result we have learned something, but perhaps not enough.
The rise of prices actsl, in cities like Madrid, it is unstoppable. Although with very different behaviors, according to the areas of the capital. We are witnessing some considerably high floor operations and sales prices. At this time, there is a great appetite for purchase. To this is added the dammed demand and the investor interest. However, we should not forget the past and we should advocate moderation. A healthy real estate market should be prudent in its advancement.
We invite you to reflect on this topic from the hand of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores, in El Mundo.


Look for housing
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Start a new course: good time to look for housing

A new course begins and the same is the time to consider looking for housing. Prices continue to grow and the market has normalized with low interest rates. In second-hand housing, we are already in 2008 sales levels. Before which, it may be a good time to buy a house before the end of the year.

And in this search is good to take into account some points to avoid mistakes.

  • First of all, check if you can afford the flat. An appraisal will set the guidelines for what the bank can lend you.
  • Do not forget that the rates will go up, if you choose a variable interest home loan.
  • Do not waste a chance thinking you can lower more. Maybe yes or no.
  • A good analysis through the area (through real estate portals) will guide you.
  • Also, do not forget the fixed expenses that will be added to the ones you already have every month.

Simple tips to avoid mistakes. You can read them in our biweekly collaboration in the Invertia economic-financial portal.


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Changes in the Mortgage Law
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Fixed mortgages already account for 40% of loans

Fixed mortgages, on the rise. They already represent the 40% of mortgage loans. A figure that has grown substantially in the last two years, when barely hovered around 5% What will be the trend? experts consider that until interest rates rise. Do not forget that at this moment the Euribor is under minimums.

However, this market has a Damocles sword, do the judicial gavels will be a setback in mortgage lending? We will have to see the evolution during the next months.

Different analysts, among them Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, from Foro Consultores, review how the mortgage market is and trends. All the information can be read in the magazine El Economista Inmobiliaria.


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Tourism and housing
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Tourism and its effects on housing

Tourism and housing, pros and cons. Tourism reaches ever higher levels of prominence in the Spanish economy. Represents 16% of GDP. In the past month of July 10,5 visited us millions of visitors, with an average cost of 1.132 euros per visitor and trip. We are breaking records.

This attraction has its consequences in the big cities and in the housing market. This is mainly due to the appearance of platforms on the internet in which are announced and leased properties for short stays.

Tourism and housing

Daily Ibiza Image Capture

El 2.0 rental has arrived. In recent months we have witnessed occasional attacks on the tourist, through hostile graffiti or acts of violence. Those who resort to this, say they want to defend the city, the neighbors as long as they can be expelled by the tourist rental. The debate is always welcome, but violence is not a valid argument. Analysis of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés.


Image of La Playa de San Lorenzo: @crdeprada

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