Advantages and Disadvantages of Bank Floors
Written by Contact Us

Advantages and disadvantages of buying flats from financial institutions

Buying a flat from a financial institution can be cheaper and have better financing. But, it also has its pros. We tell you advantages and disadvantages of the bank floors in our collaboration at Fotocasa.

During the crisis, the supply of homes from financial institutions for defaults was high. There were real bargains. But right now, "the supply is scarce, especially in those cities where the market is revitalizing again," he says. Rubén Cózar, Residential director of Contact Us. That does not remove, that there are still areas where it was built in excess and where the demand did not correspond with the interest constructor. They are usually in remote areas.

A major Advantages is the financing, Besides of price. In return, the information that you have about housing, sometimes, is scarce. And another relevant point, beware of neighborhood communities. Check that all payments are up to date. You can read all the information in the Fotocasa blog.


Bank Floors: Advantages and Disadvantages

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