Reduce energy costs
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The house that saves: how to reduce energy costs

Reducing the energy costs of a house or a building is an objective to which we should aspire. Everything starts from the construction and continues with the purchase decision: materials, cover, orientation ... Vertical gardens and landscaped roofs are fashionable concepts. But beyond the simple terms, there is a reality: they have Environmental benefits.

Will it be the trend in residential buildings? A simple green enclosure, for example, would mean a significant saving for the owners' pockets. Less heating and air conditioning.

Aspects that help reduce energy costs

From the thermal point of view, a Roof garden Helps to improve insulation. During the summer it reduces the temperature of the slab that would later be transmitted to the house. And in winter it works as an insulator, reducing energy losses from the interior to the exterior.

Added to this is a longer duration and less maintenance. Experts say that a landscaped roof can even last three times longer than a traditional roof. This is because it is less exposed to inclement weather.

Another point that affects energy expenditure is the Housing orientation. It can be an energy and economic saving. And lastly, let's not forget the Insulation of windows or doors, another factor that influences in a very important way in the pockets.

All these points, which have an impact on energy savings, have been developed in our collaboration on the Invertia portal.


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Tips before renting
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Are you going to buy or sell a house? Do not make these mistakes.

Errors in the sale of housing. They are many and sometimes we lose opportunities or believe that we can access floors that are not within our reach. Errors affecting buyers and sellers.

In the Post from Foro Consultores in Fotocasa, We tell you and break down some of them.

  • The most basic of errors of sale is to think that the price of housing can not go down. The reality is that the recent past has brought us out of this doubt.
  • And the opposite, the price will go down even more, without taking into account supply and demand of the area
  • Another widespread myth, put a high price and then lower it because buyers always ask for rebates.
  • Do not make sure if we can face the amount of the house, if they will give us the loan
  • Believe that the house sells better at one time or another. Experts say no
  • Do not value or discriminate some offers. Let's not forget that negotiation is important.
  • And finally, believe that only the interior is important


Buying: 7 mistakes you should not commit

Spanish property market
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The attractive real estate of some Spanish cities

The Spanish real estate market is attractive. Investors have seen its great profitability. This is coupled with economic growth, confidence and the reduction of political risk. But, this goes by neighborhoods. While in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga, prices and real estate operations are the order of the day, there are cities where cranes have little activity. We are in a Spain that evolves to Two speeds.

Experts from the sector, including Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, have analyzed the trend of the real estate market on Radio Intereconomía. Where the prices go. Also the attraction of Spanish cities against Brexit. Purchase, rental, general data of the sector or the White Paper of the real estate consultancy. All the answers in the #ForoInmobiliario program.


In the image José Luis Ruiz Bartolome and Luis Corral

Home buying
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Keys to boosting the sale of housing

The sale of houses is increasing. But, since we come from minimums, it is still necessary to boost this market. Experts from the sector, including Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, give us some clues that would help the final recovery of this market. What can be done to boost operations?

These are some of the options proposed by the analysts consulted:

  • First, the development of new financial options
  • Another important point is the increase in wages
  • Without forgetting the aids to the purchase
  • Another important point is the lowering of taxes
  • Departure to stock of banks
  • Keeping Foreign Buyers
  • Finally, administrations should play a more relevant role

All these keys you can read them in detail in the report elaborated in


Main Image: Altos de Valdebebas

7 keys to promote the purchase of homes in Spain

Mass tourism, Venice syndrome
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«Venice syndrome», the evils of mass tourism

We are already in summer and that means vacation period. In the past, tourism was reserved for a privileged few. Fortunately in the present times traveling for pleasure is becoming more and more accessible. From the mass tourism that we lived in the last decades we have degenerated into massive tourism in the most unique and attractive cities. This causes a difficult problem of coexistence between the population and the visitor.

In the case of Venice, must add the cruise passengers. The landings of the huge ships generate waves of pedestrians that collapse the Italian city. In the end, there is a rise in the prices of housing, the cost of living rises, services disappear, tourist rental proliferates with little fiscal control. In Venice the real estate market has never been controlled by the administration. All this expels the neighbors and destroys the daily life of their neighborhoods.

The documentary 'The Syndrome of Venice' by director Andreas Pichler, Picks up this surprising phenomenon.

Mass tourism, how will it affect Spanish cities?

It is true that Venice has some characteristics that are obvious and different from other destinations. But in our country, do not we enjoy cities that can compete in attractiveness also adding cruise traffic?

In the Mediterranean axis we have the examples of Barcelona, ​​Palma and Ibiza. It is hard to describe them as to their capacity for seduction. It is verified that the large number of visitors is compromising the coexistence, appearing specific episodes of 'tourismphobia'. The real estate impact on urban centers is very pronounced, triggering rental prices.

If you want to expand information, you can read the post Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, Analyst Contact Us


new mortgages
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The triumph of fixed rate mortgages

Mortgages at a fixed rate begin to take center stage. They already account for two out of five new signatures. The data from National Statistics Institute (INE) last April they make it clear. A total of 21.163 mortgages were granted in that month. But there is one fact that stands out: the 39,3% of mortgages on homes have been set at fixed interest. It is clear that this is the triumph of fixed-rate mortgages.

In addition, the evolution has been spectacular in recent years. In April 2016 represented the 14,6% and in the 2015 year the 7,5%. In just two years they have multiplied by five.

Results by Autonomous Communities

Communities with the highest number of Mortgages constituted on housing in April are Andalusia (4.467), Community of Madrid (3.732) and Catalonia (3.345). Only Cantabria (7,3%), Comunidad de Madrid (0,7%) and Andalucía (0,4%) present positive variations. And where more capital is needed is in the Community of Madrid (588,4 million euros), Catalonia (465,7 million) and Andalusia (426,4 million).

All communities have monthly negative rates of change in the number of home mortgages. The minor ones occur in the Canaries (-3,1%), Andalusia (-11,9%) and Cantabria (-17,2%). On the other hand, Basque Country (-46,4%), Illes Balears (-40,0%) and La Rioja (-30,3%) show the largest decreases.

What will be the trend? Some experts talk about More expensive and restrictive mortgages. We will see the evolution.


News from: I_ortizdeandresAnalyst of @foroconsultores

Housing cooperative
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Guidelines for entering a housing cooperative

Entering a housing cooperative is one way to get a cheaper house. But it is good to look at some aspects to avoid surprises. Do not forget that once inside, each participant becomes the owner and is jointly responsible for the entire process.

Obviously to avoid surprises it is advisable to take into account several aspects:

  • To begin with: Which manager will control the entire process?
  • Is it reliable?
  • What experience has the manager selected?
  • How do we buy the soil? You have signed a private contract of sale or a contract of promise of sale.
  • Do you have an open account owned by the cooperative?
  • Are the contributions insured?
  • How can I unsubscribe from the cooperative?

Other aspects of a housing cooperative

And once all this is clear, so that The project goes ahead It is necessary to consider these points before starting the process:

  • Before the work begins, almost the entire cooperative should be covered.
  • A project, price and payment plan
  • Building license
  • Mortgage loan to finance the promotion
  • Bank guarantee or insurance policy to guarantee the quantities delivered until the work is finished.

Controlling all this, and building in time and form, the normal thing is that the purchase arrives to good port and good price.

The answers to all these questions that we highlight here, you have them in our biweekly collaboration in Invertia


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