Housing in El Cañaveral
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The picaresque of protected housing

Protected housing has become a topic of debate. The Spanish Constitution collects in article 47 the right to a decent housing. And it says literally that "the public authorities will promote the necessary conditions and will establish the pertinent norms to realize this right, regulating the use of the land in agreement with the general interest to prevent the speculation".

To comply with this constitutional right, so difficult in the practice of satisfying, protected housing emerges with all sense. This type of housing is the one that has a more affordable price than the one in the free housing market. Its destination is the population sectors that present greater difficulties to be able to access a floor. However, the most common and favored formula for public administrations is the property. Time has shown abuses of all kinds.

Misuse of protected housing

In urban areas where protected housing is comparatively cheaper than free housing is where scandals often arise. The mere fact that buyers meet rental conditions at the time of purchase and then substantially improve is in itself an injustice, as they maintain ownership. That when it is disqualified to sell it at the price of free also reveals itself as an unhealthy speculation with the money of all. Not to mention black money, which appears in numerous sales. You get to see everything: ad hoc divorces to adjust to the income limits of the family unit, reforms, luxury lives, promotions with pool among their common areas ... the picaresque knows no limits.

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Price of housing versus wages

Housing price and wages. Two separate worlds. While salaries have been frozen and even lowered during the last few years, the price of housing starts to drop. In this case, we talk about Madrid, which is one of the areas where revaluation is noticeable in an important way. And even the forecasts speak of relevant rises. The price of the house will grow between a 4% and an 6% in 2017 and the demand for new housing will be between the 120.000 and 140.000 units per year, according to the 2017 Spanish Residential Report Prepared by CBRE.

On the other hand, the price of Urban ground it does not collaborate either. According to the Ministry of Public Works, urban land rose by 6,2% in the interannual rate during the first quarter.

With all these data, the effort to buy a house does not stop climbing. The optimal level would be four or four and a half years of salary. But the reality is quite far between neighborhoods of Madrid. Housing rises five times more than wages.

By districts, the greatest effort is made in Center, 11,3 years, followed by Chamberí (10,3) and Salamanca (9,6), areas where the most expensive houses converge. At the opposite pole, there are Villaverde (5,2) and Puente de Vallecas (5,8). The problem lies in the price of housing.

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Energy certificate
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The energy certificate: an obligation of the owner

The energy certificate is mandatory from 2013, although it seems that it has fallen into oblivion. For this reason we will remember what it means, when and who should deliver it. The owner is in charge of doing it when he sells a home or rents it. But, this obligation, which is also necessary for premises and offices, has some exceptions.

The buildings or part of the same buildings with an useful area less than 50 meters are exempt. Also those that are bought for major renovations or demolition. And also, the houses whose use is less than four months a year.

Energetic certificate, an obligation of the owner

Advantages of the energy certificate

This rating, ranging from the A to G, it supposes an important saving in the house. Experts from the sector believe that you can save on average more than 400 euros per year in heating or cooling. But it can go even further. The difference between renting or buying a home with a G energy consumption rating and another with a B rating is estimated at around 1.500-1.600 euros per year. In addition, the certification reflects what the housing situation is, what improvements would be good and advisable to spend less.

And do not forget, selling or renting without an energy certificate entails a series of sanctions ranging from 300 to 6.000 euros.

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Evolution real estate
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The real estate sector of our country has a considerable weight in the economy. Their behavior is cyclical. In its evolution it goes through different phases: expansion, deceleration, contraction and stabilization. This classification can easily be deduced in a Cartesian system, with the increase in price on the abscissa axis (horizontal) and the variation in home purchase transactions on the vertical axis. All this in increments or decreases per year.

The expansionary phase prior to the brick crisis was marked by a formidable volume of sales, close to one million operations in the year 2006 nationwide. Prices were skyrocketing, favored by access to credit without proper control. In 2007, although the houses are appreciated, the number of sales and sales is reduced. It is the beginning of the last sharp adjustment of this sector.

Evolution of the real estate sector

That the economy and that the real estate market, as part of it, have a cyclical behavior is not strange. What is truly surprising is that the end of the 'brick party' a decade ago was not foreseen - apparently - by boxes, banks, developers, individuals and government. At present, when are we in the cycle? What impact will housing aids have on the Ministry of Development? What will happen when interest rates rise?

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Housing on the beach
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Second residence, the market grows again

The second home real estate market is growing again, after almost a decade on the tightrope. But this advance of housing on the beach is not the same in all areas. For Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, where there is more international demand, the growth is greater. This occurs in areas of the Costa del Sol.

In contrast, on the north coast, where the buyer is a national, the price increase is lower. As with the first housing, we are also in a two-speed market.

The British lead the purchase of housing on the beach

The British, despite the brexit, are still the main buyers, although their transactions have reduced in the last months. Last year foreigners bought more than 53.000 houses in Spain and the trend is bullish.

You can see it on the TVE newscast with the participation of Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores

cities of the future
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So will the cities of the future

The cities of the future must bet on their urban planning for efficiency and sustainability. This entails designs that must meet the mixture of uses and high buildability. All concentrated in a space that allows large green areas, as the parks have a very positive impact on the health of urbanites. Fast and high-capacity means of public transport are essential, a circumstance that is often not achieved.

It is estimated that in 2050, an 75% of the population will live in urban areas. The future will revolve around 300 cities, with 40% of GDP and more than 80% of world capital.

We talk about Las Smart Cities. Según is defined by the Spanish Network of Smart Cities, they are "Those that have a system of innovation and networking to provide cities with a model for improving economic and political efficiency by enabling social, cultural and urban development. "

Madrid and Barcelona reinvent

In Barcelona, ​​an example of the best urbanism occurs in the 22 @ District. Located in El Poblenou, it has released a large amount of space resulting from the disappearance of the old factories. The change of economic model is evident. From a factory past in the neighborhood, now increasingly hosts large corporate headquarters, universities, startups, Technology companies, hotels and residential buildings.

In Madrid, we find a clear duality in the future growth of the city. On the one hand, we have developments in the Southeast. They are necessary in terms of the number of houses and the future growth of the Capital. However, the high occupation of space, without an adequate concentration of dwellings, the wide avenues and the impossibility of equipping them with an efficient transport network make their planning considerably better.

On the other, the expansion of the Castellana. It meets the requirements outlined above in terms of urban design. Compactness, mix of uses, concentrated building capacity, green areas, extraordinary transport network including hub Which represents the Chamartín station.

All the information about the cities of the future, in El Economista, with the participation of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, Analyst of Foro Consultores. article LuzMelia Torres.


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Housing to invest
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Housing to invest: steps to obtain the maximum profitability

Housing becomes a refuge value again. The high profitability of rents compared to other financial products is one of the keys. This is coupled with the attractive prices of housing after the crisis. But not everything is worth it. Housing to invest has to have a series of characteristics, if we want to obtain maximum profitability.

Centric housing with sustained demands are the best. "The ideal is to have continuity in the rent to avoid too many empty times," he says. Rubén Cózar, director of Residential of Forum Consultants.

With regard to prices, you have to do accounts. "It must be an opportunity," according to Cózar. This means that even if reforms are needed to improve the product, "in the end the price is adjusted and profitability is obtained".

The current profitability of the rent is between 4% and 6%, according to the experts of the sector, although in cities like Madrid and Barcelona this number surpasses this number.

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