Valdebebas and T4
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A bridge will connect Valdebebas with the T4 Terminal

Valdebebas is an urbanistic area of ​​northeastern Madrid that at present has a vibrant residential development activity. This area is going to be especially favored by a bridge, already under construction. It will join Valdebebas with the T4 Terminal of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. The amount invested will reach 20 million euros, assumed by the Compensation Board.

So far, the growth of Valdebebas from the point of view of promoter has focused on the construction of houses. Little by little, the new neighborhood is counting on services, it expects big stores and equipment in a near temporal horizon. As for the transport, it emphasizes the suburban network that makes a stop next to the Ciudad Deportiva del Real Madrid.

A boost for Valdebebas

The infrastructures and an adequate communication are vital for the development of the city. In this sense, the bridge allows access to the airport without encountering traffic and makes Valdebebas a unique location. This means, moving from the current role of housing to the development of tertiary use. Many companies will be interested in locating themselves in such a favorable location. It is expected that airport companies are the first to want to establish themselves in the field. In addition, the hotel chains linked to the airport, combined in their hosting service with the offices that will be built, have their guaranteed viability.

If you want to expand the information, you can read more in the blog 'Habitable environment' of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, An analyst at Foro Consultores, makes a tour of the area and the repercussion that this work will have.


Housing in the district of San Blas
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The influence of Atletico Madrid in the district of San Blas

The relationship between housing and football seems to exist. At least that is what experts think of the landing of Atletico Madrid in its new stadium. The Wanda Metropolitan stadium can be a thrill for housing in the San Blas district.

The imminent move of the rojiblanco team to the east of the capital already is noticeable in the residential market. Above all, in Rosas and Canillejas, adjoining the soccer field, Which is in the final stretch of its construction.

Differences between neighborhoods

Any news that involves public attraction is noticeable in the market, both for those who like to be close and those fleeing from the agglomerations. ” Laura Sampedro, Director of Research and Valuations of Foro Consultores, Which indicates that the new work is scarce in the area and there is plenty of second hand supply.

In short, football gives a boost to housing. All the information of the area can be read in the cover topic of Your Housing and in


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Plusvalia municipal
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Formulas for investing in real estate

Invest in real estate: directly, real estate stocks in stock market, socimis, funds or crowfunding. The experts consider that we are in an ideal situation to invest in real estate in general. Prices, albeit upward, are still at levels of past years.

The average return on the home is 4,5% and if the annual revaluation is added, it can reach 8%. In fact, buying an apartment and renting it is 4,2 times more profitable than investing in government bonds. This situation has made investing in housing one of the investors' favorite options.

La Direct investment In real estate assets means having a significant amount saved or resorting to a mortgage loan. An option that probably does not suit many investors. In return, he has absolute control over the property.

If you have less investment capacity, there is the possibility of buying Shares in listed real estate or in companies. Currently, the stock market has different vehicles: real estate agents in the stock market as Colonial, Quabit, Realia, Inmobiliaria del Sur or Neinor Homes, which has just landed on the parquet floor, as well as smaller ones such as Montebalito, Urbas and Renta Corporación. In the socimis we can highlight the four large Merlin, Hispania, Lar and Axiare. But to these are added many more, of smaller size, which are listed on the MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil).

The Real estate funds and crowfunding Are other options. All the information you can read in our biweekly collaboration in Invertia.


Chollos real estate
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Are there any chollos in the real estate market?

The housing crisis caused a significant drop in the price of housing. The real estate bargains came to this market, but are they still there? To begin with, it is good to define what a bargain is, which does not only mean that it is cheap. There are more factors that must be taken into account.

"To talk about barter, I think it has to be a house whose price is significantly below other similar properties in the same area. However, that a house in Madrid costs much less than the average of the whole city, probably responds to its age, its state of conservation, and the neighborhood where it is located, so it can not be considered a bargain and a house Very cheap, "explains Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores In the newspaper CincoDias.

Industry experts analyze how the market is and yes There is or not and where There are still bargains.


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Buy new house
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Are you going to buy a new house? We leave you the main questions

If you are going to buy new housing, do not forget some questions that are fundamental before taking any steps.

  • The price of housing is the key and, above all, know if you can cope with it. How can I pay for it and what is included in the price: storage room and garage as well. Or, on the contrary, they have separate prices. And what is the price of additional places.
  • The surface: meters of the house, especially the useful, the built.
  • Date of beginning of work, if it is on plane, and date of delivery of the same.
  • Are the amounts delivered on account guaranteed? By whom and when are the certificates issued?
  • Do I have options to choose and has additional cost? For example, appliances, cabinets, finishes. It is possible to choose interior distribution.

Once the first doubts are resolved, and if we are interested in housing, there is another set of questions

  • What common areas and services has housing. What facilities has the building.
  • Quality memories
  • Type of heating has and whether it includes air conditioning installation.
  • Building heights and neighbors per floor

These are just some of the points that tend to lean towards one or another house. But it is very important to know everything, because it is not the same to buy it in Cooperative regime or through Acquisition to the developer. In the first case, each of the participants becomes the owner and is jointly responsible for the entire process.

The complete information, with more than 35 questions, you have in our usual collaboration on the blog of Fotocasa.


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Neighborhood of Malasaña: between modernity and the history of Madrid

We just celebrated the 2 de Mayo, a celebration in the Community of Madrid. This gives us the opportunity to talk about one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in the city. The University neighborhood, located in the Centro district, has the Plaza de Dos de Mayo as its reference. This square has its origin in the year 1869, occupying a space that was protagonist in the uprising of the year 1808 against the French. Its location is strategic in the city and is perfectly connected. Account, in addition, with a compact urbanism with numerous buildings rehabilitated and charming, that make this neighborhood a desired place to live. Better known as Malasaña, it concentrates an important percentage of the young population and is characterized by its modern and alternative locals in general.

He lives between the history of Madrid and the modernity of the present. Second-hand home prices amount to 4.200 euros per square meter built. At present there is no new building for sale. They emphasize careful rehabilitations that seek to maintain the original charm of the houses.

Malasaña: High rentals

The rental price is high, due to its demand. And currently, it is more than 22 euros per square meter and month. You can find rooms, very demanded by students, and increasingly, high income apartments. In Malasaña, due to the attraction of the enclave commented, the tourist rental houses have a significant presence. The neighborhood suffers a Gentrification Particular, with clear displacement of the elderly population. To this phenomenon is added a variant derived from the rental platforms, the so-called Touristification.

We invite you to leer more about the Plaza de Dos de Mayo on the blog of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores.


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