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Home mortgage firm steps back

Signing mortgages on housing has taken a small step back. During the month of February the mortgage concession has fallen by 2,7% with respect to the same month of the previous year. On the contrary, the average amount has gone up. These data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) end six consecutive months of increases. Interestingly, this coincides with the opening of the mortgage tap by the bank with a more attractive offer And, in addition, there is a lot of interested demand, given that the number of home purchase transactions is increasing.

Is it an isolated descent? Is it a halt on the road to recovering the number of mortgages? Or do we talk about a change of trend?

To LUis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, It is a punctual data for a simple reason. "The Real estate business in second hand and, especially, in new construction "goes at a locomotive rhythm, which will inevitably generate mortgage activity". He considers that the demand will continue to have a positive evolution.

All the information and the opinion of the experts can be seen in Five days


Housing aid
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Housing aid: how to attract young people to the market

The recovery of the real estate sector settled in 2016. However, this situation has not been reflected in all buyers. There are still groups that have difficulty accessing a home. Hence, it is important to analyze the housing support system. What should be established in this market and how to modify the tax system

Experts from the sector analyze different issues that affect the housing market. What kind of aid should there be in the housing market? What to do to attract young people to the market? On the other hand, how to enhance the rental market? How to modify the tax system? Aid for construction and rehabilitation Does protected property make sense? In this point, Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, considers that "protected housing for rent should be encouraged". Through this solution, "these houses are used in economic circumstances that do not allow for another option".

All this information can be seen in the following report.


Housing to invest
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Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

If you are thinking of selling your home, we give you some simple steps that can help you in the process. Keys to sell fast housing.

  • The fundamental point is the price. Analyzing the offer of the area is basic. The important thing is what the market is willing to pay.
  • Once we have the price, do not forget that, generally, the house is not sold alone. A Adequate diffusion, good photos and videos will help.
  • The effect of first impression. The decoration is fundamental and must be eclectic, do not disturb the sight
  • Eye with the damages. It is more than likely that with a small investment of 1.000 euros, the house can be sold in 4.000 or 5.000 more euros, and increase the chances of receiving offers.
  • Flexibility and facilities. Assess the candidate's situation, favor an agreement.

These are some of the keys that you can read in depth in our Blog about Fotocasa


Rent of housing in Spain
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The cost of inheriting a home

Inheriting a home is not free. Paying taxes is an obligation and some are doubled. The most relevant is The inheritance tax, Whose quota depends on each Autonomous Community. And at this point the differences are abysmal.

In Madrid, for example, the Inheritance Tax is exempt in the 99%. Provided that he is a direct heir (parents, children, spouses and de facto partners). Or in Galicia, inheritances less than 400.000 euros per heir do not tax. The valuation of the house, for the purposes of Inheritance Tax, is carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Autonomous Community in which the property is located.

But here the pilgrimage does not end. Municipal goodwill. Its full name is Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land (IIVTNU). This concept is paid on the increase of the Cadastral Land Value (VCS) from the first purchase until the transmission by inheritance. However, there are also bonuses in it.

In case of a subsequent sale, the goodwill is paid twice, First transmission when the inheritance is received, and later in its sale, whenever there has been a patrimonial increase.

Housing in the IRPF

A Inherited housing, Which is not rented, taxes as income on the income tax return ("Impaired Income"). The rent is determined taking into account the cadastral value of the property, on which 2% or 1,1% is applied in case the cadastral value of the property has been revised in the last ten years.

This is just a summary, if you want to expand more data, you can read our Biweekly collaboration in the Invertia financial portal.


Image of Madrid: @crdeprada

Keys to Investing in Housing
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Keys to investing in housing

Un nuevo Brick resurge With strength after the crisis. The funds have taken center stage in the recovery of the sector. Housing in Madrid or Barcelona is a focus of profitability. We tell you the keys to investing in housing.

What is expected of 2017? Promoters, consultants, analysts and other market players agree: Will be the year of the investment. It is the key that will determine if the improvement is consolidated and this gives way to the sector of the XXI century, more professional and more similar to the parameters that characterize this activity in the main European countries. The environment is positive and forecasts can not be better, although certain risks and uncertainties persist.

In addition, statistics show that in the main poles of economic activity and tourism, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga or Alicante there is a certain overheating. Housing has recovered as an investment good, given the lack of alternatives with good returns.

In this context, Foro Consultores assures that housing recovers at two speeds, "an issue that should be analyzed and Luis Corral, CEO of this company. Corral points out that the bursting of the housing bubble left many private individuals and numerous companies out of play. Young people remain the most vulnerable.

In the newspaper CincoDias they give us Three formulas to invest in housing , Focused on rent, obtain annual revaluation of the property or as property. And also, you can read a complete analysis of the real estate market.


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Tourism, the consequence of mass tourism

Traveling was in the past a privilege of a few. In a slow but continuous process, tourism became increasingly accessible to all social classes. It is what is known as mass tourism. In the new century we are fully imbued with another type of vacation. The emergence of low cost airlines, the proliferation of cruises, and platforms such as Airbnb lead to massive tourism. When a neighborhood is dominated by tourist rental, substituting its neighbors for visitors, a phenomenon known as Turistification.

The new words: touristification and gentrification

The city is transformed day by day. We know neighborhoods that, with an optimal location, have been welcoming another type of population that has rehabilitated them. It is what is known by the term Gentrification. It expels, little by little, the neighbors of all the life that can not renew the rents if they live of rent. With the addition that it is usually larger population that is giving way to other generations. The Touristification Similarities with the Gentrification, Changing the structure of the neighborhood and its shops. In cities like Venice, Paris and Barcelona extreme cases are reached.

Do you want to know more about this process in which new technologies are involved? We invite you to read the Last post of Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés in Habitable Environment in El Mundo.


Plaza 2 de Mayo. Photo: @i_ortizdeandres

Recovery of housing on the beach
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Housing on the coast, recovery has arrived

The recovery of housing on the beach has also arrived. The average price has gone up an 4% during the last year and the rents continue in the same line. Buying to rent is one of the attractions of holiday homes.

Obviously, like housing in cities, this goes by zones. Some recover before and in others, there is still a way to go.

Which areas recover faster, the houses that are best sold and the impact of new ways of renting. All the answers you have in the new issue of the magazine Inversion «Housing on the Beach». Various industry experts, including Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, Analyze the housing market in Costa.


Image:Village of the Monteros

Invest in real estate
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Where do I invest ?: real estate, funds, socimis, stock ...

Investment in the real estate sector is a good time. Experts consider that we are in an ideal situation to invest in real estate. Prices, albeit upward, are still at levels of past years. The profitability of rents, especially housing, is rising to the existing demand in the market.

The investor has several options, depending on its investment capacity. Real estate investment funds, buy flats for rent, socimis or real estate in stock market. For Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, «When you decide to invest in a real estate asset you have to differentiate the profitability that comes from two parameters: By the own exploitation of the asset or by the expectations of the increases in the value of the property».

Different experts from the sector analyze the Real Estate Magazine El Economista The best options to invest in the sector: directly on the cOmpra of real estate, real estate in stock market, socimis or real estate funds. Various alternatives to obtain maximum profitability.


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