Cheap apartments in Madrid
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District of Villaverde, the cheapest apartments in Madrid

Villaverde has the cheapest apartments in Madrid. But the reactivation has also reached this area. The key to this district is that it is a local market with demand, in large part, from people in the neighborhood. In addition, the activity derives from having a finalist floor available and the product that comes onto the market adjusts to the price that buyers can pay.

There is soil and there is also demand, the keys to this movement. And the promoter, likewise, is adapting its product to a modest market segment. This indicates that new homes of quality and adjusted price are being made because they start from affordable land.

The best example of this great real estate activity is the birth of a New field, Central Park Engineers , Where already the first hundreds of floors of the almost 2.000 that will house are already raised.

The analysis of this district and the promotions in progress you can see them in the supplement of The World-Your Home. Experts from the sector, including Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, Count the keys of the market.


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Square meters built and useful
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Can you calculate the actual surface of your house?

Useful surface, built ... What is the difference between square meters built and useful? Vocablos that sometimes raise different doubts How is it possible that we do not fit this piece of furniture if we had 20 meters? They were just built and not useful.

The constructed area is the total area of ​​the house, including walls and half of the party walls. It is usually between an 10% or 15% higher than the useful one. What is the area we pay? When we buy a house we pay for the square meters built with commons. But that surface built with commons is between a 35% and an 45% more than useful. As you can see there is a difference between the extension built with commons and the one you really use inside your home. And this is most noticeable in modern developments, where there are more common spaces compared to older properties that have less.

This when referring to floors. Do not it is the same a floor as a chalet. From Contact Us we explain some concepts in the Blog Fotocasa.


Urban ground
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The rise in the price of land marks the trend of the sector

The housing of new construction is part of a particular productive process. The first raw material required to obtain the final product is the Urban ground. This means that, a greater or lesser Soil price will, Logically, in the imported We will pay for our new living place.

The Ministry of Development has published the fourth quarter floor price statistics of 2016. The average price of urban land rose by 13% in interannual rate and stands at 171,7 euros per square meter. Also, the highest prices are given in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and in the province of Barcelona. The number of transactions, in turn, experienced a year-on-year increase.

From the statistics of prices can be extracted an upward trend of the price of new work in the current year. We invite you to read the latest article from Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés in Investment Strategies.


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Real estate management
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Real estate consultants, a growing sector

The real estate consultants have registered good results in 2016 and the expectations for this exercise continue in the same line. According to the ranking prepared by the sector magazine Metros2, this sector grew an 23% during the past year, with an income of 487 million euros. These data show the recovery of the real estate sector. In addition, another data that highlights this classification is growth in all areas of action.

The digital transformation and the incorporation of new technologies will be differential aspects among the consultants. This is, according to the magazine, one of the challenges faced by the market in general and real estate consultants in particular.


Guidelines to buy house
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Do not be fooled into buying your home

Acquiring a home is one of the most important disbursements in the life of anyone. Avoiding deception or fraud is essential. We give you some guidelines to buy house Without taking surprises, If you choose to do it Without intermediaries.

Very simple tips like asking for a Simple note in the Land Registry to check all the data of the house. See if the seller is aware of Payment with the community Of owners. Know if you have paid the impuestos Related to the house. And another important aspect, the ITE Of the house, especially if the property is old.

What if The housing is from a developer, The buyer must also request the Approved technical project y Building permit, urban permit, the certificate of the Property Registry. In short, check that everything has been done or is being done in accordance with the urban regulations.

To appeal to a intermediary Is another option. It will take care of the whole process from the search to the signature. All the information and how to access it easily, You can read it in our collaboration in the financial portal Invest.


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Embassy, ​​the end of 86 years of history

The city of Madrid attends, in a new episode of loss, to the news of the closure of Embassy. This historic tea room was inaugurated in 1931 year, occupying, since then, the privileged corner of the Ayala street with the Paseo de la Castellana. Although it is a business that works, you can maximize the profitability of the property.

It is still unknown what is the exact reason for the closure of Embassy, ​​the most plausible rumor is that it aims to rent the premises to a new restaurant. The environment does not play for Embassy. The nearby 'Mile of gold Office buildings with high incomes, and exclusive residential projects that are being marketed in the surrounding streets, increase the value and interest for the locals in the area.

When we refer to Embassy, ​​we speak of a place of reference for many families, mainly the Barrio de Salamanca. We also talk about politics and recent history of Spain. A common space for several generations. The cities are already in a state of doldrums, dripping with closures of unique places. Large cinemas, shops and cafes are on the list. All of them victims of cAmbiances of customs and real estate pressure Which pushes the yields to the maximum. We walk through increasingly depersonalized cities, by capitals of different countries increasingly similar to each other. And the truth is that we do not know how to stop this destructive phenomenon. At least, in our hands is, to frequent these places more. Enjoy your story.

This information can be expanded in the post IGnacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores.


Housing in Andalucia
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The construction returns to the Andalusian capitals

Official statistics consolidate the recovery of the real estate market, although as we said in our post, At two speeds. The house in Andalusia is recovered and the cranes are once again part of the urban landscape of the main capitals. Málaga and Córdoba Have been the first, and now begins to awaken Seville too.

In Canal Sur Radio (South Southern Time) they analyzed the situation with the participation of Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores. Are we witnessing a natural recovery of the market? Who buys? Will the speculative schemes of the past occur? Why are there areas with offer and not sold, while others lack housing?

For Smerdou, prudence will make it possible not to repeat a few cases of the past. But, at the same time, it warns of the pressures of some companies to buy. You can hear it in the following audio (real estate news starts 1: 07: 27).


Image: Terrazas de Teatinos Residential

Promotion that sells Forum Consultants in Málaga

Home in Boadilla
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The cranes return to Boadilla del Monte

October 2015 meant a change and kick-off. The housing in Boadilla pulls hard. The motive is none other than the definitive approval by the Community of Madrid of the new PGOU of this municipality of Madrid.

After two years of work, it was possible to carry out the plan and unblock the situation of legal limbo in which the town planning of this town was immersed and which kept all the planned developments paralyzed. Because land use was already qualified. Once a framework that gives legal certainty has been approved, the market has started. To this it is added that some nearby municipalities do not have finalist land to build.

All the information on how the situation in the area is in the Only Boadilla Magazine


Invest in real estate
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Alternatives for investing in real estate

We are in a bull market, which indicates that it is a good time to invest in real estate. After a deep crisis that has destroyed a large part of the real estate fabric, we are now reborn. In addition, there is consensus that we are in a market with travel and the interest of the foreign investor confirms it. Yes, as highlights Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, we have returned with differences in the composition of market operators. And since we do not know how long this trend will last, the investor must adapt his investments to each one's profile.

All these options can be heard in the program Real Estate Investment of Meli Torres in Capital Radio. In the same one they analyzed a fan of alternatives to invest in the real estate sector, the entrance in companies quoted in stock market or funds of investment. Advantages and disadvantages of each of these products. Industry trends and tips for investing.

Various industry experts, including Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, gives you the keys in the Real Estate Investment debate. (Debate begins at min 00: 42: 49, approx)


El Cañaveral, cheap housing
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El Cañaveral, the southeastern reef of Madrid

The Cañaveral has positioned itself as the destination of reference for thousands of young people from Madrid and neighboring municipalities seeking affordable housing. In addition, the 50% of the projected properties will have some type of protection. At present, 1.000 homes have already been delivered, according to data from the Compensation Board.

This area benefits from the exhaustion of supply in Vallecas. There are only 100 free homes in stock, as highlighted Laura Sampedro Serrano, Director of Research and Valuations of Foro Consultores. Faced with this figure, in 2007 in the Ensanche de Vallecas there was a stock of 3.000 homes.

This indicates the existence of demand and the lack of supply. And this is reflected in the sales rhythms at El Cañaveral. Another important fact is the depletion of protected housing in this area. It was the first to be developed and delivered at El Cañaveral. And this is driving the sale of free housing, in the absence of supply in the rest of southeast Madrid. Developments such as Los Berrocales or Valdecarros are still paralyzed. Another relevant fact is the value of the land, much lower than other areas of Madrid.

All the data, the promotions, the number of houses and the market situation in this area you can see them in And Your Housing in collaboration with Foro Consultores.


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