Rental market
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Tension in the market of rent and boom of the socimis

The rental market lives moments of euphoria. Prices skyrocket and demand outstrips supply. The recent study of Fotocasa and other topics of interest have been addressed in the program Forum Real estate of Intereconomia Radio. In the same have intervened Luis Corral, CEO of Foro Consultores, José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé, real estate expert, Ivan Rodríguez, CEO of Ikasa and Beatriz Toribio, Head of Studies at Fotocasa.

Rental market: Prices up

The rental market is registering strong tensions as a result of an increase in demand. Although the credit tap has been reopened by the banks, still There are many Spaniards who can not buy a home. For this reason, they accept the rent to access it. This situation has led to a sharp increase in rental prices. During the last year they have risen above the 10% in some districts of Madrid or Barcelona

The year-on-year increase was 7,9% on average since January of 2016 to the same period this year. This is undoubtedly the most important increase detected in the registry of the Real Estate Index fotocasa, started just 10 years ago.

Another of the topics discussed was the Boom of socimis in the real estate market. They are proliferating so much in the market that there is even talk of mergers during this exercise. But what will happen in the market? At the moment, the new socimis are entering niches that are very specific and with greater specialization.

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Closed house
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The cost of having a house closed

Having a closed house generates expenses. Some are fixed and other variables. As if this were not enough, to this is added the pressure of some Spanish town councils. And, moreover, this has only just begun. Some officials of the Consistories consider that having an empty housing on a continuous basis should be penalized in the IBI.

Regarding fixed costs, the OCU calculates that they can be between 1.800 and more than 2.000 euros on average per year. Obviously, it depends on the surface of the house and the city in which it is located. Without forgetting, the community services that you enjoy. We give you all the keys in our Collaboration in the Invertia financial portal. You can see what the disbursements are that you have to face, even if you do not use the house.

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The urbanism in Madrid
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Urban planning in Madrid is "democratized"

Urban planning in Madrid has become a major issue. The city is committed to giving a more democratic image. The week of the 13 to the 19 of February a consultation of thematic essentially urbanistic was organized. The resources employed have been more than considerable. Carmena's team sent letters to the homes of the elderly census takers of 16 years. You could vote by post with the received documentation, go to district meetings or vote online.

The questions only answered affirmative or negative. They have talked about sustainability, the choice of the Plaza España project and the pedestrianization of the Gran Vía. The direct democracy that seems to put the citizen in front of the decisions of his city, in this case is more apparent than effective.

Citizen consultation

Why? In the first place, the first theme referred to - sustainability - is still a set of questions that derive from the Greatness With some bias. Referring to the process of the Plaza de España, has been led by the technicians. The project chosen by the citizens in the first phase of voting did not pass to finalist because they were worth more the votes of the experts. Normal on the other hand, but misleading for the madrileño. Finally, he asks about the pedestrianization of the Gran Via with simple and obvious questions that are addressed to the yes.

To submit the future of Madrid urbanism to public consultation, the questions that are really important are missing. Because the debate should focus on the expansion of the city to the north, the Operation Campamento, the Desarrollos del Sureste and the defense of hundreds of cooperativists fundamentally affected. Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores, examines these issues.


Buying property for rent
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Guide to investing in housing

The rental market is booming. Buying a house to rent is becoming a good opportunity. In Spain, the average profitability amounts to 4,4%. And this is the national average. In cities like Madrid or Barcelona it is even bigger. This situation has made investing in housing one of the investors' favorite options. In fact, buying an apartment and renting it is 4,2 times more profitable than investing in government bonds.

And the trend of the residential sector is bullish. For Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores, «The small apartments in the center are the most profitable due to the high rental prices and the shortage of supply ».

All the information about the housing segment can be seen in the extensive report «Guide to Investing in Housing», prepared by the newspaper Expansión.


Operation Mahou-Calderón
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Operation Mahou-Calderón: a new neighborhood for Madrid

The floor of the Vicente Calderón stadium will house a new neighborhood in Madrid. After a long time and many changes, the urban plan of the Mahou-Calderón operation faces its final stretch. Finally, the City Council and the owners of the land (the Mahou brewery and the Atlético de Madrid) have agreed on a proposal to promote the area. It is expected that this proposal will be endorsed imminently by the Municipal Government Board.

But there are still many pending aspects. Different analysts expose their opinions in this report of SUVIVIENDA and in which they participate Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores.



ARTEfacto de Valdebebas
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ARTEfacto de Valdebebas sows controversy

Carmena's team in Madrid City Hall has surprised with a new urban initiative, the so-called 'ARTEfactos'. These are buildings with a limited number of social housing for disadvantaged groups. Yes, they will have common spaces such as laundry and canteen, as they have advanced from Now Madrid. Where will these buildings be? The first three will be located in the districts of Hortaleza, San Blas and Carabanchel. The controversy is served, especially in the Valdebebas ARTEfacto. And it is intended to build on a plot valued at more than 40 million euros. Also, it is a waste of public resources in a neighborhood where neighbors have almost no equipment. All these details you can know in the last entry of IGnacio Ortiz de Andrés in the blog 'Habitable environment'.


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The price of the soil
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The price of land in Madrid, reasonable increases?

From toxic to object of desire. He Soil price for housing has grown significantly in recent years. To this is added that there are areas in Madrid capital where there is no finalist floor. This is causing the buyer to go to border areas.

For this reason, industry experts regret that during the entire crisis no agreement has been reached for land management. This has led to a significant shortage and the inevitable price increase. Hence, advocate for greater urban agility, especially where this shortage is leading to a strangulation of the market. For Vicente Quintanilla, director of the Department of Investment and Soil of Consultores Forum «These increases will have a direct impact on the final price of homes.
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Pedestrianization Gran Vía madrid
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The pedestrianization of the Gran Via in Madrid: pros and cons

The pedestrianization of the Gran Vía in Madrid is another of the topics of discussion within the urban planning of the capital. The City Council has partially implemented this initiative during the past Christmas, which has created some controversy. The reality is that the decline of cars is a strategy increasingly widespread in the major cities of the world. The high pollution rates and a conviction that cities should be for pedestrians, leads to the municipalities to restrict traffic in the main streets. Therefore, the decrease and control over cars is an increasingly widespread strategy.

But, should this action be only on the Gran Via or also in the surrounding streets? Different analysts present their opinions in this report in which Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés participates, of Foro Consultores.

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Houses paralyzed in Madrid
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Madrid has paralyzed some 60.000 homes

Talking about housing is a recurring issue. At present there are some 60.000 houses paralyzed in Madrid. These are emblematic projects such as Operation Chamartín with 17.000 housing, Valdebebas with 1.000 housing. To those who join Residential Metropolitan with 400 housing, Berrocales with 22.000 housing and Operation Campamento with 11.000 housing. But these are just some examples of greater magnitude, which await the green light by the City of Madrid. Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés, an analyst at Foro Consultores, Speaks of them in and in the monthly magazine of this newspaper.

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