Written by Carlos Smerdou

Urban paralysis in the City of Madrid

EThe headline may sound harsh, but the reality is that the Management of the Madrid City Council in terms of urban planning, it is causing a slowdown in the sector that can have disastrous consequences. One of the first effects is the Soil price increase And, therefore, the final cost of housing. They are followed by the great urban operations of which I will speak later.

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Written by Foroprovivienda

What you should know if you are buying a flat

EThe new housing stock in turn is becoming smaller, especially in capitals like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. During the years of crisis has been depleted and, given the situation of the market, no new promotions were made. Now, the tables have changed, residential construction resurfaces and sales are focused on flat housing, especially in large cities. The data are blunt. At SIMA, held last week in Madrid, 60% of the offer was flat, a substantial change over the last real estate fairs.

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