Written by Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés

How the Law of Soil and Urban Rehabilitation affects us

The 31 of October of 2015 was published in the BOE the Legislative Royal Decree 7 / 2015, of 30 of October, by which approved the Revised Text of the Law of the Soil and Urban Rehabilitation. A consolidated text has a technical character and does not create new legal norms, since its purpose is to systematize and reorder the rules that are recast. Introduced this concept is understand that we are not facing major changes resulting from this recent approval.

What we see for the first time is a Integration of two laws. The Consolidated Text (TR) links, with regularization and relevant harmonization, the Land Law Of 2008 and the 8 / 2003 Rehabilitation Act, Regeneration and Urban Renewal that are almost completely repealed. The Ministry of Public Works Enhance rehabilitation, so necessary and defended today by all politicians in the recent election campaign. This is expressly stated: "It will allow the promotion of a subsector of the Spanish economy that has a high potential and, nevertheless, a small entity when compared to the average of European countries."

I fully agree on the importance of rehabilitation, but when the current political proposals want to put aside somehow the commitment to create land and new housing, it is when I do not exactly share the position. Because the new development it is necessary and demanded which requires that the municipalities create soil with due advance and diligence. That is to say, Rehabilitation and efficiency yes, but new work as well.

Housing and the new Recast Text

Although as it is exposed, the changes are small, but we see consequences for the existing houses. First, for the purposes of the Building Assessment Report (IEE) and energy certification, the new legislation must be adhered to. It is important to emphasize the first additional provision of the TR, whose title Urban information system at the service of public policies for a sustainable urban environment Defined by the General State Administration in collaboration with the autonomous communities. It is very similar to the repealed provision, but with the difference that now it is expressly mentioned that The Reports of the buildings will serve to carry out censuses of houses with rehabilitation needs. In addition, it is intended, among other objectives, Create maps of deteriorated urban areas That require regeneration or actions of rehabilitation edificatoria and to facilitate to the citizen the access to information on soil and urbanism.

Facade in rehabilitation

Aid for Rehabilitation

This Consolidated Text has the current support of instruments to help with rehabilitation. Specifically, the Law remains framed within the Spanish Rehabilitation Strategy. The 2013-2016 State Plan of the Ministry of Development includes building rehabilitation, urban regeneration and renewal programs and support for the implementation of the IEE. Of special importance is the Aid program for the energy rehabilitation of existing buildings (PAREER-CRECE) Promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism with the support of the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE). All these instruments fall within the ambit of achieving the energy efficiency objectives of the European Directive 2012 / 27 / EU and the 2014-2020 Action Plan.

The path of sustainable growth requires adequate measures of urban rehabilitation and increased awareness. We have available aids to turn to and we must keep in mind that the search for energy efficiency always leads to income.

And finally, I take this opportunity to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR

Materials in construction
Written by Guillermo Sánchez Fontao

Materials in construction, much more than an aesthetic solution

A when buying a home, its location, the environment in which it is located, its layout or its design form an indivisible whole. And in this sense, the construction materials are the palette with which architects play when it comes to giving that aspect to the designed space.

But this aspect is not only aesthetic, Clearly defines the quality and final price of a home, And we must be very clear that these materials, finishes and characteristics will accompany us in the years of use of that dwelling. Do not forget that the wear and tear of the weather can determine future works, producing numerous spills or costs for the owner. This indicates that from the facade to the telematic, home automation and placement of electrical outlets, are defined in the project and should be available to the client at the time of the contract.

The importance of quality memory.- Breaking each of the aspects of a memory of qualities of a home is a tiring process for the writer and probably a punishment for the one who reads it. But in this article we are going to try to make it more bearable and we will tell some Constructive solutions Which are offered in a memory of qualities and what each one of them supposes in a building.

The facades Are undergoing aesthetic changes. Architects seek to be different and buyers also want something more exclusive. This means that residential buildings already include solutions of properties with a less residential use, which we are experiencing a small step in this direction.

To the brick seen Or with their different equipments (their placement in the facade) or finishes like the Monolayer, They are added The placers, that is not more than the external addition of a plate of another material as it can be marble, imitations of stone, slate or ceramic plates. And to the different forms of subjection as the simple one by means of cement or the placing of double façades with ironworks or mechanical fixings, the use of new glass and frosted or translucent crystals that offer an enriched mosaic of possibilities is added.


The pavements they have also undergone a revolution when plastics and imitation come into play, which is simply giving the old pavement a new face or superior skin. The hPolished ormigón And with color additives offers a clean finish and allows a transmittance (excuse the "palabro") energy Ideal in the case of being accompanied by underfloor heating. The translucent polycarbonate It is one of the most interesting advances but only used in leading and international architectures. The stoneware, parquet, flooring, marble, stone and ceramic tile have not suffered great variations in terms of performance. Maybe the changes are seen in the final designs and aesthetics, but make no mistake, they are still old friends.


What about carpenters? The exterior carpentries of our homes, unless they live in humid environments, where wooden frames would be justified, flee from the homes that they design PVC carpentries, since that has not been included for many years. The aluminum Has replaced this material completely, and in this sense explain to them that the thermal bridge break is only a plastic part that separates the inner face from the outside of the profile so that the heat is not transmitted by the material. The advancement is in the crystals and the separation between them in the frame, creating an air chamber that is the most suitable to isolate. To this are attached the aluminum blinds that if they are obtained by the same price, is a plus.


Air conditioning.- But let's pause in the section on Air conditioning and ACS (Hot Water Sanitation), the main expenses of a dwelling. The entry into force of Royal Decree 235 / 2013, in which the homes for sale or rent must have a certificate of energy efficiency has meant a major change. This certificate allows to calculate the annual consumption of energy necessary to satisfy the energy demand of a building in normal conditions of occupation and operation. (Includes production of hot water, heating, lighting, refrigeration and ventilation). In short, it tells us which are the most efficient houses, which spend less on heating.


In recent years Be more efficient From the energetic point of view begins to be taken seriously. Acclimate And producing ACS in the homes has revolutionized the market, thus being a new claim for the customer and vendito reclamation. To the already known systems of production by the consumption of natural gas or propane gas, the possibility of using electrical energy, solar energy, or a combination of several is united. In this sense, the combination of Centralized natural gas and solar energy Represents one of the most commonly used systems in newly built housing. This, coupled with a radiant floor system as opposed to the common aluminum radiators, is what we could expect in a current and desired quality memory in the price range that our pocket allows us.

In short, a good material, suitable to each zone, will save us many future expenses.

Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Housing: where are the most active markets and the least?

In the Real estate market improvement goes through neighborhoods. We have always argued that media should not be talked about because they are really small markets. While some areas lack housing and prices tend slightly upward; in others, there is too much supply and prices, in the best case, will remain stagnant. A recent report Solvia Notes this reality and makes clear some data that, for your interest, we will summarize in this post. What happens in each zone?

Madrid.- At this moment, Madrid marks the pace of recovery, but although it is a clearly upward market, there are also different niches. Luxury housing and the best neighborhoods pull the market, given the lack of stock and latent demand. On the opposite side, there are neighborhoods hard hit by the crisis, where housing is still in low shape.

According to data from Solvia MarketView, Madrid presents a great promoter activity, especially in the Northwest zone (Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes, San Agustín de Guadalix ...) and an increase in the demand for land in the north zone (Sanchinarro, Las Tablas, Montecarmelo and Valdebebas). In this city there is already a rise in sales prices, mainly in urban areas, especially in rehabilitated buildings and new work within the M-30.

Barcelona.- The problem of the city is the lack of product, which is triggering the promotion activity in 2015 (+ 90%). The urban product demand of 2, 3 and 4 rooms is very important, as is housing Of high level, fomented by buyers non residents in the zones of Diagonal Mar and Ciutat Vella. As a novelty, in other towns in Catalonia (for example, Terrassa or Bellver) small promoters begin to appear.

I raised.- Alicante south is the most active area of ​​Levante. There are already obvious signs of recovery from the hand of the non-resident buyer and an activity of more than 1.500 homes under construction, according to Solvia data. In addition, in recent months there has been a reactivation of the purchase of first residence housing in populations of more than 30.000 inhabitants and in peripheral areas of larger towns.

Costa del Sol.- It is the most active in the south and Marbella is the epicenter of activity with growth in activity and price above the 15% for certain types. The good progress of the tourism sector, which is the main activity in the province of Malaga, is pushing the recovery of the real estate sector at a higher rate than other areas of the country.

Properties in estepona Málaga

Islas Baleares.- It is at the head of the Spanish regions in terms of increases in the price of housing. The market premium In Mallorca is on the rise and has not been significantly affected by the economic crisis.

And what about the rest?.- In general in the Central and northern zone There is still no data to allow a market revival, Low level of activity. En Castilla y Leon Valladolid, where the commercialization of new developments will mean the activation of the retained demand that is focused in Renedo, Simancas, Parquesol or Arroyo de la Encomienda ... In Castilla La Mancha Only in some historical centers of provincial capitals such as Toledo and CuencA slight rebound in prices can be observed, mainly due to the shortage of product.

As for the area northwest, highlights A Coruña, where there is little product and some demand for housing at reasonable prices; In Vigo, there is demand for finished product due to the paralysis of the general plan in the time of crisis. In Asturias There is some demand in Gijón. For its part, in the Basque Country and Navarre, The market is still waiting and in the process of recovery.

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