Written by Consuelo R from Prada

Looking for a home, do not miss the SIMA fall 2015

Valdebebas highsSIMA Otoño is approaching and you will see a wide range of properties, both in the city and on the beach. An opportunity to buy the desired housing. This year we are at SIMA in Stand 1A34 where you can choose between 147 homes 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, all with exclusive terraces, in ValdebebaSo 38 homes of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms in Barajas.

In this post we expand our offer for this SIMA Autumn 2015, the days 23, 24 and 25 of October in the pavilion 1 of Fair of Madrid

Altos de Valdebebas

Un Single project, Modern, with elegant design and quality in its materials. Promotion of 147 homes 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with terrace, penthouses and spacious low with terrace. The urbanization has more than 4.000 meters of common areas: adult swimming pool with submerged lighting, children's pool, equipped gym, illuminated paddle tennis court, bicycle-enabled area, gourmet room-space and multipurpose room.

Altos de Valdebebas 3 (Markets Forum Consultants)

The surfaces of the houses oscillate between the 101 and the 333 square meters built and can be purchased from 350.000 euros. All homes have a storage room and a parking space included in the price, except two-bedroom units. The delivery date is scheduled for December of 2017. Promotes Rockhampton Invest, manages Q21Real Estate and markets Forum Consultants.

Residencial Altos de Valdebebas is an urbanization located north of Madrid, in Valdebebas, an area of ​​expansion in front of Felipe VI Park, with more than 470 hectares of green areas and lakes that make it a privileged place. A unique enclave to live, perfectly communicated through the four nearby motorways: M-40, R-2; M-11 and M-12. It also has a transport interchange where you will join neighborhoods, bus lines and the future light rail. At only 10 minutes from the financial core of the capital.

In addition, Valdebebas is an area in the middle of nature, with a large urban space where facilities, residential areas, large green spaces and pedestrians with a bike path of more than 22 kilometers of route converge.

Residencial Coronales

In this SIMA Autumn we also present the second phase of Residencial Coronales, Located in the street Babylon of Barajas. Promotion of 38 housing of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, next to the school San Pedro Apóstol. The homes have a surface ranging from 109 to 161,5 meters built tables and can be purchased from 330.000 euros with a garage included in the price.


Residencial Coronales is a private urbanization, designed to the minimum detail to offer the maximum quality and comfort. It offers the possibility of personalizing the houses, with a series of optional kits, in which you can select different choices of floors, cabinets, qualities in kitchen, appliances, air conditioning, home automation, etc. It has large communal gardens, swimming pool, paddle tennis court and children's play area.

An enclave with all the necessary services to guarantee your comfort: sports, educational, commercial and hospital centers, in a calm and safe environment. Excellent communications, both in public and private transport, with easy access to main roads, bus and metro.

We expect you from 23 to 25 in October in 1 pavilion Feria de Madrid . Schedule: 23 and 24 for October, from 11 to 20 hours. 25 for October, from 11 to 15 hours.

Written by Ignacio Ortiz de Andrés

Direct promotion or self-promotion, options to buy a new flat

Last week I wrote in the Blog Living environment de elmundo.es About the different ways in which we access a work new, post That I share in Foroprovivienda. The most common is direct promotion and, if we opt for self-promotion, we will have cooperatives and communities of goods. Let's briefly look at the main characteristics and differences between them.

Direct Promotion

In this case, the buyer acquires a home from a developer for a certain price, not intervening in the building process. The promoter may offer, always on plan, decide on details of the memory of qualities and even less often redistribute housing. We can say that it delegates and relies on the developer's real estate knowledge. Unlike the following cases of self-promotion, The future owner assumes in the price of the floor the benefit of the promoter.


It is an entity that Associates people with the common interest to access a home. It has a double condition: of society and promoter company and, as a characteristic note, there is Lack of profit Since the objective is to promote homes at a strict cost price.

The balkans

A a cooperative is a company with its own legal personality and distinct from its own partners, which Participate actively in the construction process of your future home. They are governed, in principle, by regional laws and in certain cases by the 27 / 1999 Cooperative State Law, Being this last Law in case of a legal, supplementary lagoon. In addition, they have their own statutes, subject to the law, which establish the rules governing the structure, governing bodies and operation of the cooperative. Its democratic and participative identity is articulated through its social organs, being the main ones; The General Assembly, the Governing Council and the Financial Controller.

Real estate activity is complex and it is frequent and even necessary to resort to Managers that, in exchange for agreed fees, provide an integral service to the cooperative society. The managers have solvency to control the works, the projects and the licensing procedures, among other aspects, agreeing on the services that they will provide in writing. It is essential to choose a manager that is accompanied by prestige and the professionalism in his career.

Cooperatives can be created by collectives such as companies, trade unions, professional associations, neighborhood associations and also directly by the aforementioned managers. This last case is very common, since their knowledge of the real estate business together with the capacity to dispose of land, makes them launch themselves on the market in order to bring together partners for a specific project and be the managers.

Finally, before joining a cooperative it is important to check the following:

  • That the cooperative is legally constituted and registered in the corresponding Registry according to its location.
  • That has a Open bank account held of the cooperative in which the contributions of the members are entered.
  • What said Contributions are insured by an insurance company or endorsed by a bank or savings bank, which the cooperative must prove.
  • That in the case of existing Prescription fee or similar, Of a non-repayable nature, its concept or amount is clearly defined.

Community of goods

It is another way of Self promotion with considerable similarities with the cooperatives, mainly in the participation in the decisions that the interested parties adopt about their future homes and that A strict cost price is sought. The need to go to management companies is equally applicable.

The main difference with the cooperatives is that the communities of goods do not have their own legal personality, which is none other than that of the Comuneros. It is a simpler formula in terms of its constitution, being regulated by the Civil Code in its articles 392 to 406. The biggest drawback is that while the responsibility in the cooperatives is limited to the capital contributed, in the case of the communities of goods It responds in addition with the personal patrimony of the comuneros, if the common goods were not enough.

As advantages, in addition to the simplicity and speed in the beginning of the self-driving activity that they have with respect to a cooperative, it is worth mentioning that The buyer is co-owner of the ownership of the land and its dwellings from the beginning and that the financing is assumed by each comunero from the beginning as well, facilitating even more the self-promotion.

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